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Descendants of

William Fugate

Lydia (Tate) Fugate


William Fugate
son of
Zachariah &Unity(LNU) Fugate
grandson of
Martin &Sarah(LNU) Fugate
g-grandson of
Josias &Mary(Martin) Fugate
(Josias's ancestry is yet unproven as of April 2005)
b: Abt 1783 Washington Co, VA
d: Abt 1851 Scott Co, VA
Lydia Tate,
in Abt 1801, in Russell Co, VA
daughter of
Cl. John &Mary(Bracken) Tate
b: 1785 Big Moccasin Creek, Washington Co, VA
d: 15 Oct 1854 Scott Co, VA

William's father's brother Colbert married Lydia's sister Hannah Tate.
William and most of his brothers ended up in Scott Co, VA, when it was
formed from Russell Co, VA. They lived along Moccasin Creek.
William died about 1851 (year his name was off the tax list).

Other spellings found for the surname Fugate include:
Fugatt, Fuget, Fugett, Fugit, Fugitt

~Fugate Family Connections~
William Fugate
son of
Martin &Sarah(LNU) Fugate

grandson of
Josias &Mary(Martin) Fugate
b: Abt 1783 Washington Co, VA
d: Abt 1851 Scott Co, VA
m: Lydia Tate

The ancestry
of William's grandfather
Josias Fugate is yet unproven
(as of April 2005);
but in any case the

John Fugate
[who married Sarah McCarty]
is NOT the John who is son of
Josias &Mary(Martin) Fugate.
William Fugate and John Fugate
lived in Russell Co, VA,
before 1820.

They were probably related,
but the relationship
hasn't yet been proven

Any connection
would have come out of
King George Co, VA,
before 1750.
John Fugate
and Sarah(McCarty) Fugate
lived in Shenandoah Co, VA,
left there about 1772 for
Washington Co, VA.

They finally settled
in what is now
Russell-near Castlewood Co, VA.
John died there before August 1824.

John is NOT the son of
Josias &Mary(Martin) Fugate.

Sarah's maiden name is unproven,
but McCarty is quite possible.

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Willilam's & Lydia's
List of Descendants
  • (1) FNU Fugate (female)
    b: Abt 1804

  • (2) Uriah Fugate
    b: Abt 1805 Clinchport, Scott Co, VA
    m: #1=DRUSILLA FRAZIER, on 06 Dec 1823, in Clinchport, Scott Co, VA
    daughter of Solomon &Sena(Hogg) Frazier
    b: 10 Apr 1805 Perry Co, KY
    d: 14 Aug 1853 Scott Co, VA
    m: #2=MARY A. RINER, on 25 Jan 1855, in Scott Co, VA
    b: Abt 1825
    Uriah's brother Zachariah married Uriah's sister Drusilla.

  • (3) Ira E. Fugate
    b: 06 Nov 1806 Russell Co, VA
    d: 23 Jun 1871 Scott Co, VA
    m: MARGARET HANEY, on 02 May 1830, in Perry Co, KY
    b: 27 Jul 1804
    d: 17 Dec 1871 Scott Co, VA

  • (4) Lydia Fugate
    b: Abt 1808 Scott Co, VA
    m: JAMES CARTER, on 03 Mar 1827, in Scott Co, VA

  • (5) Zachariah Fugate
    b: 10 Dec 1810 Scott Co, VA
    d: 07 Jun 1900 Woodsbend, Morgan Co, KY
    m: SARAH FRAZIER, on 28 Jan 1830, in Scott Co, VA
    daughter of Solomon &Sena(Hogg) Frazier
    b: 14 Nov 1810 Whitesburg, Perry Co, KY
    d: 26 Oct 1900 Morgan Co, KY
    Zachariah's brother Uriah married Sarah's sister Drusilla.

  • (6) Martha Fugate
    b: Abt 1812 Russell Co, VA
    m: JOHN HANEY, on 07 Feb 1832, in Scott Co, VA

  • (7) Lucinda Fugate
    b: Abt 1814 Scott Co, VA
    m: SOLOMON HANEY, on 27 May 1833, in Scott Co, VA
    b; Abt 1814 VA
    d: 22 Mar 1857 Scott Co, VA

  • (8) Mary P. Fugate
    b: Abt 1824

  • (9) James H. Fugate
    b: Abt 1825 Scott Co, VA
    d: 01 Mar 1898 Morgan Co, KY
    daughter of Thomas &Mary(LNU) Jeans
    b: 20 Mar 1823
    d: 12 Mar 1884 Morgan Co, KY

  • (10) William Fugate
    b: 1836

  • (11) May Fugate
    b: 1838

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