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Descendants of

Jonathan W. Humfleet

1st Wife:
Charlotte Tuttle
2nd Wife:
Melvina Sprinkle-Kirby

Jonathan M. Humfleet
son of
William &Piety(Sasser) Humfleet
paternal grandparents:
James &Elizabeth(Langley-Bass) Humfleet
maternal grandparents:
John-Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser
Kirby g-grandparents:
James &Patience(Watkins) Kirby
Kirby gg-grandparents:
Jesse &Penelepah(Parker) Kirby
b: 22 Nov 1839 Mt. Olivet, KY
d: 11 Feb 1921 Knox Co, KY
buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery

1st Wife:
Charlotte Tuttle

m: 29 Oct 1860,
in Knox Co, KY
b: 1839
2nd Wife:
Melvina Barker Sprinkle-Kirby

m: 05 Mar 1870,
in Knox Co, KY
daughter of
Herl &Tabitha(Trent)Sprinkle
b: 05 May 1845 VA
d: 23 Feb 1923 Indianapolis, IN
buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, KY

Melvina was previously married to Dixon Kirby,
a Union soldier who died in 1868 during the Civil War
(Jonathan was a Conferderate soldier).
Dixon & Melvina had one son, George Kirby, b: 1867, d: 1890.

Dixon's ancestry:
son of Thomas R. &Isabella(Sasser) Kirby
Kirby grandparents: Henry &unknown Kirby
Kirby g-grandparents: Thomas &Milly(LNU) Kirby
Kirby gg-grandparents:
Jesse &Penelepah(Parker) Kirby
Sasser grandparents: Josiah &unknown Sasser
Sasser g-grandparents: Arthur &Elizabeth(LNU) Sasser

The relationship on the Sasser side, if any, between
Dixon's mother, Isabella(Sasser) Kirby, and
Jonathan's mother, Piety(Sasser) Humfleet, is unknown.
On the Kirby side, Dixon's g-grandfather, Thomas, is
a brother to Jonathan's g-grandfather, James; thus,
Dixon & Jonathan are Kirby-side 3rd cousins.

Per Humfleet researcher, Gerald Tudor,
there is no proof that Jonathan was ever married
to Sarah Elizabeth Sturgill or to Lucinda Asher.

Assorted updates to this page were provided to us by

Glenn E. Perry

son of
Tollie &Pearl(Taylor)Perry

Ray Howell

son of
B.R. &Helen(Asher)Howell
grandson of
Levi &Alzy(Bundy) Howell

"Jonathan Humfleet and the Civil War"

~ per researcher, Gerald Tudor
Jonathan Humfleet,
by the findings of Robert Helton reported in a letter dated 20 May 1970
to Mr. Humfleet (assumed by this recorder to be Daniel Madison Humfleet).
"I just arrived home from a three day trip to Madison, Wis. on business.
Naturally I spent the evenings at the Historical Library pursuing the family
tree......I've found the units the Humfleets and Sassers served in
during the Civil war. So here goes:"

"Jonathan Umfleet and Thomas Tuttle were privates in Burrough's Light
Artillary Company, C. S. A." There is more on other names but Robert goes
further by saying to Daniel, "Your father's company was commanded by
Captain William H. Burrough C.S.A.......Burrough's Light Artillary Company
was at the siege of Cumberland Gap and then occupied it for a long time.
Then it was abandoned by the South and the company went into Virginia
where it engaged in several fights. It remained in Virginia
until the end of the war."

From my research, I believe that Burrough's Light Artillary was part of
Maj. Gen. John P. McCown's Division. He is noted as part of Kirby Smith's
invasion of central Kentucky in 1862, but is only mentioned as such and
not credited with any action during the three phrase battle of Richmond.
This leaves me to believe that Burrough's Light Artillary first arrived at
Cumberland Gap during this time and remained after Morgan's Union
occupation was given up due to the possibility of his supply routes being
cut off. It was later that the Union force's siege of Cumberland Gap
prompted the Confederate's withdrawal into Virginia and
Jonathan was likely a part of this withdrawal.

Now, family tradition suggests that Jonathan, as well as others from the
Knox and Laurel County area may have been impressed into service, which
had happened to others. Also, that he had been captured and paroled and
never went back to his unit. Thus, when he applied for available pension,
he was considered a deserter. All of this is unsubstantiated, but so
related by Jonathan's son, Bert Felix Humfleet, and family.

Jonathan's & Charlotte's
List of Descendants
Scroll down the page for Jonathan's Lists of Descendants by Melvina.
  • (1) William Huston Humfleet
    b: 28 Aug 1861 Laurel Co, KY
    d: in WV
    m: #1=TABITHA J. BURNETTE, on 09 June 1883
    m: #2=MARTHA WOODS

  • (2) John Franklin Humfleet
    b: 19 Mar 1865
    d: 31 Oct 1946 Knox Co, KY
    daughter of Benjamin &Barbara(McHargue) Wyatt
    paternal grandparents: Edward K. &Louisa(Blakely) Wyatt
    maternal grandparents: William & Elizabeth(Stanberry) McHargue
    b: Abt 1865 KY

  • (3) Sarah Humfleet
    d: Infant
    It is believed that Charlotte died in childbirth with this child.

    Jonathan's & Melvina's
    List of Descendants
  • (1) Mary Jane Humfleet
    b: 13 Jun 1871
    d: 13 Apr 1945 Whitley Co, KY
    buried: Pine Hill Cemetery, Corbin, KY
    m: JOHN T. MILLS, on 11 Apr 1889
    son of Anthony &Rebecca(Jones)Mills
    grandson of Anthony &Lucretia(Hammons) Mills
    g-grandson of Nasby &Esther(Haddock) Mills
    b: 07 Apr 1864 DeWitt, Knox Co, KY
    d: 15 Nov 1956 KY
    buried: Pine Hill Cemetery, Corbin, KY

    of Sprinkles

    pictured left-to-right:

    Baby Harold Price
    Bertha (Mills) Price
    Mary Jane (Humfleet) Mills
    Melvina (Sprinkle) Humfleet
    Herl Smith Sprinkle

  • (2) Barney Franklin "B.F." Humfleet
    b: 14 Jul 1873
    d: 27 July 1927 WA
    m: MARTHA ALICE McCARTY, on 14 Dec 1893, in Laurel Co, KY
    daughter of John-Fred &Mary(Johnson) McCarty
    granddaughter of Hiram &Martha(Lincks) Johnson
    g-granddaughter of William &Theny(Young) Johnson
    gg-granddaughter of Benjamin W. &unknown Johnson
    b: 19 Mar 1868 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 25 Jul 1949 Steilacoom, WA

  • (3) Piety Frances Humfleet
    b: 22 Oct 1875
    d: Aug 1953

  • (4) Tabitha Helen "Bithey" Humfleet
    b: 13 Mar 1877 Knox Co, KY
    d: 25 Sep 1946
    son of Benjamin &America(Moore) Chesnut
    grandson of Ben &Viney(Bunch) Chesnut, Sr.
    g-grandson of William &Sally(Graham) Chesnut b: 18 May 1870
    d: 31 Oct 1953

  • (5) Harold Smith Humfleet
    b: 25 Feb 1880 KY
    d: 11 Sep 1950 Bell Co, KY
    b: 16 Jul 1883 KY
    d: 05 Feb 1972
    buried: Gray Cemetery, Gray, Whitley Co, KY
    Excerpt from
    Gray Precinct - Magistrate DISTRICT 6 - ENUMERATION DISTRICT 61-12
    Transcribed by Ora (Birch) Clayborne from US Federal Census
    Microfilm Series T626, Roll # 763
    Significance of columns:
    HH#-Surname-Given Name-Rel-Sex-Race-Age-MS-BP-FBP-MBP
    (BP=birth lace, FBP=father's birth place, MBP=mother's birth place)
    65-Humfleet-Smith H-Head-m-w-50-m-ky-ky-ky
    "-"- Sarah E-Wife-f-w-46-m-ky-ky-ky
    "-"- Rena E-Dtr-f-w-16-s-ky-ky-ky
    "-"- Harold S-Son-m-w-13-s-ky-ky-ky
    "-"- Fee-Son-m-w-9-s-ky-ky-ky
    "-"- Daniel D-Son-m-w-6-s-ky-ky-ky

  • (6) Daniel Madison "Dan" Humfleet
    b: 21 Nov 1882 Laurel Co, KY
    d: Aug 1974 Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL
    m: ELIZABETH ELLEN "BESSIE" DONALDSON, on 13 Nov 1903, in Laurel Co, KY
    daughter of Harvey Henderson &Martha Anne(Higgins) Donaldson
    granddaughter of William J. &Abigail(Trosper) Higgins
    b: 11 Nov 1886 Knox Co, KY
    d: 07 Aug 1976 Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL

    (from the Union College Bulletin, vol. 55, no. 1, 1989, pp. 3-4)
    Daniel Humfleet scholarship endowment established at Union

    Two things everyone knew about
    Daniel Madison Humfleet:
    first, he was a dedicated teacher; and, second, he was dedicated to
    Union College. His earliest ambition must have been to be a teacher,
    and he realized that dream at 18 when he took the County Teachers'
    Examination for the first time and earned a First Class Certificate.
    In those days this was the only way to obtain a teacher's certificate,
    and First Class depended on a high grade and carried with it the right
    to become a school principal . . .

    Clickon Daniel to read the complete article.

  • (7) Delora Belle Humfleet
    b: 10 Mar 1885 Knox Co, KY
    d: 04 Sep 1957 Harrodsburg, KY
    son of Lilburn T. &Alice(Jackson) Botner
    b: 07 Feb 1884
    d: 18 Feb 1970 Harrodsburg, KY
    buried: Barbourville Cemetery, Barbourville, KY

  • (8) Gertrude Humfleet
    b: 24 Jan 1888 Knox Co, KY
    d: 10 Sep 1968 IN
    buried: McCordsville, IN
    m: #1=JAMES DOZIER
    buried: McCordsville, IN
    To see photos of Gertrude and her family,
    (clicking on will open a separate browser window)
    The photos are made available online by
    Teresa Terry

  • (9) David E. Humfleet
    b: 06 May 1890
    d: 24 Aug 1901
    buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, KY

  • (10) Bert F. Humfleet
    b: 28 Dec 1892 KY
    d: 01 May 1976 Madison Co, KY
    buried: Berea Cemetery, Berea, KY
    b: 01 Apr 1898
    buried: Berea Cemetery, Berea, KY
    The memorial marker of two of Bert's & America's sons who
    died in WWII were transferred from Laurel County to Berea.
    Corrections and additions to this page
    were generously provided to us by
    Bert's & America's former son-in-law,
    Gerald Tudor
    Gerald informs us that the rumors of Jonathan Humfleet
    being married 4 times are completely unproven,
    [errors re: Sarah Elizabeth Sturgill & Lucinda Asher]
    not to mention impossible, time-frame wise.
    His information comes from personal knowledge of
    the "Bert F. &America(Scott) Humfleet" family.

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