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Descendants of

Felix Gibson Gilbert, Jr.

1st Wife:
Mandy (Jones) Gilbert
2nd Wife:
Nancy "Ann"(Cobb)Gilbert

Felix Gibson "Fee" Gilbert, Jr.
son of
Felix Gibson "Fee" &Catherine(Taylor) Gilbert, Sr.
paternal grandparents:
Wallace W. &Susan(Jones) Gilbert
maternal grandparents:
Jacob "Isaac" &Rhoda(Smith) Taylor
b: 14 Nov 1869 Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
d: 18 Nov 1951 Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
buried: Taylor Cemetery, Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
1st Wife:
Mandy Jones

m: on 15 Mar 1893
daughter of
Stephen &Sarah(Weaver)Jones
b: 1874
d: 1899 (in childbirth)
buried: Taylor Cemetery, in
Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
2nd Wife:
Nancy "Ann" Cobb

m: on 27 Dec 1901
daughter of
William &Mary(Cheek) Cobb
b: 18 Apr 1881
d: 29 Mar 1955
buried: Taylor Cemetery, in
Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY

Mandy's tombstone reads, "Mandy Gilbert and Her Two Children 1874-1899."
This refers to Fee's & Mandy's daughter, Susan, who died in about 1903,
and to the baby who died with and was buried with Mandy in 1899.
(Photo has been enhanced for legibility).

Fee's & Mandy's
List of Descendants
Scroll down for Fee's & Ann's List of Descendants.
  • (1) Wallace Gilbert
    b: 1893 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 25 Feb 1964
    m: DELIA MOORE, on 09 Aug 1914
    daughter of Jim &Sarah(Hoskins) Moore
    granddaughter of Hiram &Susan(Hammons) Moore
    b: 06 Apr 1900 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 16 Jun 1996 (at age 96) Bedford, IN
    buried: Beech Grove Cemetery, Bedford, IN
    Delia's obituary stated that (besides son Burchell) she
    was preceded in death by "two children in infancy."

  • (2) Susan "Susie" Gilbert
    b: Abt 1895
    d: Abt 1903

  • (3) FNU Gilbert
    b: 1899
    d: 1899 (at birth)

    Fee &Ann(Cobb) Gilbert

    Fee's & Ann's
    List of Descendants
  • (1) Elbert Gilbert
    b: Abt 1903
    d: Abt 1903

    William "Bill" Gilbert

  • (2) William "Bill" Gilbert
    b: Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
    Bill &Nellie(Hale) Gilbert in 1944
    m: #1=NELLIE IRENE HALE, on 30 Jun 1944
    daughter of John H. &Annie(Blanton) Hale
    paternal grandparents: William F. &Nicey(Gilbert) Hale
    maternal grandparents: Henry &Belle(Corey) Blanton
    ggg-granddaughter of Jack &Polly(Cobb) Jarvis
    Bill &Charlotte(Burnhouse)Gilbert
    Bill's father, Fee Gilbert, Jr., is a brother to
    Nellie's grandmother, Nicey (Gilbert) Hale, thus,
    on the Gilbert side, Bill & Nellie are 3rd cousins-once removed.
    (Their possible connection on the Cobb side not yet determined.)

    Bill & his sister Daisy Mae in 1939

  • (3) Samuel "Sam" Gilbert
    b: 1905

  • (4) Margaret "Maggie" Gilbert
    b: 1906

  • (5) James "Jimmy" Gilbert
    b: 1909
    daughter of Joseph &Olivia(Hale) Hammons

  • (6) Minnie Gilbert
    b: 31 May 1911 Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
    d: 29 Sep 1989 Valparaiso, Porter Co, IN
    m: EARL WILLIAMS, on 25 Nov 1931, in Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
    son of Thomas &Janie(Sweet) Williams

  • (7) Allie Gilbert
    b: 22 Apr 1913
    m: CHARLES "CLARENCE" or "C.C." WILLIAMS, on 23 May 1931, in London, KY
    b: 22 Sep 1912 London, Laurel Co, KY

  • (8) John B. Gilbert, Sr.
    b: 1915 Laurel Co, KY
    m: LUCY ANN ASHER, on 27 Jul 1935, in Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
    daughter of Dillion &Janie(Tuttle) Asher
    granddaughter of Jackson &Mary(Redmon) Asher

    Daisy "Mae" Gilbert

  • (9) Daisy "Mae" Gilbert
    b: 22 Feb 1919 Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
    d: 04 Aug 1986 Portage, Porter Co, IN
    #1=met: EARL DEMING TAYLOR, in 1940
    son of Garrett &Dollie(Root)Taylor
    grandson of George &Kate(Messamore)Taylor
    g-grandson of Bill &Talitha(Woolum)Taylor
    b: 23 May 1920
    Mae's grandmother, Catherine, is a sister to
    Earl's g-grandfather, Bill; thus,
    Mae & Earl are Taylor 3rd cousins-once removed.
    (Other inter-connections, if any, not yet determined.)

    #2=m: HUBERT OWENS, in Abt 1945
    #3=m: DUANE EUGENE ANDERSON, in Abt 1966
    son of Hurshell &Minnie(Cobb)Anderson
    grandson of Abe &Sally(Moore) Cobb
    b: 17 Oct 1934
    Duane later married Linda Shelton, on 18 Jun 1988.

  • (10) Felix Gibson Gilbert, III
    b: Abt 1924 Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
    d: 27 May 1942 Laurel Co, KY

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