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Descendants of

James Thomas Black

Mary Jane (Gilbert) Black


James Thomas "Jim-T" Black
son of
Samuel H. &Frances Ellen(Parrott) Black
paternal grandparents:
James D. &Mahala(Harris) Black
maternal grandparents:
Latney &Mildred(Eve) Parrott
b: 08 Apr 1882
d: 17 May 1968
buried: New Bethel Church Cemetery, Crane Nest, Knox Co, KY
Mary Jane Gilbert
on 08 Jul 1904
daughter of
Wallace G. &Pop(Taylor) Gilbert
granddaughter of
Wallace W. &Susan(Jones) Gilbert
b: 05 Apr 1886
d: 14 Dec 1960
buried: New Bethel Church Cemetery, Crane Nest, Knox Co, KY

Jim-T &Mary(Gilbert) Black

Jim-T &Mary(Gilbert) Black

Jim-T's sister,
John H. Corey,
son of
John &Annie(Jarvis) Corey
grandson of
Jackson &Barbary(Tuttle) Corey
g-grandson of
Jack &Polly(Cobb) Jarvis
gg-grandson of
Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb
Jim-T's sister,
married MaryJane's 1st cousin,
John S. Gilbert,
son of
Nathan &Nannie(Tuttle) Gilbert
grandson of
Wallace &Susan(Jones) Gilbert
grandson of
Peter &Keziah(Sasser) Tuttle
g-grandson of
John Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser

School Photos

One or more of the once-kids
(born in the 1920s & 1930s)
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Tedders School Group Photo

(Tedders, Knox Co, KY)
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Tedders School Group Photo

(Tedders, Knox Co, KY)
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Jim-T's & Mary-Jane's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Samuel Harrison Black
    b: 04 Aug 1905
    d: 18 Jun 1908

  • (2) FNU (male) Black
    b: 12 May 1907
    d: died an infant

  • (3) Willie Floyd Black
    b: 19 May 1908
    d: 18 Jul 1908

  • (4) Mary "Ellen" Black
    b: 19 May 1909
    d: 17 Apr 1999 Corbin, KY
    buried: Helton Cemetery, Cranes Nest, KY
    son of Hiram Brock &Serena(Osborne) Helton
    grandson of Jesse &Catherine(Brock) Helton
    b: 1881
    d: Before 1999

    James T. Black, Jr.

  • (5) James Thomas Black, Jr.
    b: 09 Mar 1911
    d: 1984
    m: OLLIE MAE HENRY, on 02 May 1937
    b: 23 May 1919
    Ollie & Baby Mary Lois
    Mary Lois at Age 3
    Ollie & gg-GrandBaby Audry

  • (6) John Tipton "Tip" Black
    b: 19 Nov 1912
    d: 1987
    b: 02 Nov 1917
    d: 18 Sep 2003
    Tip &Eulene(Blanton) Black

  • (7) Eliza Mahala "Haley" Black
    b: 29 Nov 1914 Tedders, KY
    d: 22 Apr 1983
    buried: Gilbert Family Cemetery, Tedders, KY
    m: JAMES "JIM" GILBERT, on 31 Jul 1933
    son of Jap &Lindy(Blanton) Gilbert
    grandson of Nathan &Nannie(Tuttle) Gilbert ---AND--- grandson of Calvin Fee &Angeline(Osborne) Blanton
    g-grandson of Wallace &Susan(Jones) Gilbert ---AND--- g-grandson of Peter &Keziah(Sasser) Tuttle

    b: 05 Nov 1911
    d: 15 Apr 1999 Lexington, Fayette Co, KY
    Haley was the postmistress at Tedders, KY, for 37 years.
    the elder Haley Black (who married JOHN Gilbert),
    from her niece, the younger Haley Black (who married JIM Gilbert),
    the younger of the two Haleys is refered to below as
    Eliza-Haley's maternal grandfather, Wallace G. Gilbert, is a brother to
    Jim's paternal grandfather, Nathan H. Gilbert; therefore,
    Eliza-Haley and Jim are 2nd cousins.
    Eliza-Haley's mother, Mary Jane (Gilbert) Black, is a 1st cousin to
    Jim's father, Jap Gilbert; therefore,
    is a 2nd cousin-once removed to Jim (her son-in-law).
    Eliza-Haley's aunt (a sister to Eliza-Haley's father, Jim-T Black), Haley (Black) Gilbert,
    was the wife of Jim's uncle (a brother to Jim's father, Jap Gilbert), John S. Gilbert.

    Henry Tilden Black

  • (8) Henry Tilden Black
    b: 19 Mar 1916
    d: 1996

    George Cecil Black

  • (9) George Cecil Black
    b: 19 Feb 1918
    d: 03 Jan 1970

    Gilbert Isaac "Gib" Black

  • (10) Gilbert Isaac "Gib" Black
    b: 25 Nov 1919
    m: KATHERINE ELLEN TAYLOR, on 28 Jun 1947
    daughter of Garrett &Dollie(Root) Taylor
    granddaughter of George &Kate(Messamore) Taylor
    g-granddaugher of William &Talitha(Woolum) Taylor
    gg-granddaughter of Jacob "Isaac" &Rhoda(Smith) Taylor
    b: 12 Mar 1927
    Gib & Katherine are double 3rd cousins.
    On the Taylor side,
    Gib's g-gf, Clayborne Taylor, is a brother to
    Katherine's g-gf, William Taylor; thus,
    Gib & Katherine are Taylor 3rd cousins.
    On the Woolum side,
    Gib's g-gm, Sally(Woolum)Taylor, is a sister to
    Katherine's g-gm, Talitha(Woolum)Taylor; thus,
    Gib & Katherine are Woolum 3rd cousins.

    Maggie (Black) Gress

  • (11) Maggie Beatrice Black
    b: 24 Jan 1921
    m: HERMAN RUFUS GRESS, on 21 Apr 1946

  • (12) Crit Jones Black
    b: 07 Dec 1922
    d: 04 May 1928

    Crit & little sister Myrtle

  • (13) Myrtle Sally Black
    b: 22 Dec 1924
    d: 01 May 1928

    Mattie (Black) Clement

  • (14) Mattie Black
    b: 16 Apr 1926
    m: JAMES LAIRSEY CLEMENT, on 11 Sep 1948
    son of Harry &Hannah(Syverson) Clement
    b: 30 Nov 1927
    d: 14 Aug 2002 Hobart, IN (at age 74)
    buried: Memory Lane Memorial Park, Schererville, IN

    From the Gary [IN] Post-Tribune
    Aug. 16, 2002, p. A15

    Judge James Clement dies at 74
    ~ By Michael Puente, Post-Tribune staff writer
    Lake Superior Court Judge James Clement, who served on the bench
    for 27 years before retiring in January 2001, died Wednesday
    evening at a local hospital, surrounded by most of his immediate
    family. Mr. Clement, who suffered from congestive heart failure,
    was 74. During his career, Mr. Clement built a reputation for
    being a hard worker who balanced the law while being a devout
    Christian. "Jim Clement was the model of hard working. He was in
    very early on Mondays, and left late on Fridays. He really set a
    standard. He had a profound effect on me and other people around
    here," said Lake Superior Court Judge Richard Maroc, who became a
    judge six years after Mr. Clement. Mr. Clement presided over 1,300
    jury trials, including 15 death penalty cases. Gary native Robert
    Rucker, now an associate justice with the Indiana Supreme Court,
    often went before Mr. Clement. "I had the honor of appearing
    before him many times," Rucker said. "He was highly respected.
    ...I am going to miss his wise counsel." James Clement Jr. said
    what made his father a good judge also made him a good parent.
    "He did not make quick judgments or decisions. It was always well
    thought out," Clement Jr. said. "He always told me to be on time,
    be prepared and be a gentleman." Some cases, such as deciding
    whether to sentence a defendant to death, often weighed heavily
    on the mind of Mr. Clement, his son said. Public defender Noah
    Holcomb, who practiced before Mr. Clement for about 20 years,
    believes Mr. Clement's deep religious faith assisted him on the
    bench, especially when he had to sentence a defendant to death,
    which he did at least three times. It pained him to make some
    very tough decisions on the lefe of people. ...But as a judge, he
    knew to dispense a harsh sentence if the case called for it,"
    Holcomb said. "His religious faith helped him to impose those
    sentences." Clement Jr. wished his father could have had more time
    to enjoy retirement. After leaving the bench in January 2001,
    Mr. Clement worked part-time for his son's law practice. A 1945
    graduate of Horace Mann High School in Gary, Mr. Clement went
    on to graduate from the University of Miami in 1952 and the
    Valparaiso University Law School in 1956.

  • (15) Lonnie Earl Black
    b: 06 May 1929
    d: 12 May 1929

    Faye (Black) Koloch

  • (16) Eula "Faye" Black
    b: 28 Jan 1931 Tedders, KY
    m: GEORGE VINCENT KOLOCH, on 05 Jun 1955
    b: 01 Mar 1922 PA
    d: 31 Jan 2001 Indianapolis, IN
    buried: Washington Park North Center, Indianapolis, IN

    Faye Black
    is back row, left
    School Year 1942-1943

    EFFIE GILBERT [front row, left]
    d/o Sam-Pop &Sarah(Smith) Gilbert
    gd/o Wallace &Mary-Pop(Taylor) Gilbert
    BERNICE COLE [front row, right]
    d/o George &Della(Hammons) Cole
    gd/o Willie &Mahaly(Morris) Hammons
    g-gd/o James R. &Nancy(Sasser) Morris
    FAYE BLACK [back row, left]
    d/o Jim-T &Mary(Gilbert) Black
    DORIS GILBERT [back row, right]
    gd/o Sam-Pop &Maggie(Jones) Gilbert
    g-gd/o Wallace &Mary-Pop(Taylor) Gilbert

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