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Descendants of

William Hubbard, Sr.

1st Wife:
Frances Jackson
2nd wife:
Malinda LNU
3rd Wife:
Sarah Howard

William M. Hubbard, Sr.
son of Benjamin &Nancy(LNU) Hubbard
grandson of
Thomas &Frances(Hollingsworth) Hubbard
g-grandson of Joseph &Elizabeth "Betty"(Mott) Hubbard
gg-grandson of Thomas &Mary(LNU) Hubbard
ggg-grandson of
Thomas Hubbard (b: Abt 1670) of Lancaster Co, VA
b: Bet 1805-1811 Knox Co, KY
d: Bet 1880-1900 Floyd Co, KY
1st Wife:
Frances Jackson

m: on 11 Mar 1829,
in Knox Co, KY
daughter of
Gibson &Roda(LNU) Jackson
b: Abt 1814
2nd Wife:
Malinda LNU,

m: in Abt 1850
b: Abt 1811 KY
3rd Wife:
Sarah Howard,

m: on 06 Dec 1865,
in Martin, Floyd Co, KY
daughter of
James &Mary(Estepp) Howard, Sr.
b: Abt 1832 Floyd Co, KY

The initial info, stories, etc., for this page (and others)
were provided by
Kathy (Hubbard) Hanlon
To visit Kathy's World Connect file at Rootsweb.com,
"Hubbard Family Tree"
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Besides lineage info, her file lists lots of detailed sources,
many of which (including notations) were provided to her by
Karen (Nelson) Marcum

William's & Frances's
List of Descendants
Scroll down the page to find William's & Malinda's & Sarah's Lists of Descendants.
  • (1) Harry Hubbard
    b: 1828
    m: MARY ANN CAMERON, on 11 Feb 1852, in Floyd Co, KY

  • (2) Marshall Hubbard
    b: Abt 1827 Knox Co, KY
    m: SUSANNAH HAMMONS, on 11 Jan 1855, in Floyd Co, KY
    daughter of James &Stacy(Broughton) Hammons, Sr.
    granddaughter of Peter &Margaret(LNU) Hammons
    g-granddaughter of Obediah &Betty(Peillen-Stewart) Hammons
    b: 1836 Knox Co, KY
    d: Boone Co, AR

    Marshall Hubbard

    was a wealthy man who fed Union soldiers as they passed through the
    fork of Bull Creek near Prestonsburg, KY. The area was divided in their
    loyalties (during the Civil War). Example: Marshall's brother William
    was a Confederate soldier.
    Some (Hubbard family members) left Floyd
    County due to the friction over the Civil War. Marshall donated a large
    tract of land at Bull Creek as a community cemetery. His farm was the
    Mutton Fork area back to the Forks of Bull Creek. It is now a fourlane
    highway for U.S. 23 between Prestonsburg and Allen, KY.

  • (3) Martha Hubbard
    b: Mar 1831 KY
    d: Bet 1910-1920 Floyd Co, KY
    son of David &unknown Banks
    b: May 1824 KY
    d: Bet 1900-1910 Floyd Co, KY

  • (4) Harvey Hubbard
    b: 1833 KY
    b: KY

  • (5) Theophilus Hubbard
    b: 1836
    m: CINDERELLA McCARTY, on 17 Jun 1863, in Laurel Co, KY

  • (6) Jane Hubbard
    b: Abt 1840 KY
    m: ELHANAN WRIGHT, Sr., on 11 Jan 1868, in Floyd Co, KY
    b: Abt 1839 KY

  • (7) William M. Hubbard, Jr.
    b: 07 Jun 1840 Clay Co, KY
    d: 01 Nov 1924 Floyd Co, KY
    m: SARAH "SALLY" HAMMONS, on 18 Mar 1866, in Floyd Co, KY
    daughter of James &Stacy(Broughton) Hammons, Sr.
    granddaughter of Peter &Margaret(LNU) Hammons
    g-granddaughter of Obediah &Betty(Peillen-Stewart) Hammons
    b: 18 Aug 1852 Clay Co, KY
    d: Abt 1930 Floyd Co, KY

    Military Information

    William M. Hubbard, Jr.
    Official Documents:
    Soldier's Application for Pension, #1363, dated 17 July 1912:
    The following is information taken from
    the official pension application of Wm Hubbard, Jr.:
    • Resident of Woods, Floyd Co, KY.
    • Member of Company A 10th KY Cavalry.
    • Born in Clay Co, KY, in the year 1841.
    • Enlisted Sep 13, 1862.
    • POW after capture at Blue Springs, Green Co, TN, on 4 Sep 1864,
      imprisoned at Nashville, transferred to Rough and Ready, GA,
      on 22 Sep 1864 and exchanged for Union soldiers.
    • Comments by J. W. Harris, Clerk (22 Apr 1912):
      "I find this applicant was shot in the right arm which seems to give way
      on using it. This with the infirmities of age tenders him unable to earn
      his support by manual labor."
    • Served with regiment in Christianburg, VA, until Lee's surrender in 1865.
    • Disbanded at Appomatox in April, 1865.

  • (8) Henry Clay Hubbard
    b: 1844 KY
    d: 27 Feb 1865 Camp Morton, Indianapolis, IN

  • (9) America Hubbard
    b: 1846 Knox Co, KY
    m: FRANCIS MARION CRISP, on 11 Jan 1868, in Floyd Co, KY
    son of William M. &Mary(Frazier) Crisp, Jr.
    b: 1847 Floyd Co, KY

    William's & Malinda's
    List of Descendants
    Scroll down the page to find William's & Sarah's List of Descendants.
  • (1) Rebecca Hubbard
    b: Abt 1846 KY

  • (2) Mary Hubbard
    b: Abt 1854

    William's & Sarah's
    List of Descendants
  • (1) James Hubbard
    b: Abt Feb 1856 KY
    d: Bef 1930 Floyd Co, KY
    m: KATHERINE McKEE, in Feb 1878, in Floyd Co, KY
    daughter of Jesse &Sarah(Patton) McKee
    b: May 1860 KY
    d: Bef 1930 Floyd Co, KY

  • (2) Sarah Jane Hubbard
    b: Dec 1859 Floyd Co, KY
    d: Bet 1892-1898 Floyd Co, KY
    son of Michael Scott &Mary Jane(Mayo) Reynolds
    b: 09 Dec 1849 Floyd Co, KY
    d: 28 Oct 1901
    m: #2=SAM CALHOUN
    son of Thomas &Virginia Jane(Musick) Calhoun
    b: Oct 1867 KY
    d: 28 May 1946
    m: #3=GEORGE BRADFORD, on 14 Jun 1892, in Floyd Co, KY
    b: 1870 Floyd Co, KY

  • (3) Frances Hubbard
    b: Abt Mar 1861 KY
    d: 10 Oct 1933 Floyd Co, KY
    m: FRANKLIN MONROE ADDINGTON, on 08 Aug 1901, in Floyd Co, KY
    son of William &Nancy(Kilgore) Addington, III
    b: 21 Mar 1861 Wise Co, VA
    d: 29 Jan 1932 Prestonsburg, Floyd Co, KY
    Franklin's 1st wife was Sarah Jemima(Delong) Addington. Their children were:
    Elizabeth, Alva, Stella, Otta Ray, Laura Alice, Miriam, Jennie George.

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