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Descendants of

Nathan Cobb


1st wife:
Nicey (Tuttle) Cobb

2nd wife:
Rachel (McKiddy) Cobb


Nathan "Nate" or "Nay" Cobb
son of
Samuel &Mandy(Hubbard) Cobb
b: Abt 1865
d: Abt 1940
buried: Prairie View Cemetery, Pottawatomie Co, OK

grandson of
John &Lurania(Phipps) Cobb
Sam &Keziah(Barber) Cobb
Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb
grandson of
Isham &Mary "Jane"(Love) Hubbard
Moses &Mary(LNU) Hubbard, Sr.
Thomas &Frances(Hollingsworth)Hubbard

Nate's 1st Marriage:
Nicey Tuttle

daughter of
[per family Bible]
Elick &Jane(Sasser) Tuttle
b: 03 Jul 1866
d: 13 Jun 1902
buried: Red Oak Cemetery,
in Cleveland Co, OK

If you have any info
about the ancestry of either
or both of Nicey's parents, please


The name "Elick" is probably
a nickname for Alex or Alexander.
It is believed that both Elick
and Jane were born in
Whitley Co, KY
Nate's 2nd Marriage:
Rachel McKiddy

m: 19 Sep 1902,
at Ardmore Courthouse,
in Chickasaw Nation of
Indian Territory, OK
[Oklahoma didn't become a state until 1907]
daughter of
James &Lucinda(Lawson) McKiddy
granddaughter of
William &Elizabeth(Harp) McKiddy
g-granddaughter of
Henry &Mary(LNU) McKiddy
b: Abt 1887
d: Abt 1971
buried: Prairie View Cemetery,
in Pottawatomie Co, OK

Marriage records indicate that
Nate was 36 and Rachel was 15
when they married.

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Rachel's 2nd husband was
Edolphus R. Elder,
who is buried at
Prairie View Cemetery,
in Pottawatomie Co, OK.

Nate's & Rachel's Wedding Photo

Descendant List #1
Nate's children by first wife,
Nicey (Tuttle) Cobb:

Amanda "Manda" Cobb
  • (1) Amanda "Manda" Cobb
    m: FNU BAKER

  • (2) Joseph Cobb
    b: 10 Jan 1895
    d: 12 Oct 1918
    buried: Red Oak Cemetery, Cleveland Co, OK
    m: FNU LNU

  • (3) Henry H. Cobb
    b: 10 Jan 1897
    d: 23 Sep 1969
    daughter of John M. &Mary Jane(Root) Sasser,
    granddaughter of Dixon &Sally(Tuttle) Sasser
    b: 16 Apr 1900
    d: 01 Sep 1970

    Ella Ellen Cobb
  • (4) Ella Ellen Cobb
    b: 01 Jul 1893 Lexington, Cleveland Co, OK
    d: 22 Jan 1974 Tulare, Tulare Co, CA
    m: #1=WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYANT, on 05 Aug 1911, Tishomingo, OK
    b: 19 Jul 1891 Stillwater, Payne Co, OK
    d: 21 Feb 1954 Tulare, Tulare Co, CA
    m: #2=EARL MARVEL
    Earl &Ella(Cobb) Marvel

  • (5) William Archer "Willie" Cobb
    b: 1888
    d: 1971
    m: FNU LNU

    Descendant List #2
    Nate's children by second wife,
    Rachel (McKiddy) Cobb:

    Nate & Rachel
    and one of their babies
    (unknown which baby it is)

    Nettie (Cobb) Walker

  • (1) Jeanettie "Nettie" Cobb
    b: Oct 25 1903 Cleveland co, OK
    d: 10 Jul 1983 Borger, Hutchinson Co, TX
    buried: Romulus Cemetery, Pottawatomie Co, OK
    m: Joseph "Joe" Walker, on 12 Oct 1923, in Tribbey, Pottawatomie Co, OK
    son of William Franklin "Frank" &Sarah(Jones) Walker
    b: 23 Jun 1902 Pottawatomie Co, OK
    d: 26 Dec 1986 Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co, OK
    buried: Romulus Cemetery, Pottawatomie Co, OK
    Joe &Nettie(Cobb) Walker on 50th Anniversary

    Some Memories of My Mother
    Nettie Cobb Walker

    ~by Jacquita Walker Long
    October 11, 2001
    My mom was the oldest child of Nathan and Rachel.
    So I am their oldest grandchild.

    About 1906 (I don't remember for sure) they moved from the Red Oak Community
    to Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Grandpa went to work in a granite rock quarry.
    While they lived there, Mom's baby sister, Myrtle (she was about 2 years
    old) got out of the house somehow. She walked and maybe crawled to a nearby
    creek and was found drown. After that terrible tragedy, they moved back to
    the Red Oak Community.

    Sometime during 1907 Grandpa went to Tucumcari, New Mexico, and filed on a
    homestead. The government was trying to get people to move west. About 1908
    (probably springtime) Grandpa loaded Grandma and Mom in a covered wagon and
    headed West. He left his oldest children to take care of themselves. They
    were about 19, 17, 15, 13, and 11 years old. When they got to Lexington,
    Oklahoma, Grandpa started crossing the South Canadian River. When they got
    about half way across, there was a wall of water coming down the river, and
    they got caught. There were people there to rescue them. Grandpa and Grandma
    were taken (with the wagon and team of horses) back to the Lexington side of
    the river, and Mom was taken to the Purcell, Oklahoma, side. She said she
    was so scared. She knew she would never see her Mom and Dad again (she was
    5 years old). They were reunited very quickly. They had to take 2 or 3 days
    to dry out all their clothes, bed quilts, and repair the wagon before they
    could continue on their trip west. By the way, Grandma was pregnant with
    Aunt Lucy (Lucille) at the time. They camped out at night and Grandma cooked
    over a campfire. One night they were eating their supper and some drunk men
    were racing up and down the road, yelling like Indians. Grandpa had his
    shotgun laying across his lap so the men didn't bother them.

    They finally reached their destination and all they could see was a big
    prairie. They lived in the covered wagon until Grandpa built them a sod
    house. He went to Tucumcari and bought some lumber and built a table and
    shelves and benches. They stored their clothes and quilts in some of the
    shelves and dishes and cooking utensils and groceries in the other shelves.

    One day there was a terrible rainstorm. The water started pouring through
    the sod roof. Grandpa put Mom up in one of the shelves and put a quilt over
    his and Grandma's heads. She said they stood there with muddy water
    streaming down on them and they were laughing like two kids.

    Before it got time for Grandma to give birth to Aunt Lucy, Grandpa took a
    trip back to Oklahoma and got Aunt Ella (Mom's half sister). When Grandma
    went into labor, Grandpa went into town to get the doctor. When they got
    back, Mom and Aunt Ella were outside sitting on the woodpile. Aunt Ella told
    Mom the the doctor had a baby in that black bag he was carrying and was
    going to give it to Grandma. Sure enough, when the doctor left, they went
    in the house and there was a baby in bed with Grandma.

    I don't know what year they moved back to the Red Oak Community. I know
    Mom went to school there. Later they moved about 29 miles east of Red Oak,
    to the Anderson Community. Mom completed 8th grade and her teacher wanted
    her to take a test and be a teacher. But she wanted to go to high school.
    She went to stay with her sister Ella and went one year to high school. She
    came back home and in her sophomore year she enrolled in Macomb High School.
    They lived about 5 or 6 miles from Macomb, so she rode a horse to school.
    She said the weather was really bad sometimes (rain, snow and sleet).
    I think in the year 1921 or 1922 she met my dad.
    They got married October 12, 1923.

  • (2) Myrtle Cobb
    When Myrtle was 2 or 3 years old, she became missing.
    While searching for her, her parents found her tracks
    on the ground and followed them to a creek where she
    had fallen in and drowned. They believed she had followed
    a cat to the water - the cat had also left tracks.

  • (3) Lucille "Lucy" Cobb
    b: 28 Nov 1907
    d: 17 Mar 1964
    m: #1=OREN BUNCH
    m: #2=ERNIE JUDAH

  • (4) Everett Cobb
    b: 1917
    d: 1999 or 2000
    daughter of Elsie Jane (Farmer) Watkins
    granddaughter of Emmie (Hall) Farmer
    g-granddaughter of Alice Hall

  • (5) Oliedean Cobb
    b: 28 Oct 1920
    d: 21 Jul 2003

  • (6) Nadine Cobb
    b: Apr 1922

  • (7) Mabel Cobb

  • (8) Gladys Cobb

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