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Descendants of

Jasper Benton Gilbert

Malinda (Blanton) Gilbert


Jasper Benton "Jap" Gilbert
son of
Nathan &Nannie(Tuttle) Gilbert
paternal grandparents:
Wallace &Susan(Jones) Gilbert
maternal grandparents:
Peter &Keziah(Sasser) Tuttle
b: 11 Dec 1875
d: 13 Sep 1954

Malinda "Lindy" Blanton
on 02 Sep 1899
daughter of
Calvin Fee &Angeline(Osborne) Blanton
paternal grandparents:
Andrew J. &Nancy M.(Simpson) Blanton
maternal grandparents:
James &Malinda(Saylor) Osborne
b: 26 May 1875
d: 04 Sep 1961

School Photos

One or more of the once-kids
(born in the 1920s & 1930s)
listed on this page are shown in a
Tedders School Group Photo

(Tedders, Knox Co, KY)
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and/or in a
Tedders School Group Photo

(Tedders, Knox Co, KY)
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~The Jap & Lindy(Blanton) Gilbert Family, in 1919~
[photo provided by Mildred (Gilbert) Franklin]

Jap's & Lindy's
List of Descendants

  • (1) Calvin Gilbert
    b: 10 May 1900
    d: 09 Dec 1923

  • (2) Angeline Gilbert
    b: 08 Jan 1903
    m: CHARLES "CARSON" CHESNUT, on 18 Nov 1924
    son of John &Bithey(Humfleet) Chesnut
    grandson of Jonathan & Melvina(Sprinkle-Kirby) Humfleet
    g-grandson of William &Piety(Sasser) Humfleet
    b: 13 Feb 1899
    Carson was the postmaster at Barbourville, Knox Co, KY.
    Angeline's great-grandmother, Kizzie (Sasser) Tuttle, is a sister to
    Carson's great-grandmother, Piety (Sasser) Humfleet; therefore,
    Angeline & Carson are 3rd cousins.

  • (3) Hettie Gilbert
    b: 24 Jan 1905
    d: May 1972
    m: LEONARD COLE, on 20 Sep 1924
    son of Reverend George &unknown Cole
    Leonard is the step-son of George's 2nd wife, Della (Hammons) Cole,
    who is the daughter of Willie &Mahaly(Morris) Hammons, and the
    granddaughter of
    James R. &Nannie(Sasser) Morris.
    Clickon James/Nannie to find all of George's & Della's descendants.

  • (4) Mintie/Mittle Jane Gilbert
    b: 10 May 1907
    m: MATT BAKER, on 02 Aug 1927

  • (5) Nathan Gilbert
    b: 14 Aug 1908
    m: MILDRED JONES, on 14 Nov 1934

  • (6) James M. "Jim" Gilbert
    b: 15 Nov 1911 Knox Co, KY
    d: 15 Apr 1999 Lexington, Fayette Co, KY
    buried: Jim Gilbert Cemetery, Tedders, Knox Co, KY
    m: ELIZA MAHALA "HALEY" BLACK, on 31 Jul 1933
    daughter of Jim-T &MaryJane(Gilbert) Black
    b: 29 Nov 1914 Tedders, KY
    d: 22 Apr 1983
    buried: Jim Gilbert Cemetery, Tedders, Knox Co, KY
    Haley was the postmistress at Tedders, KY, for 37 years.
    the elder Haley Black (who married JOHN Gilbert),
    from her niece, the younger Haley Black (who married JIM Gilbert),
    the younger of the two Haleys is refered to below as
    Jim's paternal grandfather, Nathan H. Gilbert, is a brother to
    Eliza-Haley's maternal grandfather, Wallace G. Gilbert; therefore,
    Jim and Eliza-Haley are 2nd cousins.
    Jim's father, Jap Gilbert, is a 1st cousin to
    Eliza-Haley's mother, Mary Jane (Gilbert) Black; therefore,
    is a 2nd cousin-once removed to Eliza-Haley (his daughter-in-law).
    Jim's uncle (a brother to Jim's father, Jap Gilbert), John S. Gilbert, is husband of
    Eliza-Haley's aunt (a sister to Eliza-Haley's father, Jim-T Black), Haley (Black) Gilbert.

  • (7) Crit Gilbert
    b: 30 Oct 1914
    m: ANNA MORRIS, on 30 Jul 1935
    daughter of John &Rhoda(Tuttle) Morris
    granddaughter of James &Nannie(Sasser) Morris
    g-granddaughter of Adin &Betsy(Waggoner) Sasser
    b: 12 Apr 1915
    d: 16 May 1998 Portage, IN
    Crit's g-grandmother, Keziah (Sasser) Tuttle, is a sister to
    Anna's g-grandfather, Adin Sasser; therefore,
    Crit and Anna are 3rd cousins.

  • (8) Esther Gilbert
    b: 12 Aug 1916
    d: 02 Feb 1917

  • (9) Edna Gilbert
    b: 20 Oct 1918
    d: 09 May 2001 London, KY
    buried: Barbourville City Cemetery, London, KY
    m: #1=DELBERT CATCHING BEETS, on 05 Aug 1938
    (an Army veteran of WWII)
    son of George &Margaret(Jones) Beets
    b: 07 Apr 1912 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 04 Oct 2000
    buried: Walden Cemetery, London, KY
    m: #2=HAROLD S. PAXTON
    m: #3=FNU TURNER
    Delbert's 2nd wife is Ruth (White) Beets

  • (10) Denver "Claude" Gilbert, Sr. (USAF vet)
    b: 23 Apr 1921 Knox Co, KY
    d: 15 Feb 2002 London, KY
    buried: Andes Cemetery, East Bernstadt, KY
    Annie (Jones) Gilbert
    m: ANNA JANE "ANNIE" JONES, on 08 Nov 1944
    daughter of Jeff Peter &Ada Belle(Botkin) Jones
    b: 08 Sep 1925 Oolitic, IN
    d: 15 Nov 2006 London, KY
    buried: Andes Cemetery, East Bernstadt, KY

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