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During the Civil War,

The father of three Confederate soldier sons and
the father-in-law of two such sons-in-law,
William "Bill" Humfleet,
was arrested on accusations -false, as tradition says-
that he had cut a Union Army telegraph line. He was
taken away as a prisoner of war to Johnson's Island,
Sandusky Bay, Ohio, in Lake Erie. His suffering there
must have been horrible, for on November 24, 1862,
it inspired fellow prisoner, Calvin Hatfield, age 18,
to write the following Hymn, which some say was in
Bill's honor. In any event, an original hand-written
copy, signed by Calvin Hatfield, was found among
Bill's important and personal papers in an old trunk.
"Bill Humfleet's Hymn"
provided by
Debra Mauelshagen,
ggg-granddaughter of
Bill &Piety(Sasser) Humfleet
When nature was sinking in stillness to rest,
The last beam of daylight shone dim in the west,
In sweet meditation I wondered,
My feet o'er fields by pale moonlight in lonely retreat.

While passing a garden, I paused to hear,
A voice faint and plaintiff of one that was there.
The voice of the sufferer affected my heart.
While pleading in anguish the poor sinners part.

I listened a moment then turned me to see.
What man of compassion the stranger might be.
I saw him low kneeling upon the cold ground,
The loveliest being that ever was found.

So deep was his sorrow, so fervent his prayer,
That down on his bosom rolled sweat, blood and tears.
I wept to behold Him, I ask him his name.
He answered its's Jesus, from heaven I came.

I am the redeemer, for thee I must die,
The cup is most bitter, but cannot pass by.
Thy sins are like mountains, upon me are laid,
And all this deep anguish I suffer for thee.

How sweet was the moment that bade me rejoice.
His smile, O how pleasant, how charming his voice,
I flew from the garden to spread abroad.
I shouted salvation and Glory to God.

I'm now on my journey to mansions above.
My soul's full of glory, of light and of love.
I think of the garden, the prayers and the tears,
Of that blessed Stranger that banished my fears.

The day of bright glory is rolling around,
When gabriel descending the trumpet shall sound.
My soul then in rapture of glory shall rise,
To gaze on that stranger with unclouded eyes.

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