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Descendants of

Martin Fugate

Sarah (LNU) Fugate


Martin Fugate
son of
Josias &Mary(Martin) Fugate
(Josias's ancestry is yet unproven as of April 2005)
b: Abt 1725 VA
d: Abt 1802 VA
Sarah LNU
b: Abt 1726 VA

There is a possibility that Martin's wife's name wasn't Sarah.
Some researchers state that Martin and Sarah were born in Russell Co, VA,
but Russell County wasn't formed until 1787 and that part of VA
wasn't settled until 1772 (when it was Fincastle).

Other spellings found for the surname Fugate include:
Fugatt, Fuget, Fugett, Fugit, Fugitt

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~Martin & Siblings~
children of
Josias &Mary(Martin) Fugate
(Josias's ancestry is yet unproven as of April 2005)
  • (1) Randolph Fugate
    b: Abt 1720 VA
    d: Aft 1778 Washington Co, VA
  • (2) Francis Fugate
    b: Abt 1721 VA
    d: 1791 Stafford Co, VA
    This is NOT the Francis who married Agnes "Nancy Ann" LNU.
  • (3) Josias Fugate
    b: Abt 1722 VA
    This is NOT the Josias who married Mary Martin,
    NOR is he the "Captain Josiah" who got that title
    as captain of militia in southwest VA 40 years later,
    and who was the son of Randolph.

  • (4) John Fugate
    b: Abt 1724
    d: 1786 Wilkes Co, NC
    This is NOT the John who married Sarah McCarty.
  • (5) Martin Fugate
    ["our" Martin!]
    b: Abt 1725 Russell Co, VA
    d: Abt 1802 Russell Co, VA
    m: Sarah LNU
    b: Abt 1726 Russell Co, VA
  • (6) Ann Fugate
    b: Abt 1728 VA
    d: Spotsylvania Co, VA

~Excerpts from Josias Fugate's Will~
[Josias Fugate, father of "our" Martin Fugate]

Josias Fugate
d. 1757 King George Co. VA;
Will Book 1, pp 62-3:
I Josias Fugate of Brunswick Parish in the county of King George
... make & ordain this my Last Will and Testament ...
after all debts paid,
to son JOHN, one shilling sterling;
to son JOSIAS, (same);
to son RANDOLPH (same);
to son MARTIN (same);
to daughter ANN Swillavant (same);
to wife MARY
all my estate during her life & at her death I give it all
to my son FRANCIS, to him and his heirs forever.

Dated 18 March 1757
Witnesses: Francis Martin, Edward Pitcher, Andrew Brown.
Proved 2 June 1757.

Special Appreciation
Some of the lineage information for
this "Martin/Sarah" page
was found in files at genealogy sites such as
Genforum.com, the LDS site, Rootsweb.com, etc..
Your generosity and help is very much appreciated.
Particular Appreciation
is for information provided by researchers
A very special THANK YOU, LADIES, for such
patient work and selfless sharing.

Only PORTIONS and certainly NOT ALL of
the information shown on this webpage were
provided by and/or documented by and/or approved by
Mary and/or Margaret.

A Special Salute
worked with David Faris for the original book on the
"Fugates of Russell Co, VA,"
has published her research results for 18 years in the
"Fugate Family Newsletter,"
has helped with hundreds of genealogy inquiries
through her detailed entries in the
"Fugate Family Genealogy Forum"
of "Genforum" at Genealogy.com
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It is within those perimeters ONLY that represent
Mary's 35 years of reputable genealogy work.
She helped us with some limited scope of info,
but this webpage is NOT AT ALL representative of
the accuracy of Mary's collective works as a whole!

Martin's & Sarah's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Francis Fugate
    b: 1752 Washington Co, VA
    d: 13 Sep 1781 Moccasin Creek, Russell Co, VA
    m: AGNES (aka Nancy or Ann) LNU, in 1770
    b: 1755 Washington Co, VA
    d: died long after Francis died
    This is not the Francis Fugate who married Cynthea Garrard.
    Francis died when he was thrown from his horse.
    He adopted Agnes's son James (paternity unknown).
    "Nancy" was a nickname for Agnes; she's also sometimes found as "Ann,"
    another nickname for Agnes, but mostly she was Agnes. Her last name
    has never been located. Some researchers believe it was "Vance"
    because her son James named a daughter "Nancy Vance Fugett,"
    but this is not proof of Agnes's last name.

  • (2) Nancy Ann Fugate
    b: 1754 Russell Co, VA
    d: 1823 Clay Co, KY
    m: SAMUEL HADDIX, in 1773, in VA
    son of John &Mary(Taylor) Haddix
    b: 1742 Prince William Co, VA
    d; 03 Oct 1816 Lost Creek, Breathitt Co, KY

  • (3) Benjamin Fugate
    b: 1755 Frederick Co, VA
    d: 1838 Troublesome Creek, Pigeon Roost, Perry Co, KY
    m: HANNAH DEVERS, in 1778, in Washington Co, VA
    b: 1735 NC
    d: 1853 Breahitt Co, KY

  • (4) Henley Fugate
    b: Abt 1761 Fredrick Co, VA
    d: Bef Aug 1838 Claiborne Co, TN
    m: RACHEL CROXDALE, in 1799, in Claiborne Co, TN
    b: Abt 1783 MD
    d: Aft 1860

  • (5) Zachariah Fugate
    b: 1763 Fredrick Co, VA
    d: 1838 Russell Co, VA
    m: UNITY LNU, in Abt 1781
    b: Abt 1763

  • (6) William Fugate
    b: Abt 1765 Frederick Co, VA
    d: 1808 Russell Co, VA
    (name was Jane and an assumption-only about the Sarah Stevens part)
    b: Abt 1766 VA
    d: she died before William died
    Only two records of William's wife have been found:
    One deed in which she was called "Jane" and the death record of
    William's daughter stating that her mother was "Sarah Stevens"
    (Jane and Sarah Stevens could have been two different people).
    William's wife apparently died before William did, since the
    children were taken in by his brother Zachariah,
    but she left no record at all.

  • (7) Colbert Fugate
    b: Abt 1766 Fredrick Co, VA
    d: Aug 1819 Russell Co, VA
    b: 09 May 1768 Russell Co, VA
    d: 07 Sep 1853
    m: #2=HANNAH TATE, in 1788
    daughter of Col. John &Mary(Bracken) Tate
    b: 1772 Big Moccasin Creek, Fincastle Co, VA
    d: 03 Jun 1844 Pulaski Co, KY
    Colbert's nephew William Fugate [son of Colbert's brother Zachariah]
    married Hannah's sister Lydia Tate.

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