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Descendants of

James M. Gilbert

Eliza Mahala (Black) Gilbert


James M. "Jim" Gilbert
son of
Jap &Lindy(Blanton) Gilbert
grandson of
Nathan &Nannie(Tuttle) Gilbert
paternal g-grandparents:
Wallace &Susan(Jones) Gilbert
maternal g-grandparents:
Peter &Keziah(Sasser) Tuttle
Eliza Mahala "Haley Black,
on 31 Jul 1933
daughter of
Jim-T & MaryJane(Gilbert) Black
b: 29 Nov 1914 Tedders, KY
d: 22 Apr 1983
buried: Jim Gilbert Cemetery, Tedders, Knox Co, KY
Haley was the postmistress at Tedders, KY, for 37 years.

the elder Haley Black (who married JOHN Gilbert),
from her niece, the younger Haley Black (who married JIM Gilbert),
the younger of the two Haleys is refered to below as
Jim's paternal grandfather, Nathan H. Gilbert, is a brother to
Eliza-Haley's maternal grandfather, Wallace G. Gilbert; therefore,
Jim and Eliza-Haley are 2nd cousins.
Jim's father, Jap Gilbert, is a 1st cousin to
Eliza-Haley's mother, Mary Jane (Gilbert) Black; therefore,
is a 2nd cousin-once removed to Eliza-Haley (his daughter-in-law).
Jim's uncle (a brother to Jim's father, Jap Gilbert), John S. Gilbert, is husband of
Eliza-Haley's aunt (a sister to Eliza-Haley's father, Jim-T Black), Haley (Black) Gilbert.

"Barbourville Mountain Advocate"
Barbourville, KY
October 20, 1983
~~~ By David Cole
The home of Jim Gilbert of Tedders Road out past Crane Nest is a museum
of sorts. Housed inside are over 5,000 Avon bottles and other assorted
items which still contain perfume, as well as many other collectibles
Jim and his late wife, Mahala accumulated over the past four years or
so. Mrs. Gilbert, who died earlier this year, served as postmaster at
Tedders for some 38 years. To build up the Avon collection Jim's really
had to wear down a lot of blacktop as he scurries from local flea
markets, such as the big ones at Tazewell and Georgetown, to traveling
to the really big ones in Chattanooga, Gary, IN and even to Chicago, IL.
Jim, who's a spry 72, is perhaps better known locally as a tobacco
farmer who's still very much in business this year to the tune of about
20 acres. A visitor up Tedders Road can't help but see the big barns he
stores tobacco in. Jim also gives credit for acculumating the Avon
collection to his daughter, Wilma Jean, and son-in-law, Tom Ralston,
who live nearby. Jim goodnaturedly refers to himself as the official
buyer, while his daughter is the "marketer" and Tom gets the nod as
"the packer." "It gets in your blood," Jim told a reporter as he
related his weekly treks to the flea markets. "You'll be getting to want
to go." As for the extensive Avon collection, you have to see it to
believe it, they fill shelf after shelf in the bathroom. Mr. Gilbert
says he's doing it in the long run for his three grandchildren, two of
whom belong to Tom and Wilma (their names are James and Mahala)
and another, Catrina Lynn, the child of Carson and and Iletta Gilbert.
Jim relates this little bit of Avon history: the company under the name
of the California Perfume Co., started in 1886 and then changed its
name to Avon in 1928. Most of his collection dates from 1960 to the
present, he said. "Before that, you just don't run into very many items
and when you do, they cost around $200." Today, Avon collectibles
filled with perfume come out in plastic containers, of which a reporter
didn't see any on Mr. Gilbert's shelves. What are some of the Avon
items? The company's perfume comes in everything from minature cars,
lanterns, pennies, Presidents, animals, pistols, figurines, telephones
-really, you name it. One of his secrets to knowing what to buy is a
book on the Avon collection he carries to the flea markets very
faithfully. It indicates what price to pay and lists what to look for,
such as a ribbon or golfclub that might be absent and make the item
practically worthless. "I soon learned to get a book," he said. Jim also
likes making friends around the state and out of it and it recognized
in many places, he said. He prefers flea markets down here, as compared
to those up north, because of "better prices" and because "it you're a
Southerner, you like Southern stuff." Jim also note that some of his
best buys come at small markets such as those you see along the road.
When he goes up to the market, which is about every weekend, he likes
to beat the other fellow buyer to the draw, a kind of
early-bird-catches-the-worm story. "It's a lot of fun," he said.
"A lot of people ought to try it and get their minds off problems."
The above news transcript was provided by

Elaine (Helton) Lorinczi
d/o Bob &Cathy(Hayes) Helton
gd/o Bob &Avis(Sasser) Helton
g-gd/o George &Matilda(Vaughn) Helton
gg-granddaughter of
James &Lucy(Osborne) Helton

The Jim Gilbert Cemetery
where the members of the family of Jim &Haley(Black)Gilbert
are buried. It is across the road from where they lived.
Next to the cemetery is the barn where their
son Carson's tobacco is curing.

Jim's & Haley's
List of Descendants

  • (1) Evelyn "Jeree" Gilbert
    b: Abt 1932
    m: #1=WAYNE SCOTT
    m: #2=JOE CENKAR

  • (2) Jasper Benton "J.B." Gilbert
    b: 24 Mar 1935 Gibbs, KY
    d: 22 Feb 1976
    buried: Jim Gilbert Cemetery, Tedders, Knox Co, KY
    daughter of Felix & Pauline (Tedders) Gilbert
    granddaughter of Gen & Elizabeth (Cobb) Gilbert
    g-granddaughter of Felix &Catherine(Taylor) Gilbert
    b: 23 May 1939
    buried: Jim Gilbert Cemetery, Tedders, Knox Co, KY

    J.B. & Tevis
    are double double-cousins
    (half Gilbert double-cousins, half Taylor double-cousins), as they are
    one-half Gilbert double-3rd cousins/ one-quarter Taylor 3rd cousins/ one-quarter Taylor 4th cousins-once removed.
    The GILBERT Side
    The TAYLOR Side
    Lines going DOWN from
    Wallace-W & Susan(Jones) Gilbert
    Lines going DOWN from
    Isaac & Rhoda(Smith) Taylor
    Fee Gilbert
    s/o Wallace-W
    (m:Catherine Taylor)
    Nathan Gilbert
    s/o Wallace-W
    (m:Nannie Tuttle)
    Wallace-G Gilbert
    s/o Wallace-W
    (m:Nannie Tuttle)
    Mary-Pop Taylor
    d/o Isaac
    (m:Wallace-G Gilbert)
    Clayborne Taylor
    s/o Isaac
    (m:Sally Woolum)
    Catherine Taylor
    d/o Isaac
    (m:Fee Gilbert)
    (1st cousins)
    Children of
    the Siblings
    Gen Gilbert
    s/o Fee
    (m:Elizabeth Cobb)
    Jap Gilbert
    s/o Nathan
    (m:Malinda Blanton)
    MaryJane Gilbert
    d/o Wallace-G
    (m:Jim-T Black)
    MaryJane Gilbert
    d/o Mary-Pop
    (m:Jim-T Black)
    Angeline Taylor
    d/o Clayborne
    (m:George Tedders)
    Gen Gilbert
    s/o Catherine
    (m:Elizabeth Cobb)
    (2nd cousins)
    of the Siblings
    Felix Gilbert
    s/o Gen
    (m:Pauline Tedders)
    Jim Gilbert
    s/o Jap
    (m:ElizaHaley Black)
    Jim & Eliza are
    Gilbert 2nd cousins
    ElizHaley Black
    d/o MaryJane
    (m:Jim Gilbert)
    Eliza & Jim are
    Gilbert 2nd cousins
    ElizaHaley Black
    d/o MaryJane
    (m:Jim Gilbert)
    Taylor Tedders
    s/o Angeline
    (m:Lizzie Hoskins)
    Felix Gilbert
    s/o Gen
    (m:Pauline Tedders)
    Felix & Pauline are
    Taylor 3rds-once rmvd
    (3rd cousins)
    of the Siblings
    Tevis Gilbert
    d/o Felix
    (m:J.B. Gilbert)
    J.B. Gilbert
    s/o Jim
    (m:Tevis Gilbert)
    J.B. Gilbert
    s/o ElizaHaley
    (m:Tevis Gilbert)
    J.B. Gilbert
    s/o ElizaHaley
    (m:Tevis Gilbert)
    Pauline Tedders
    d/o Taylor
    (m:Felix Gilbert)
    Pauline & Felix are
    Taylor 3rds-once rmvd
    Tevis Gilbert
    d/o Felix
    (m: J.B. Gilbert)
    (4th cousins)
    of the Siblings
    n/an/a n/an/a Tevis Gilbert
    d/o Pauline
    (m:J.B. Gilbert)

  • (3) James M. Gilbert, Jr.
    b: 15 Nov 1936 Knox Co, KY
    d: 22 Apr 1961 Laurel Co, KY
    buried: Jim Gilbert Cemetery, Tedders, Big Richland Creek, Knox Co, KY
    James was originally buried at Blanton Cemetery, then was
    later moved to the (then newly-started) Gilbert Cemetery.
    On headstone: "Gone from our home but not from our hearts"

    daughter of Will & Lillie Esther (Taylor) Smith
    (Verna's m: #2=James Leddington, m: #3=Wayne Cobb)
    some of
    Verna's Ancestry
    Wm. M. & Alice (Cobb) Smith
    Thomas J. &Elizabeth(Sasser) Smith
    Barden &Pharby(Jones) Sasser
    Sebastian & Lucy (Jones) Taylor
    Thomas &Sarah(Hale) Taylor, Sr.
    Isaac &Rhoda(Smith) Taylor
    James's gg-grandmother, Kizzie (Sasser) Tuttle, is a sister to
    Verna's gg-grandfather, Barden Sasser; therefore, on their
    SASSER sides, James & Verna are at least 4th cousins.
    Their connections, if any, in the families, of Cobb, Hale,
    Jones, Smith, Taylor, etc., have not yet been determined.

  • (4) Harold Eugene Gilbert
    b: Abt 1939
    d: 30 Mar 2004 London, KY
    buried: Gilbert Cemetery, Tedders Creek, Knox Co, KY

  • (5) Nathan George Gilbert
    b: 20 Oct 1940
    d: 08 Apr 1960
    buried: Jim Gilbert Cemetery, Tedders, Big Richland Creek, Knox Co, KY

  • (6) Jeanette Joyce Gilbert
    b: Abt 1942
    Tommy & Jeanette on their wedding day.

  • (7) Mary Linda Gilbert
    b: Abt 1944

  • (8) Carson Isaac Gilbert
    b: Abt 1950

    Carson was named after Carson Chesnut, who is his uncle-by-marriage
    (husband of Carson-G's aunt Angeline {Gilbert} Chesnut - who is sister of Carson-G's father, Jim) .
    Carson Gilbert and Carson Chesnut are ALSO 4th cousins-once removed

    (Carson-G's gg-grandmother, Kizzie, is a sister to Carson-C's g-grandmother, Piety).

  • (9) Wilma Jean Gilbert
    b: 11 Nov 1952
    parents: Edward & Maria (LNU) Ralston
    foster parents: Robert F. &Carrie(LNU) Baldwin, Jr.
    b: 13 Jul 1952
    d: 20 Dec 1998 Barbourville, Knox Co, KY
    buried: Jim Gilbert Cemetery, Tedders, Big Richland Creek, Knox Co, KY

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