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~Original~ plus ~Transcript~
Last Will & Testament

Radford Maxwell "R.M." Cobb

father of
Susan (d:1854)
William (d:1852)
Radford, Lewis, Nancy
Samuel, Henry

Radford Maxwell "R.M." Cobb
b: Abt 1803 NC
d: 15 Aug 1856, Knox Co, KY
m: Letitia "Letty" Black
on 18 May 1826
son of
Ambrose Cobb

Transcript of Will
Knox County Court - Sept - Special --?-- 1856
On paper purporting to be the last will and testament of
R.M. Cobb was this day produced in Court and --?--
--?-- of --?-- M. Bolton & Samuel --?-- subscribing --?--
thereto to be the act and deed of the said R.M. Cobb decd and
that he was of sound mind & disposing memory at the
time of signing the same whereupon said will (is?) --?--
of record as follows --?--
Knox County, Kentucky, August 8, 1856
I, R.M. Cobb, being in a low state of health
but in my perfect mind - I do make my last will and
testament - 1st I give and bequeath unto almighty
God my love unto Him. 2nd I wish my Executors to sell
all of my land lying on Goose Creek where I now live
for the discharge of the payments of my debts
--?-- --?-- --?-- --?--
Also, I wish you to sell Robert Cobb's decd interest in
this land which I had the right to sell, you will
find it --?-- in the County Clerk's office, also I
want all my lands on --?-- Creek to go to my wife and
children, five living children and the heirs of the one
that died. When all is twenty-one years old, I wish my
Executors to sell all my personal estate except one horse
or two, and two or three head of cattle, and a yoke of
steers for the benefit of the heirs, after debt is paid. I
wish for my Executors to manage my estate to the best advan-
tage, therefore I appoint R.M. Cobb, Jr.?, and Thomas
T. --?-- my Executors, to --?-- up my --?--
after I am gone. This is my last act and deed.
R.M. Cobb
S.M. Bolton
Samuel --?--

Special Acknowledgement

The copy of the above Will
was provided to us for this website by
gg-grandson of
R.M. & Letty (Black) Cobb

of the overall
Cobb-Sasser Family Lineage Website
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