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Descendants of

John Jacob Chesnut

Tabitha Helen Humfleet (Chesnut)


John Jacob Chesnut
son of
Benjamin &America(Moore) Chesnut, Jr.
grandson of Ben &Viney(Bunch) Chesnut, Sr.
great-grandson of
William &Sally(Graham) Chesnut
b: 18 May 1870
d: 31 Oct 1953
Tabitha Helen "Bithey" Humfleet
daughter of
Jonathan &Melvina(Sprinkle-Kirby) Humfleet
paternal grandparents:
William &Piety(Sasser) Humfleet
maternal grandparents:
Herl &Tabitha(Trent)Sprinkle
b: 13 Mar 1877 Knox Co, KY
d: 25 Sep 1946

John's & Blithey's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Aubrey Edgar Chesnut
    b: 18 Sep 1895
    d: Abt 1964
    b: 31 Jul 1903
    The Barbourville [KY] Mountain Advocate
    July 27, 1989, p. 6

    "Sideline Slants"
    by Advocate sports columnist
    Dennis Chesnut

    I was asked the other day why I am never seen on the golf course or
    around the many area fishing holes. While growing up, I spent lots of
    time at my grandparents' home on Catron Avenue. During those many days
    and nights while playing and generally having a good time there, I
    heard a variety of topics from my grandparents. Having been raised in
    the Masonic Children's Home in Louisville, my grandmother had a basic
    set of Christian values and she expected each of her grandchildren
    to adhere to the same principles.
    My mamaw, known affectionately to many Knox Countians simply as Aunt Jennie,
    told me never to tell a lie and not to hang around people who did.
    So, I could never take up golf or go fishing.

    During my years of professional journalism, Mamaw has been my biggest
    fan and critic. She sometimes will write me a letter and tell me to be
    fairer to the coaches and players. In one letter, she scolded me by
    asking "Why don't you use that college public relations degree you
    got the next time you tackle high school sports."

    We all chuckled when she climbed my frame after I had ridiculed
    county schools' boss Jim Harve Hampton. My grandmother wrote me
    "Jim Harve is a good man and the only superintendent the county
    schools has, so be nicer to him."

    Fried chicken, gravy and real mashed potatoes were the menu each
    Saturday night at her house, so I made sure I was there every week
    in the 1950s.

    Long before the World Wrestling Federation, the National Wrestling
    Alliance and the other organizations discovered video tape, we used
    to gather around my grandparents' television and watch the film of
    Chicago wrestling followed by live broadcasts of the sport from
    Channel 10 in Knoxville. Papaw, several neighborhoods kids and I
    would gather in the living room to shout at the bad guys and yell
    other remarks at the usual blind referees. Every few minutes, Mamaw
    would appear from the kitchen and offer us endless glasses of Kool
    Aid from that very large glass pitcher. She also would tell us all,
    even my grandfather, to calm down.

    Nothing seemed to rattle my grandmother, not even that time after she
    had several trees cut down and bunched in a pile in her corn field
    near the little building no longer used. I won't mention the names of
    the boys who helped me, but we took three quart jars of gasoline and
    covered the pile of brush. When the lighted match went into the pile,
    all the gasoline ignited suddenly with a loud "Whoosh" and the ground
    shook. Several of her neighbors came running and one lady, a Mrs. Duke,
    kept hollering, "Mrs. Chesnut's chicken coop is on fire." Little did
    she know the fire was not that far. After making sure the fire would
    not spread, my grandparents took each of us boys back to the house
    and instead of raising the roof admonished us calmly and then
    gave us some Kool Aid.

    I was wrong when I said nothing rattled my mamaw. Although raised as
    a Republican, she has been a loyal Democrat since she married
    Grandfather. She used to be faithful about watching and contributing
    to the Rev. Billy Graham but she stopped when he had Richard Nixon on
    the podium at a 1960s crusade in Pennsylvania. If you want to get her
    low blood pressure up, just mention the Rev. Jerry Falwell.
    My grandmother served the local First Baptist Church as head of its
    Sunday School's Primary Department for about 40 years. Next to her
    family, her religion had been most important in her life. She sang
    hymns to us all the time and quoted Bible stories and verses every
    chance we gave her. My grandmother even went so far as to have all the
    neighborhood kids attend Vacation Bible School in the mornings at
    First Baptist and in the evenings at Northside. In each of her letters
    to me since I left home in 1964, my grandmother closes by telling me
    of her love of me and admonishing me to go to church every Sunday.
    Once, while talking to me on the telephone, she asked if I was going to
    church. I told her "No, I don't care to be around all those hypocrits."
    She responded by telling me
    "Go on, Dennis, one more hypocrit won't hurt that church."

    And one more time my grandmother had brought me back to earth.

    Many middle-aged and rapidly aging citizens have their own stories
    about my grandmother. Ask Cal Smith about the water well in my
    grandparents' back yard. Russell Pope and Wilbert Evans were two of
    her prize Sunday School pupils but even they can tell you a humorous
    story or two about her. My grandmother still laughs at me and my
    birthday greetings to her. Since I never could remember whether the
    date was July 30 or 31, I would call her on the 30th to wish her a
    happy birthday. But I have finally learned the date is July 31.
    Since this newspaper will be getting to her Florida house the day
    before her birthday, I figured this column was a unique way to wish
    her a happy 86th birthday. Mamaw has been my Rock of Gibraltar
    and I love and appreciate her every day.

  • (2) Hazel Chesnut
    b: 05 Jan 1897

  • (3) Charles "Carson" Chesnut
    b: 13 Feb 1899
    m: ANGELINE GILBERT, on 18 Nov 1924
    daughter of Jap &Lindy(Blanton) Gilbert
    granddaughter of Nathan &Nannie(Tuttle) Gilbert
    g-granddaughter of Peter &Keziah(Sasser) Tuttle
    b: 08 Jan 1903
    Carson was the postmaster at Barbourville, Knox Co, KY.
    Carson's great-grandmother, Piety (Sasser) Humfleet, is a sister to
    Angeline's great-grandmother, Kizzie (Sasser) Tuttle; therefore,
    Carson & Angeline are 3rd cousins.

  • (4) Mattie "Gladys" Chesnut
    b: 05 Dec 1901

  • (5) Emory "Holt" Chesnut
    b: 10 Aug 1904
    m: #1=ALLINE McDONALD, on 04 May 1929
    b: 03 Dec 1910
    d: 02 Dec 1939
    m: #2=ANNA A. TAYLOR, on 10 Feb 1946
    b: Abt 1918
    d: 10 Jul 1976

  • (6) Daniel Cleveland "Dan" Chesnut
    b: 04 Jul 1908
    m: CLEO DUNN, on 24 Nov 1938
    b: 05 Oct 1911

  • (7) Glenn Forrest Chesnut, Sr.
    b: 19 Jan 1910
    d: 02 Mar 1976 Atlanta, GA
    buried: Barbourville City Cemetery, Barbourville, Laurel Co, KY
    daughter of Rev. Alfred T. &Bird(Almant) Hind
    b: 1912
    d: 26 Dec 1999 Buchanan, MI

  • (8) Edward Chester "Edd" Chesnut
    b: 22 Oct 1911
    m: Agnes Grider
    b: 13 Aug 1911

  • (9) Thelma Beatrice Chesnut
    b: 12 Sep 1913
    d: 21 Oct 1973

  • (10) John Jacob Chesnut, Jr.
    b: 18 Jan 1918
    d: 10 Jan 1969

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