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Descendants of

Samuel Cobb


1st Spouse:
Sophia Valentine
2nd Spouse:
Mary J. Warren
3rd Spouse:
Sarah "Belle" Sasser-Cobb

Samuel Cobb
son of
Radford &Letittia "Letty"(Black) Cobb
grandson of
Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb
g-grandson of
Ambrose & Sarah (LNU) Cobb
b: 18 Feb 1842
d: 03 Feb 1932
1st Spouse:
Sophia Valentine

m: they never married
2nd Spouse:
Mary J. Warren

m: on 21 Feb 1869
3rd Spouse:
Sarah "Belle" Sasser-Cobb

m: on 20 Jan 1887
daughter of
Crawood &Rhoda(Gilbert) Sasser
b: 14 Feb 1864 Knox Co, KY
d: 30 Mar 1942
Sophia Valentine
and Samuel Cobb had a son William Cobb.
William and descendants are listed farther below.
Sophia had another son (William's half-brother),
Frank Valentine. Frank's granddaughter,
Vallerie Jane Valentine,
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Sarah "Belle" (Sasser-Cobb) Cobb
was previously married (on 23 Apr 1884) to
James Henry "J.H." Cobb,
son of
John-Neff &Lizzie(Tuttle) Cobb,
and gs/o Thomas &Hannah(Selfs) Cobb.
Samuel's father, Radford Cobb, is a brother to
J.H.'s grandfather, Thomas Cobb; therefore,
Samuel and J.H. are 2nd cousins-once removed.
Belle and J.H. had a son, Henry W. Cobb, who
apparently was raised with her children by Samuel.

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Samuel's & Sophia's
List of Descendants
Scroll on down the page to find Samuel's & Mary's & Belle's Lists of Descendants.

William Cobb

  • (1) William Cobb
    b: 1867
    d: 24 Jan 1945
    m: MARTHA HOLLIN, on 08 Jun 1887
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    William's & Martha's
    Marriage License & Certificate
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    William's & Martha's headstone

    Samuel's & Mary's
    List of Descendants
    Scroll on down the page to find Samuel's & Belle's List of Descendants.
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    Samuel's & Belle's
    List of Descendants
  • (1) Henry W. Cobb (Samuel's stepson)
    b: 30 Nov 1885
    Henry is Belle's son from her previous marriage to J.H. Cobb,
    son of
    John-Neff & Lizzie(Tuttle) Cobb.
    Henry was 13 months old when his mother married Samuel Cobb,
    who is Henry's 3rd cousin-twice removed, becoming also Henry's stepfather.
    Apparently, Henry was raised with his half-siblings of the Samuel/Belle marriage,
    who are also Henry's 3rd cousins-once removed!

  • (2) Susan Cobb
    b: 26 Jan 1888
    m: William M. "Bill" Jones, Sr., in 1909
    son of Green &Lizzie(Smith) Jones
    b: 22 Jun 1889 Knox Co, KY
    d: 25 Jul 1970 Knox Co, KY
    buried: Cobb Cemetery
    Bill's obituary lists his siblings as:
    Chester Jones, John Jones, Sue Anna(Jones) Jordan.

  • (3) R.M. Cobb
    b: 16 Jul 1890
    d: 09 Nov 1890

  • (4) James W. Cobb
    b: 29 Jun 1892
    d: 11 Nov 1918

  • (5) Isabelle Cobb
    b: 19 Mar 1895

  • (6) David Grant "Dave" Cobb
    b: 17 May 1898
    d: 05 Jun 1990
    buried: Cobb Cemetery, Bull Creek, Knox Co, KY
    (Mary Gilbert)
    m: #1=MARY GILBERT, in Abt 1920
    daughter of General &Elizabeth "Lizzie"(Cobb) Gilbert
    d: Dec 1935
    m: #2=DOROTHY (MOORE) SMITH, on 09 Jul 1937
    daughter of Richard &Rebecca(Taylor) Moore
    granddaughter of Hiram &Susan(Hammons) Moore
    b: 10 Jul 1908 Tedders, Knox Co, KY
    d: 31 May 1998 Louisville, KY
    buried: Cobb Cemetery-Woolum, Goose Creek, Knox Co, KY
    (Her home was at Girdler, Little Richland Creek, Knox Co, KY)
    Dorothy's 1st husband was Reuben Smith.
    Clickon Hiram/Susan to find Dorothy's & Reuben's List of Descendants.

    ~News Item~
    "Barbourville [KY] Mountain Advocate"
    June 3, 1948 (pp. 1,9)
    Dave Cobb Makes An Appeal For
    The Nomination of For Sheriff

    I appeal to you my fellow citizens, to nominate me as your candidate for
    Sheriff of Knox County on the Republican ticket, election Saturday,
    August 6th, 1949. It is up to you who will be your candidate. I cannot
    nominate myself, if is only you who can nominate me for your Sheriff.
    I will attempt to explain to you as best I can, sume of the qualifications
    I hope I possess, which you should consider before you select your
    candidate for Sheriff of Knox County. It is your duty to yourself,
    your family, your children and your friends, to look into the
    character the makeup, the raising, the kind of work and the
    kind of citizen such a person has been.
    I was born and raised the son of a poor country farmer
    in a little log house near the head of Big Bull Creek, and I still live
    on a small mountain farm. My father was Samuel Cobb, my mother was
    Belle Sasser Cobb. Craig Black of New Bethel was my father's uncle.
    I went to my first school and finished what was called common school
    branches at Bull Creek. We had to walk two miles to that school over
    bad roads, most of the road was in the creek. When school was out in the
    fall, we children were in the fields grubbing, preparing for crops or
    cleaning up pasture land every day we could until time to work over
    crops the next spring and summer.

    When 22 years of age,
    I married Mary Gilbert, with her I lived 16 years. I had the misfortune
    of losing her in December, 1935. Later, I married Dorothy Moore.
    I am now 51 years of age, the father of nine children.
    I have lived and worked that we might bring honor to our
    neighborhood and well being to our children.
    All my life has been devoted to honorable toil. I have cultivated our
    mountain farms, logged, hauled tanbark and cross ties in the days
    when we had nothing but mules to do it with.

    I worked about four years as deputy sheriff,
    under our former sheriff, John H. Pickard, who gave all of his time
    and worked harder to make our county a better place in which to live
    and raise our children, than any sheriff I ever knew. I went with him
    to practically every church in Knox County.
    I have been a Republican all my life, always doing what I could
    for the party and Republican nominees. I have been in half or more
    of your homes. I know exactly how you live.
    I live 1 mile from Fount or Big Bull Creek.

    I am going to do my best to see every person in the county.
    I realize that is almost impossible in so short a time. If you find
    these statements true and they are the qualities you think such a
    candidate should have, won't you please be for me?
    If I am worthy won't you see your neighbors, talk it over with them,
    reach the right judgment as to what is best for you
    and for them and their children and homes.

    I pledge to you that I will collect and turn over promptly
    to the proper offices all moneys due them. I will enforce the law,
    protect our homes, your churches and schools to the best of my ability.
    I will be courteous and considerate to all with special favors to none
    regardless of wealth, color or creed.

    If you find me the type of person worthy to be your Sheriff
    only through your help and influence, can I be your nominee.
    I ask that you at the Republican primary Saturday, August 6th,
    pick out my name from among my honorable opponents
    and mark a cross in the little square opposite my name.
    I will depend on you and God being my helper,
    you can depend on me.

    I thank you.
    --- DAVE COBB
    ~News Item~
    "Barbourville [KY] Mountain Advocate"
    July 8, 1949 (p. 1)
    To the Voters of Knox County:
    I have withdrawn from the race for Sheriff of Knox County only because
    I was sick. My health has been bad for a few months and I was not able
    to make the race. I sure thank you, one and all, for your encouragement
    and your words in my behalf while I was in the race, and I will say that
    I never withdrew in favor of any other candidate. I will not take any
    part in this coming primary. My friends can do as they think best.
    I am still the same. Thanking you again, I am, as ever,

    Your friend,

    ~News Item~
    "Barbourville [KY] Mountain Advocate"
    July 29, 1949 (p. 3)
    On June 22nd, I withdrew from the Sheriff's race.
    On the 8th day of July, 1949,
    I ran a notice in "The Mountain Advocate," thanking my friends
    for their encouragement and support, in which I stated that that
    "I never withdrew in favor of any other candidate."
    Since that time, it has been reported to me that Charles L. Hammons
    and his followers are telling many of my friends that I withdrew in
    his favor. I take this means of letting the people know I am not for
    Charles L. Hammons, neither do I believe he would make the right
    kind of a Sheriff. Again I thank you for the interest you have shown me.

    Your friend,
    Signed: DAVE COBB

  • (7) Nancy "Nannie" Cobb
    b: 12 Jul 1901
    d: 08 May 1998
    buried: Samuel Cobb Cemetery

  • (8) Samuel Black Cobb
    b: 25 May 1903
    d: 19 Mar 1905

  • (9) William Cobb
    b: 01 Jun 1906

    Wade Cobb

  • (10) Wade Cobb
    b: 19 Jul 1909
    d: 15 Nov 1995
    b: 29 May 1916
    d: 25 Apr 1993

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