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Descendants of

John David Benge

Philadelphia (Harrison-Hart) Benge


John David "Jackie" Benge
son of
David &Lucinda(Seaborne-Perry) Benge
b: 1797 NC
d: Bef 1860 Clay Co, KY
Philadelphia Ann "Delphia" Harrison-Hart,
on 09 Jan 1817, in Clay Co, KY
daughter of
James Benjamin &Lydia "Liddie"(Bottoms) Harrison
Delphia's 1st husband was Hardy Hart
b: Abt 1800 Cocke Co, TN
d: Bet 1869-1870

Other spellings/derivatives of the surname Benge:
Bange, Bench, Bengay, Bengey, Benjay, Benjey
Binch, Bing, Binge, Bunch, Byng, Bynge.
It is said that the Benge family originated in
Sandwich Village, Kent County, England

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Jackie's step-daughter
from Delphia's previous marriage to Hardy Hart:
  • (1) Sarah Ann "Sally" Hart
    b: 12 Feb 1816 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 10 Jan 1901 Laurel Co, KY
    m: JOHN YOUNG JOHNSON, on 03 Nov 1829, in Laurel Co, KY
    son of William &Bartheny(Young) Johnson
    grandson of Benjamin &unknown Johnson
    b: Abt 1810 SC
    d: 23 Mar 1882 Laurel Co, KY

    Jackie's & Delphia's
    List of Descendants
  • (1) FNU Benge (male)

  • (2) David "Smiling Dave" Benge
    b: May 1818? Laurel Co, KY
    d: 1906 Clay Co, KY
    buried: Martin Cemetery, Manchester, Clay Co, KY
    m: NANCY ELLEN LINCKS, on 04 Feb 1841, in Clay Co, KY
    daughter of Friedrich "Frederick" &Nancy(Hayes) Lincks
    b: 01 Feb 1822 Clay Co, KY
    d: 17 Mar 1890 Clay Co, KY

  • (3) Martha "Patsy" Harrison Benge
    b: Abt 1820 Clay Co, KY
    d: 1900
    m: #2= JAMES "BAR CREEK JIM" BOWLING, on 26 Feb 1866
    son of Elijah "Bad Eli" &Sarah "Sally"(Anderson) Bowling
    grandson of James &Sally(Blevins) Bowling
    b: 1807 Hawkins Co, TN
    d: 11 Feb 1882
    Patsy was Jim Bowling's 2nd wife; his 1st wife was Mahala Wilson.
    Patsy's sister Eliza married Jim's & Mahala's son Addison Bowling.

  • (4) Lydia Ann "Ludie" Benge
    b: Abt 1821 KY
    d: Abt 1900
    m: JAMES "TIPPY" HOUSE, on 08 May 1843, in Clay Co, KY
    son of John Henderson &Mary "Polly"(Lucas) House
    b: Abt 1824 Clay Co, KY

  • (5) Lucinda Benge
    b: Abt 1822 KY
    d: Aft 1893
    m: JESSE HENRY McWHORTER, on 13 May 1836, in Laurel Co, KY
    son of Elijah &Mary "Polly"(Pigg) McWhorter
    grandson of William &Polly(Fields) Pigg
    b: Abt 1813 Clay Co, KY
    d: Abt 1902

  • (6) Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" or "Betty" Benge
    b: Abt 1829 Clay Co, KY
    m: JAMES HENDERSON "HENSE" HOUSE, on 19 Dec 1844, in Clay Co, KY
    son of William J. "Will" &Dorothy "Dolly"(Walden) House
    b: 1820 Clay Co, KY
    d: Bef 07 Oct 1881, in Clay Co, KY

  • (7) Nancy Ann Benge
    b: Abt 1829 KY
    d: Abt 1850
    m: WILLIAM BIRD, on 26 Dec 1849
    b: Abt 1825
    d: Abt 1857

  • (8) Evaline Benge
    b: 01 Feb 1831 Clay Co, KY
    d: 02 Feb 1918 Laurel or Clay Co, KY
    m: WILLIAM "BILLY" MARTIN, on 04 Sep 1849, in Clay Co, KY
    son of Thomas &Elizabeth Jane(Biggs) Martin
    b: 1831 Hawkins Co, TN
    d: 03 Apr 1896 Laurel or Clay Co, KY

  • (9) Eliza Jane Benge
    b: Mar 1835 Clay Co, KY
    d: 20 Aug 1904
    m: #1=DANIEL/DAVID RICHARD BIGGS, on 01 Jul 1849, in Clay Co, KY
    b: Abt 1830 TN
    d: Bef 1858
    m: #2=ADDISON "ADD" BOWLING, on 03 Jun 1858
    son of James "Bar Creek Jim" &Mahala(Wilson) Bowling
    Addison was Jim Bowling's son by his 1st wife Mahala Wilson;
    Eliza's sister Patsy was Jim's 2nd wife (therefore becoming Addision's step-mother).

  • (10) Melvina Ann "Bina" Benge
    b: Abt 1839 KY
    m: #1=WILLIAM BIRD, on 06 Jul 1852
    b: Abt 1825
    d: Abt 1857
    m: #2=GILMORE HOUSE, on 20 Jun 1857, in Clay Co, KY
    son of William J. "Will" &Dorothy "Dolly"(Walden) House
    b: Abt 1840 Clay Co, KY

  • (11) James Lewis "Jim Crow" Benge
    b: May 1841 Clay Co, KY
    d: Bet 1900-1910
    m: ELIZA "LIZZIE" or "LOUISA" BENGE, on 15 Jul 1858, in Clay Co, KY
    daughter of David "Long Dave" "Bunch" &Mary "Polly"(Abner) Benge
    granddaughter of Betty Benge
    g-granddaughter of David &Lucinda(Seaborne-Perry) Benge
    b: 1842 Clay Co, KY
    James's father John Benge is a brother to
    Lizzie's grandmother Betty Benge; thus,
    James & Lizzie are 2nd cousins-once removed.

    ~Benge Family Photo~

    front row adults:
    Jim &Lizzie(Benge) Benge

    back row left:
    Jim's & Lizzie's son
    Henry Benge

    back row right:
    Jim's & Lizzie's daughter
    Thenie (Benge) Gray

    The baby in Jim's lap is Thenie's child,
    possibly her son Elmer Gray (b: 1902).
    Note that Thenie is pregnant,
    possibly with son Walter Gray (b: 1905).

  • (12) Virginia M. "Jennie""Ginnie" Benge
    b: Abt 1843 Clay Co, KY
    m: #1=WILLIAM "BLUE BUCK" BOWLING, on 05 Aug 1880, in Clay Co, KY
    son of Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" &Susan(Broughton-Cox) Bowling
    grandson of William &Sally(Bowling) Bowling
    g-grandson of James &Sally(Blevins) Bowling
    b: Abt 1838 KY
    d: Aft 1910
    m: #2=GRANVILLE "GRAN or "PEG-LEG" PHILPOT, on 26 Feb 1866
    son of Henderson &Betsy(Hacker) Philpot
    grandson of John &Massie(Spread) Hacker
    b: 10 Feb 1845 Clay Co, KY
    d: 25 Jan 1930 Laurel Co, KY
    Jennie was Granville's 2nd wife.
    His 1st was Margaret Hicks, his 3rd was Millie Byrley.

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