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Descendants of

Daniel Madison Humfleet

Elizabeth Ellen (Donaldson) Humfleet


Daniel Madison "Dan" Humfleet
son of
Jonathan &Melvina(Sprinkle) Humfleet
grandson of
William &Piety(Sasser) Humfleet
b: 21 Nov 1882 Knox Co, KY
d: 10 Aug 1974 Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL
Elizabeth Ellen "Bessie" Donaldson,
on 13 Nov 1903, in Laurel Co, KY
daughter of Harvey Henderson &Martha Anne(Higgins) Donaldson
granddaughter of William J. &Abigail(Trosper) Higgins
b: 11 Nov 1886 Knox Co, KY
d: 07 Aug 1976 Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL

(from the Union College Bulletin, vol. 55, no. 1, 1989, pp. 3-4)
Daniel Humfleet scholarship endowment established at Union

Two things everyone knew about Daniel Madison Humfleet: first, he was a
dedicated teacher; and, second, he was dedicated to Union College. His
earliest ambition must have been to be a teacher, and he realized that dream
at 18 when he took the County Teachers' Examination for the first time and
earned a First Class Certificate. In those days this was the only way to
obtain a teacher's certificate, and First Class depended on a high grade and
carried with it the right to become a school principal. Dan, a native of
Knox County, was born in 1882 at Knox Fork to Jonathan and Melvina Sprinkle
Humfleet. With his nine brothers and sisters, he attended school through the
eighth grade in a place called Huntin' Shirt. Later he attended both Sue
Bennett College in London and Union College, where he obtained a high-school
diploma. In 1903 he married Elizabeth Ellen Donaldson, whom he must have
known earlier since they grew up in communities not far apart. His serious
courting took place while Elizabeth was a boarding student at Sue Bennett.
Mr. Humfleet taught in the county schools until 1914, the last being Gray.
From there he was chosen to teach at the Union Normal School. In fact, he
was the only teacher in that department. This statement may need an
explanation. A student who aspired to become a teacher attended his classes
to study or review all the subjects that had to be passed on the county
examination. Thus now he was teaching teachers. He remained in that position
until the school laws changed and county examinations became a thing of the
past. At this point, Mr. Humfleet became a high-school teacher and
eventually the Director of the Academy at Union. During all these years, he
added to his education taking college courses when he could find time. In
1925, he and Violet, his older daughter, earned A.B. Degrees from Union
College; and Bernice, the young daughter, got a diploma from the Academy at
the same time. The third daughter, Patricia, came along a year later,
missing this big event. A few summers later, Dan Humfleet received his
Master's Degree from Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville, Tennessee.
His thesis was written on the "History of Education in Knox County,
Kentucky." Through the years, many types of duties were assigned to this
man. He traveled for the College, recruiting students from the Eastern
section of the state, going to many places that could be reached only by
horseback. He was Acting Dean for a few years and was on the disciplinary
committee. A firm disciplinarian, he was always fair, taking the side of the
student when he thought it right to do so. He helped with everything on the
campus, even transporting football players in his own car to out-of-town
games. He was helpful in assisting graduates of Union to find good teaching
positions, a service he continued long after he left the College in 1930.

The name Daniel M. Humfleet deserves a prominent place in the history of the
College, because he was there when Union was young and poor. He passed up
better-paying positions because he believed strongly in the principles and
high standards at Union and also in its future. He was one of the first
teachers hired by President Ezra T. Franklin as one who could always be
depended upon. He was there whenever anything needed to be done, and he did
it. He helped to keep the College alive so that it could become the Union
College it is today. His death occurred in 1974.

This year, Mrs. Bernice Humfleet Aguilera of Natchitoches, La., has
established a $25,000 Charitable Remainder Trust, which will become a
scholarship endowment at her death to honor the memory of her father.

Dan is in the photo of the Bourville High School
graduation class of 1935. To see our webpage featuring
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Dan's & Bessie's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Violet Humfleet
    b: 12 Aug 1904 Gray, Knox Co, KY
    d: 06 Jan 1979

  • (2) Bernice Anna Humfleet

    (from the Union College Bulletin, vol. 55, no. 1, 1989, pp. 3-4)
    Daniel Humfleet scholarship endowment established at Union

    This year,

    Mrs. Bernice Humfleet Aguilera
    of Natchitoches, La., has established a $25,000 Charitable Remainder
    Trust, which will become a scholarship endowment at her death
    to honor the memory of her father.

    An update written by Bernice H. Augilera:
    I attended Union for eleven years, receiving a A.B. Degree in 1929
    with a major in English and with minors in French and Education. At
    eight, I finished the second and third grades in one year. Then after
    two years in other schools, I returned for two years in the seventh
    and eighth grades in the Sub-Academy. Then I spent four years there
    in high school and four more in college.

    From the age of ten, I had private lessons in elocution. Probably
    because of this, I received one of the biggest honors of my life. As
    a 13-year-old ninth grader, I earned the privilege of representing
    Union at the annual meeting of the Eastern Kentucky Oratory
    Association, which included Union, Berea, Sue Bennett, Cumberland,
    and Eastern Kentucky. I competed in interpretative reading and won.

    In college, I was active in drama, directing and participating in
    plays. I was scheduled to direct the senior class play and be the
    leading lady in it but could not do so because of an infected
    smallpox vaccination. However, I did direct James M. Barrie's
    "The Old Lady Shows Her Medals" for a chapel program that year.

    As a junior, I was editor in chief of the "Stespean" [the yearbook].
    Although financial difficulties affected the quality of the book some
    good did come from it. This was the last year that the "Stespean"
    staff had to sell the annual to individuals because its price became
    part of the student activity fee.

    After the first year in college, I married Henry J. Augilera;
    and my husband and I continued our education.
    I eventually graduated magna cum laude.

    Immediately after graduation, I taught a French class in summer
    school at Union for the department head who wanted a leave at that
    time. I was called on three other summers for similar classes.

    While Henry was at the Dental School of Loyala of the South in
    New Orleans, I taught French and English at Benham High School.

    We had intended to make our home in New Orleans but were not happy
    with the big-city life and moved to the beautiful small town of
    Natchitoches in Central Louisiana, where we have lived for 52 years.
    Natchitoches is the oldest permanent settlement in the Louisiana
    Purchase Territory with an interesting history of its own.
    It is the home of Northwestern State Universtity.

    Before our retirement in 1965, I worked with my husband in his office;
    and we both had our share of honors from the State Dental Society.
    Dr. Augilera served on the Louisiana State Board of Dental Examiners
    for eight years and was president of it for two years, and I was
    elected president of the State Dental Auxiliary for Wives in 1951.

  • (3) Patricia Jane Humfleet

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