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Descendants of

John Matrosa Hacker

Manessa (Spread) Hacker


John Matrosa Hacker
son of
Julius &Martha(Buehler) Hacker
grandson of
Ulrich &Maria Elizabeth(LNU) Buehler
b: Abt 1775 Stafford Co, VA
d: Aft 1850 Perry Co, KY
1st Wife:
Massie Spread
m: in 1794, in VA
b: 1782 VA
d: 1835 IN
2nd Wife:
Lydia Smith
m: 05 Oct 1849,
in Claiborne Co, TN
is a British word that means
"woodcutter, a maker of
hacks, hoes, mattocks, picks, bills."

Special Acknowledgements
Much of the lineage info for this page
was provided by these two generous fellers:

Ray Howell
son of
B.R. &Helen(Asher) Howell

grandson of
Levi &Alzy(Bundy) Howell

Bill Smith
son of
T.B. &Grace(Sheahan)Smith
grandson of
Theo &Maude(Hopkins) Smith
g-grandson of
Pierce &Nannie(Bailey) Smith

John's & Massie's
List of Descendants
  • (1) George Washington Hacker

  • (2) Samuel Hacker
    b: Abt 1797 TN
    d: 23 May 1870 Clay Co, KY
    m: CHINA "CHANEY" ROBERTS, on 31 Mar 1823, in Clay Co, KY
    daughter of Jesse &Nancy(Anderson) Roberts
    b: 1804
    d: 1875 Clay Co, KY

  • (3) Valentine Hacker
    b: Abt 1800 TN
    d: 16 Jan 1851 TN
    b: TN

  • (4) John Hacker
    b: Abt 1801

  • (5) Daniel Hacker
    b: Abt 1802
    d: 1850 IN
    m: NANCY BURNS, on 19 Feb 1821, in Clay Co, KY
    daughter of Brice &Lavina(Rogers) Burns
    granddaughter of William &unknown Burns
    b: 1804
    Daniel's sister Annie married Nancy's brother William.

  • (6) Julius S. Hacker
    b: Abt 1803
    d: 1878
    m: MARGARET "PEGGY" HERD, on 13 Oct 1821, in Clay Co, KY
    d: Bef 1832

  • (7) Ulysses Hacker
    b: Abt 1804 TN
    m: REBECCA ELIZABETH WILSON, on 19 May 1832, in Clay Co, KY
    daughter of Phillip &Christine(Rogers) Wilson
    b: Apr 1814
    d: Apr 1879 Clay Co, KY

  • (8) Claiborne Hacker
    b: Abt 1805 TN
    d: 17 Mar 1881 Clay Co, KY
    m: ACTION ROBERTS, on 23 Sep 1824, in Clay Co, KY
    daughter of Jesse &Nancy(Anderson) Roberts
    b: 1810 Lee Co, VA
    d: 1880 Clay Co, KY

  • (9) Anna "Annie" Hacker
    b: Abt 1809 TN
    d: Abt Oct 1837 Clay Co, KY
    m: WILLIAM BURNS, on 08 Jan 1829, in Clay Co, KY
    son of Brice &Lavina(Rogers) Burns
    grandson of William &unknown Burns
    b: 1797
    d: 1842
    Annie's brother Daniel married William's sister Nancy.
    William remarried about a month after Annie died.

  • (10) Hogan Hacker
    b: 04 Apr 1811 Grainger Co, TN

  • (11) Granville Hacker
    b: Abt 1813 in TN
    d: 19 Feb 1908
    m: #1=SARAH "SALLY" HUNT, on 21 May 1841
    daughter of Levi B. &unknown Hunt
    d: 1848
    m: #2=ANNIE LARITHEN, on 14 Dec 1848, in Clay Co, KY
    m: #2=ANNIE NANCE, on 28 Apr 1849
    b: 1826
    d: 1863 Clay Co, KY (while Granville was in the army)
    m: #3=ELLEN CHANDLER, on 25 Dec 1864, in Clay Co, KY
    m: #4=VINA HOSKINS, in Abt 1867, in Clay Co, KY (later divorced)

  • (12) Elizabeth "Betsy" Hacker
    b: Abt 1816 TN
    d: 1894 IN
    m: HENDERSON PHILPOT, on 09 Mar 1833, in Clay Co, KY
    son of Thomas/John &Nancy(Bates) Philpot
    b: 1812 Clay Co, KY
    d: 1893

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