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Descendants of

William Harvey Humfleet


Sarah Elizabeth (Sprinkle) Humfleet


William Harvey Humfleet
son of
William &Piety(Sasser) Humfleet
b: 14 Sep 1854
d: 19 Sep 1914 Knox Co, KY
Sarah Elizabeth Sprinkle
on 01 Sep 1884
daughter of
Herl &Tabitha(Trent) Sprinkle
b: 29 Mar 1858
d: 14 Jan 1923 Knox Co, KY

William's & Sarah's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Grover Cleveland Humfleet
    b: 23 Jun 1885 KY
    d: May 1947 Barbourville, Laurel Co, KY
    buried: Barbourville Cemetery, Knox Co, KY
    m: MYRTLE N. BROWN, in 1909, in Knox Co, KY
    daughter of William H. &Sarah Emoline(Moore) Brown
    b: 04 Aug 1891
    d: 22 Apr 1976 Barbourville, Laurel Co, KY
    buried: Barbourville Cemetery, Knox Co, KY
    Grover ran a store and was the postmaster at Knox Fork for 34 years.
    Myrtle's father was a Methodist circuit rider;
    Myrtle was a sister to Aubrey Chesnuts's wife Jenny Brown,
    and to Chester Humfleet's wife Mary Brown. Myrtle's other
    siblings are sisters Mable (Brown) Carty and Ida (Brown) Brice,
    and a brother Jesse Brown.

    photo on left:
    Myrtle (Brown) Humfleet
    photos above are Myrtle's parents,
    William H. &Sarah A.(Moore)Brown

  • (2) Charles "Bruce" Humfleet
    b: 25 Oct 1886 KY
    d: 04 Nov 1945 Laurel Co, KY
    buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Laurel Co, KY
    b: 08 Mar 1886
    d: 25 Aug 1975 Laurel Co, KY
    buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Laurel Co, KY

  • (3) Chester Austin Humfleet
    b: 08 Nov 1889
    d: Dec 1986
    m: MARY BEULAH BROWN, on 30 Jun 1918
    daughter of William H. &Sarah Emoline(Moore) Brown
    b: Abt 1897
    Chester's brother Grover married Mary's sister Myrtle.
    Mary's father was a Methodist circuit rider;
    Besides Myrtle (Brown) Humfleet, Mary's other siblings
    are sisters Jenny (Brown) Chesnut, Mable (Brown) Carty,
    Ida (Brown) Brice, and brother Jesse Brown.

    "Barbourville Mountain Advocate"
    Barbourville, Kentucky
    June 1968
    Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Humfleet of this
    city celebrated their Golden Wedding
    Anniversary on June 30, 1968 at their
    home on North Main St. with Barbourville
    relatives and friends and some out of
    town relatives. Dinner was served at the
    D and W Cafeteria in the Apple Blossom
    Room. The table was centered with a
    beautiful floral arrangement in keeping
    with the ocassion. Nineteen guests were
    in the party and enjoyed the special
    anniversary cake. Many thoughtful cards
    and gifts were received by the honorees.
    The guest list included Mrs. Humfleet's
    sister, Mrs. Flossie Jarvis and grand
    daughter, Valerie of youngstown, Ohio;
    Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hopper and daughter,
    Mary Pat, Pinellas Park, Fla.; Mr. and
    Mrs. Charles Dixon and son Charles Green,
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McDonald, Mr. and
    Mrs. Claude Humfleet, Mr. and Mrs. Carson
    Chesnut, Mrs. Aubrey Chesnut Jr. all of
    Barbourville. Mrs. Myrtle Humfleet and
    Mrs. Jennie Chesnut, sisters of Mrs.
    Humfleet, also of this city. Mr. Humfleet
    retired from the tool and dye department
    of the Chrysler Corporation Detroit,
    Michigan in 1957 and has resided in
    Barbourville since that time.
    "Barbourville Mountain Advocate"
    Barbourville, Kentucky
    October 13, 1983
    On Election Day, Nov. 8,
    Chester A. Humfleet will turn 94. Six
    years from then, he notes, he will turn
    100, beating comedian George Burns by
    seven years. Mr. Humfleet was honored
    Friday night at the Boone Feast as the
    Oldest Able-Bodied Citizen of Knox
    County. Clinton B. Hammons noted that
    Mr. Humfleet still makes out his own
    income tax, follows the Atlanta Braves
    on TV to the point of saying, "when
    they lost, it knocked something out
    of me," and loves to recall the days
    of his boyhood in Knox County. Born in
    the county to William Harvey and Sarah E.
    Sprinkle Humfleet, he operated a farm at
    Knox Fork until World War II when he and
    his wife moved to Detroit where he worked
    as a tool and die maker for Chrystler Corp.
    until his retirement in 1957. After
    retirement, he and his wife returned to
    Barbourville to make their home at ......
    with their double nephew, Claude and
    Mattie Humfleet. There they inherited
    grandchildren Janice and Charles Dixon,
    Maxime and Bob Jones, great-grandchildren
    Charlie Dixon, Stephen and David and
    Debbie Jones; and great-great-
    grandhchildren Danny, Dennis, Adam and
    David Dennis. Mr. Humfleet has been a
    member of the Masonic Lodge and in 1967
    received a 50-year pin. He has been a
    Mason for 66 years. Mr. Hammons noted
    Friday night that "one of Mr. Humfleet's
    most outstanding characteristics is his
    kindness. He is always willing to repair
    a toy for a child or help in any way he
    can. He has made many close friends
    during his 93 years. He's very active
    physically and visits the nursing home
    daily where is wife now resides.
    He is an optimist.
    He looks up not down;
    forward not back; out and not in.
    He lives by this motto,
    "Keep your face to the sunshine and you
    cannot see the shadows."

    The Humfleet forebears originally came
    to Knox County in 1811 from North
    Carolina and lived across the road
    from the Mt. Olivet Church.

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    Margaret (Sprinkle) Sopp

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    Elaine (Helton) Lorinczi
    d/o Bob &Cathy(Hayes) Helton
    gd/o Bob &Avis(Sasser) Helton
    g-gd/o George &Matilda(Vaughn) Helton
    gg-granddaughter of
    James &Lucy(Osborne) Helton

  • (4) Hattie Humfleet
    b: 24 Oct 1892
    d: Apr 1930

  • (8) Florence "Flossie" Humfleet
    b: 14 Apr 1895
    d: 1977 OH

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