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Descendants of

John Madison Bingham


1st Wife:
Elizabeth (Woolum) Bingham

2nd Wife:
Lucinda (Carnes) Bingham

John Madison Bingham
son of
John A. &Deborah(Phipps) Bingham
b: 1792 Albemarle Co, VA
d: Feb 1880 Knox Co, KY
1st Wife:
Elizabeth Woolum

m: in Abt 1812
daughter of
Andrew &Ursley(Woodward) Woolum
b: 1794 Washington Co, VA
d: 1853 Knox Co, KY
2nd Wife:
Lucinda Carnes

m: on 27 Nov 1855, in Knox Co, KY
daughter of
Abner &Margaret "Peggy"(Jackson) Carnes
granddaughter of
Micajah &Susan(LNU) Jackson
b: 10 Mar 1835
d: 1910

Other spellings/derivatives of the surname Bingham:
Bighan, Bigman, Bingam, Bingaman, Bingamon, Bingeman,
Bingemann, Binghen, Bingman, Bingum, Byngham, Bynum.
As per some baby name books, the word
"bingham" means "crib."

John's & Elizabeth's
List of Descendants
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  • (1) Nancy Bingham
    b: Jan 1814
    m: BRICE/BRYCE WALKER, on 12 Jan 1832
    son of John &Lucy(Devers) Walker
    b: 20 Mar 1803
    d: 23 Aug 1853

  • (2) Robert Bingham
    b: 03 Mar 1815 TN
    d: 09 Jan 1903 Jackson Co, KY

  • (3) Samuel Bingham
    b: 1819 KY
    m: #1=MARY ANN BINGHAM, on 13 Jun 1838, in Knox Co, KY
    daughter of William &Sarah(Green) Bingham
    granddaughter of John A. &Deborah(Phipps) Bingham
    b: 1820 Harlan Co, KY
    met: #2=MARY GREEN
    b: Abt 1823
    daughter of William &unknown Brown
    Samuel's father John is a brother to Mary's father William;
    thus, Samuel & Mary are 1st cousins.

  • (4) Mary "Polly" Bingham
    b: 04 Oct 1820
    d: 1877
    m: GEORGE M. PATTERSON, on 17 Jan 1837
    son of William &Virginia(LNU) Patterson

  • (5) Joshua Bingham
    b: 1822 Knox Co, KY
    d: 1889
    m: MARIAH HAMMONS, on 17 Oct 1840, in Knox Co, KY
    b: 1822 Clay Co, KY

  • (6) Sarah Bingham
    b: 15 May 1823 KY
    d: 15 Dec 1860 Knox Co, KY
    b: 13 Oct 1807 NY
    d: 24 Mar 1890

  • (7) Lafayette Bingham
    b: Nov 1826 KY
    m: #1=REBECCA COPE, in Abt 1846
    b: Abt 1829 KY
    m: #3=MARY BAKER, on 26 Jul 1875
    daughter Brice &Mary(Arthur) Baker
    b: Abt 1811

  • (8) Thursey Ann Bingham
    b: 31 Jan 1828 Knox Co, KY
    d: 1909 Knox Co, KY
    b: Abt 1830 VA
    d: Aft 1900 Knox Co, KY

  • (9) John Madison "Mattie" Bingham
    b: 31 Jan 1828 Knox Co, KY
    d: 29 Dec 1916
    m: SARAH MILLS, on 18 Oct 1849, in Knox Co, KY
    daughter of John &Lucretia(Baker) Mills
    granddaughter of Nasby &Esther(Haddock) Mills
    b: 16 Apr 1832 Knox Co, KY
    d: 30 Sep 1914

  • (10) Felix Gilbert "Gil" Bingham
    b: 1832 KY
    d: 1888 KY
    m: #1=MARTHA SLUSHER, in Abt 1854
    daughter of John &Mary "Polly"(Woolum) Slusher
    paternal grandparents: Phillip &Judith(Howard) Slusher
    maternal grandparents: Andrew &Ursley(Woodward) Woolum
    b: Abt 1836 KY
    daughter of Isaac "Doc" Moore
    b: 25 Dec 1854 Knox Co, KY
    ~~~Gil was said to have been killed in a coal mining accident,
    but some say he was actually killed in a feud, that the "mining
    accident" story was told for the benefit of his small children.
    ~~~Gil's mother Elizabeth (Woolum) Bingham is a sister to
    Martha's mother Mary "Polly"(Woolum) Slusher; thus,
    Gil & Martha are 1st cousins.
    ~~~Mary's 2nd husband was Addison Merida (b: 21 Jan 1855 Clay Co, KY),
    m: on 11 Sep 1884, in Knox Co, KY, with whom she had at least 8 children.

  • (11) Mary Elizabeth Bingham
    b: 1839 KY
    son of Benjamin &Nancy(LNU) Messer
    b: Abt 1839 KY

  • (12) James Madison "Jim Matt" Bingham
    b: 1842 Knox Co, KY
    d: 1866 Bell Co, KY
    From A History of Knox County, Kentucky, by K.S. Sol Warren:
    "When Abraham Lincoln called for volunteers, ten men from less
    than a dozen homes volunteered. Among these were . . .
    James Madison Bingham, son of John Bingham and Elizabeth Woolum.
    Jim Matt, as James Madison Bingham was called, was killed in the
    war. John M. Bingham, his nephew, said he thought that Jim Matt
    was killed somewhere in Bell County. . . ."

    John's & Lucinda's
    List of Descendants
  • (1) Catherine Bingham
    b: 01 Aug 1855 Knox Co, KY
    m: DANIEL GAMBREL, on 26 Jan 1870
    son of Harlan &Celia "Sealy" (Perciful) Gambrel
    grandson of John &Nellie(LNU) Gambrel
    b: Abt 1848 KY

  • (2) L. Rice Bingham
    b: 19 Jul 1857 KY
    m: CATHERINE ELIZABETH WARREN, on 25 Sep 1876, in Knox Co, KY
    b: 18 Dec 1858 KY

  • (3) Nelson Bingham
    b: 18 Feb 1860
    d: 20 Feb 1915
    m: AMANDA JANE BINGHAM, on 21 Mar 1880, in Knox Co, KY
    daughter of John Madison "Mattie" &Sarah(Mills) Bingham
    b: 31 Dec 1857 Knox Co, KY
    d: 29 Jan 1918 Knox Co, KY
    Nelson is John's son by 2nd wife Lucinda (Carnes) Bingham,
    Amanda's father Mattie is John's son by 1st wife Elizabeth (Woolum) Bingham;
    thus, Nelson is Amanda's half-uncle.

  • (4) Frank M. Bingham
    b: Abt 1862 KY

  • (5) Wolford Bingham
    b: Abt 1864 KY

  • (6) Susan Bingham
    b: Abt 1867 KY

  • (7) Marinda Bingham
    b: Abt 1869 KY

  • (8) Madison A. Bingham
    b: Abt 1871 KY

  • (9) William Bingham
    b: Abt 1873 KY

  • (10) Green Robert Bingham
    b: 12 Sep 1875 Knox Co, KY
    d: 22 Mar 1912 Knox Co, KY
    m: SAMANTHA MANIS, on 24 Aug 1899, in Knox Co, KY
    b: 22 Sep 1881 Knox Co, KY
    d: 27 Jan 1913 Knox Co, KY
    From A History of Knox County, Kentucky, by K.S. Sol Warren:
    "Green R. Bingham . . . He was a Methodist minister. He died in 1912.
    His widow died in 1913, leaving six children. The eldest, M.G.
    (age 12 when she died), became the head of the family."

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