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Descendants of

"Blackwater Bill"

William Bowling

Sarah (Fugate) Bowling


William "Blackwater Bill" Bowling
son of
Benjamin &Martha "Patsy"(Phelps) Bowling
b: 1757 Russell Co, VA
d: 1845 Russell Co, VA
Sarah "Sally" Fugate,
m: in Abt 1790, in Russell Co, VA
daughter of
John &Sarah(McCarty) Fugate
b: 1760 MO
d: 1840 Russell Co, VA

Spellings found for this surname include:
Bowling, Bolden, Bolding, Bolen, Bolin, Boling,
Bollen, Bollin, Bolling, Bollyng, Bolwing,
Boulden, Boulding, Bowland, Bowlyn

~Sally's Ancestry~
per researcher Mary D. Fugate

John *Fugit- Fugate
was born in King George Co, VA, about 1736;
Sarah McCarty
(surname unproven, but the McCarty researchers like to say
she was one of theirs - and it's quite possible).

They lived in Shenandoah Co, VA, left there about 1772 for
Washington Co, VA, then finally settled in what is now
Russell Co, VA - near Castlewood. John died there before
August 1824, and all his children had moved on.
Deeds in Russell Co, VA, list his "heirs," among whom is Sarah,
wife of William Bowling, of Cape Girardeau Co, MO (this in 1833).

* John and his sons all used the spelling "Fugit" as their surname.

Any connection between John and the
William Fugate
son of
Zachariah &Unity(LNU) Fugate
grandson of
Martin &Sarah(LNU) Fugate
b: Abt 1783 Washington Co, VA, who married Lydia Tate,
is unproven and unknown, though heavily researched.

Special Acknowledgements
Some of the lineage info for this page
was found in files at genealogy sites such as
Rootsweb.com, the LDS website, Genforum, etc.
Much of the lineage info for this page
was provided by these two generous fellers:

Ray Howell
son of
B.R. &Helen(Asher) Howell

grandson of
Levi &Alzy(Bundy) Howell

Bill Smith
son of
T.B. &Grace(Sheahan)Smith
grandson of
Theo &Maude(Hopkins) Smith
g-grandson of
Pierce &Nannie(Bailey) Smith

Bill's & Sally's

List of Descendants
  • (1) Isham Bowling

  • (2) Mourning Bowling
    m: ISAAC CORNETT, on 06 Au 1821, in Clay Co, KY

  • (3) Lucinda/Leanna/Louanna Bowling
    b: 1780 NC
    d: 1820 Perry Co, KY
    m: EDWARD B. "NED" SIZEMORE, in Abt 1797
    son of George "All" &Agnes "Aggie"(Shepherd-Cornett) Sizemore
    b: 1778 Shenandoah Valley, Shenandoah Co, VA
    d: 27 May 1856 Perry Co, KY

  • (4) Dillard Bowling

  • (5) Nancy Bowling
    b: 1787
    m: JOSEPH BOWLING, on 07 May 1807
    son of James &Sarah "Sally"(Blevins) Bowling
    b: 1786
    Nancy's sister, Sally, married Joseph's brother, William.
    Nancy's father, Bill, is a brother to Joseph's father, James;
    thus, Nancy & Joseph are 1st cousins.

  • (6) John "Jack" Bowling
    b: Abt 1790
    m: #1=SARAH "SALLY" HENSON, on 11 Apr 1818, in KY
    daughter of Richard &unknown Henson
    b: 1795 TN
    lived with: #2=SARAH "WHITE SALLY" SIZEMORE
    daughter of Edward "Ned" &Lucinda(Bowling) Sizemore
    granddaughter of George "All" &Agnes "Aggie"(Shepherd-Cornett) Sizemore
    b: 1795 TN
    ~~~~~Jack's sister Lucinda is Sally's mother;
    thus, Jack is Sally's uncle.
    ~~~~~Sally Sizemore is listed in the 1850 Census for Clay Co, KY,
    as age 55, and living in John Bowling's (Jack's) household.
    ~~~~~It is said that Sally had illegitimate children by
    both Hiram Begley and James Jones, but raised them as Bowlings'.

  • (7) Sally Bowling
    b: 1794
    m: WILLIAM BOWLING, on 07 May 1807
    son of James &Sarah "Sally"(Blevins) Bowling
    b: 1786
    d: 1839 KY
    Sally's sister, Nancy, married William's brother, Joseph.
    Sally's father, Bill, is a brother to William's father, James;
    thus, Sally & William are 1st cousins.

  • (8) Russell Bowling
    b: 1794
    m: #1=NANCY REAMS, on 09 Oct 1821, in Clay Co, KY
    daughter of John &Elizabeth "Betty"(Harrison) Reams
    m: #2=JULIA (BROUGHTON) HAMMONS, on 12 Mar 1833, in Laurel Co, KY
    daughter of Woodard &Elizabeth(Bluford) Broughton
    granddaughter of Job &Mary "Molly"(Lewis) Broughton
    b: 1809 Knox Co, KY
    Julia's 1st husband was Jeremiah Hammons (m: 25 May 1825),
    son of Peter &Margaret(LNU) Hammons, and
    grandson of
    Obediah &Betty(Pellien) Hammons.
    Clickon Obediah/Betty to find Julia's & Jeremiah's List of Descendants.

  • (9) Agnes "Aggie" Bowling
    b: 1795
    m: MONROE ABNER, on 25 Mar 1812

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