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Descendants of
Wallace G. Gilbert

Mary Jane (Taylor) Gilbert


Wallace G. Gilbert
son of
Wallace &Susan(Jones) Gilbert
b: 08 Apr 1842 Richland Creek, Knox Co, KY
d: 18 Aug 1887 Tedders, Knox Co, KY

Mary Jane "Pop" Taylor,
on 08 May 1874, in Knox Co, KY
daughter of
Clayborne &Sarah(Woolum) Taylor
granddaughter of
Jacob "Isaac" &Rhoda(Smith) Taylor
b: 10 Dec 1847
d: 09 Mar 1931

Pop's year-of-birth is shown on her tombstone as 1849 in error.
Her brother, Isaac, was born in February-1850, so 1849 would leave
too few months between them. The 1860 Census (taken on June 12, 1860)
lists Pop as 12 years old (she would turn 13 on December 10, 1860).

from Cuz Glenn Perry
Mary Jane "Pop" Taylor
is sometimes listed, by mistake, as Polly Taylor.
Even an 1860 census listed her as "Polly," but
her family and relatives never called her that.
She was "Aunt Pop," and even her son, Sam Gilbert,
was referred to by the old people as "Sam Pop,"
to distinguish him from other people named Sam Gilbert!
Wallace and Pop both are buried at the Gilbert Cemetery
on top of the mountain overlooking the former estate
of the elder Wallace Gilbert, on Big Richland Creek,
just as the creek branches off to
Mt. Ararat in one direction and Tedders on the other.
The above dob's and dod's were copied from their tombstones.

School Photo

One or more of the once-kids
(born in the 1920s & 1930s)
listed on this page are shown in a
Tedders School Group Photo

(Tedders, Knox Co, KY)
Go see!

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Wallace's & Pop's
List of Descendants
  • (1) John Gilbert

  • (2) Susie "Sudie" Gilbert
    b: Abt 1876
    d: Abt 1917

  • (3) Sarah Gilbert
    b: Abt 1880

  • (4) Samuel J. "Sam-Pop" Gilbert
    b: 23 Dec 1882 Tedders, KY
    d: 20 May 1969
    buried: Taylor Cemetery Blackwater, KY
    m: #1=MAGGIE JONES, in Abt 1901
    daughter of James Matt &Mariah(Taylor)Jones
    paternal grandparents: Thomas &Sally(Cook) Jones
    maternal grandparents: Bill &Talitha(Woolum)Taylor
    Jones g-grandparents: William &Mary(Jones) Jones
    Taylor g-grandparents: Jacob "Isaac" &Rhoda(Smith)Taylor
    Woolum g-grandparents: Jacob &Sarah Anise(Hughes)Woolum
    Woolum gg-grandparents: Andrew &Ursley(Woodard)Woolum
    b: 20 Dec 1884
    d: 16 Jan 1916
    buried: Taylor Cemetery Blackwater, KY
    m: #2=SARAH JANE SMITH, in 1919
    daughter of Monroe &Eliza(Hubbard) Smith, in 1919
    b: Abt 1891
    d: 10 Oct 1989 KY
    buried: Taylor Cemetery Blackwater, KY

    Through their Tayor/Woolum inter-connections,
    Sam-Pop & Maggie are double-2nd cousins.
    ~~~ Sam-Pop's grandfather, Clayborn Taylor, is a brother to
    Maggie's grandfather, Bill Taylor; thus,
    Sam-Pop & Maggie are Taylor-side 2nd cousins.
    ~~~ Sam-Pop's grandmother, Sally(Woolum) Taylor, is a sister to
    Maggie's grandmother, Talitha(Woolum) Taylor; thus,
    Sam-Pop & Maggie are Woolum-side 2nd cousins.

    Sam-Pop Gilbert

    lived and farmed at his parents' place
    -that of the younger-Wallace & Mary "Pop" {Taylor) Gilbert-
    at Tedders, KY, on what had been part of the vast land holdings
    of his grandparents, Wallace & Susan (Jones) Gilbert.
    The large cobblestone house, a replacement for his parents' house
    that burned down many years earlier,
    up above the road on the left side as you go up the creek,
    was built by him in the late 1940s
    The house and land are still owned by his children.

    Mary Jane Gilbert

  • (5) Mary Jane Gilbert
    b: 05 Apr 1886
    d: 14 Dec 1960
    m: JAMES T. "Jim-T" BLACK
    son of S.H. &Ellen Frances(Parrot) Black
    Jim-T's sister,
    Maggie Ellen Black,
    son of
    John &Annie(Jarvis) Corey
    great-grandson of
    Jack &Polly(Cobb) Jarvis
    Jim-T's sister,
    Mahala "Haley" Black
    married Mary Jane's 1st cousin,
    son of
    Nathan &Nannie(Tuttle) Gilbert
    grandson of
    Peter &Keziah(Sasser) Tuttle

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