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Descendants of

William Chesnut

1st Wife:
Name Unknown
2nd Wife:
Catherine Callahan
3rd Wife:
Mary Sophia Wade

William Chesnut
son of
Alexander &Mary(O'Drain) Chesnut
b: Abt 1727 Antria, Ireland
d: 24 Feb 1783 Rockingham Co, VA
1st Wife:
Name Unknown

m: Bef 1742
2nd Wife:
Catherine Callahan,

m: on 28 Jul 1762,
in Augusta Co, VA,
daughter of
Daniel &Unknown Callahan
b: Ireland
d: Bef 1779
3rd Wife:
Mary Sophia Wade

m: Aft 1779
daughter of
John &Sophia(Howard) Wade
b: Abt 1755 MD
d: Aft 1810 Bath Co, VA

William's father was killed in a plowing accident
in 1749, in Frederick Co, VA (now Hampshire Co, WV).
William's siblings were
Alexander, David (b: Abt 1713),
John (b: Abt 1715), James (b: Abt 1717)

Source Info
Much of the initial lineage info for this page
was obtained from assorted files at
A tremendous source of
information for the surname Chesnut
(and all spelling variations thereof)
can be found at the
Chesnut Genealogical Home Page
by Don Chesnut
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William's & Unknown's
List of Descendants
(Scroll down page for William's/Catherine's & William's/Mary's Lists of Descendants.)
  • (1) John Chesnut
    b: Abt 1747
    d: 21 Mar 1805 Knox (now Laurel) Co, KY
    m: PATIENCE GUM, in Abt 1765, in Augusta Co, VA
    daughter of John & Alice(Fisher/Claypool) Gum
    b: Abt 1745 DE
    d: 1821 Lawrence Co, IN

  • (2) William Chesnut
    b: Abt 1750
    d: 08 Jun 1802 Augusta (now Highland) Co VA
    m: JEAN GOLD

    William's & Catherine's
    List of Descendants
    (Scroll down page for William's & Mary's List of Descendants.)
  • (1) Jennie Chesnut
    b: Abt 1765 Augusta Co, VA
    d: Bet 1810-1820 Augusta Co, VA
    b: Abt 1765

  • (2) Margaret Chesnut
    b: Abt 1763 Augusta (now part Rockingham) Co, VA
    m: WILLIAM BLAIN, on 23 Dec 1782, in Rockingham Co, VA
    son of John &Mary(LNU) Blain
    b: 1762

  • (3) Elizabeth Chesnut
    b: Abt 1766 Augusta (now part Rockingham) Co, VA
    m: THOMAS WOODWARD, on 02 Aug 1786, in Rockingham Co, VA

  • (4) Daniel Chesnut
    b: Abt 1767 Augusta (now part Rockingham) Co, VA
    d: 23 Apr 1851 Scioto Township, Ross Co, OH
    m: #1=FNU LNU
    m: #2=ISABELLA BLAIN, on 25 Aug 1790, in Rockingham Co, VA
    daughter of John &Mary(LNU) Blain
    d: 21 Aug 1840

  • (5) Charles Chesnut
    b: 05 Apr 1770 Augusta (now part Rockingham) Co, VA
    d: 19 Jan 1859 Logan Co, IL
    m: #1=ELIZABETH ROBERTSON, on 09 Jun 1795, in Rockingham Co, VA
    daughter of John &unknoan Robertson
    d: Bef 1820
    m: #2=ELIZABETH HUDDS, on abt 29 Nov 1828, in Ross Co, OH
    d: Abt 1839

    William's & Mary's
    List of Descendants
  • (1) Joseph Chesnut
    b: Abt 1775 VA
    d: 1842 Clark Co, OH
    m: #1=MARY CORBETT, in 1794, in Bath Co, VA
    daughter of Samuel &unknown Corbett
    m: #2=NANCY LNU
    b: Abt 1775

  • (2) Maria Chesnut

  • (3) Sarah Chesnut

  • (4) Sophia Chesnut

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