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Descendants of

John Calvin Jarvis

1st Wife:
2nd Wife:

John Calvin Jarvis
son of
Nathan &Nancy(Cole) Jarvis
grandson of
Jack &Polly(Cobb) Jarvis
g-grandson of
Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb
b: 27 Jun 1836 Clinton Co, KY
d: 14 Mar 1923 Clinton Co, KY
buried: Cedar Hill Cemetery, Albany, Clinton Co, KY

1st Wife:
Anise Shipley

2nd Wife:
Annie C. Russel

b: 31 Jan 1857 TN
d: 22 Feb 1931 Albany, Clinton Co, KY
buried: next to John at
Cedar Hill Cemetery, Albany, Clinton Co, KY

Most of the info & photos for
this "John Calvin Jarvis" page,
as well as for areas of
the "Jack&Polly(Cobb)Jarvis" page,
were generously provided to us by

Diana (Herd) Garcia

ggggg-granddaughter of
Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb

by Diana (Herd) Garcia

gg-granddaughter of
John C. &Annie(Russell) Jarvis

John Calvin Jarvis
fought in the War between the States
on the Union side
(Sgt. Ky 3rd Infantry).
After he got out of the Army,
he went back to farming.
At the begining of the war, he was
going to school and was married to
his first wife, Anise (Shipley) Jarvis.
(Info per the Federal Government)

Annie (Russell) Jarvis
and her sister, Ruth, were raised by Indians.
Her parents were killed during a wagontrain raid
while heading west to Texas. We don't know
much about the wagontrain but what was told by
Annie herself. Annie was very small when the raid
took place and was hidden inside a flour barrel.
The Indians heard crying coming from the barrel
and opened it up. Much to their surprise was a
little girl covered from head to foot in flour.
This made the old chief laugh and the little
girl and her sister, Ruth, were taken back to
camp. She lived with the Indians and moved
about, learning their way of life. She knew a lot
about medicines made from herbs, how to find
beads in caves and make bracelets and necklaces
and how to decorate clothing. Peter Jarvis fell
in love with this young girl and bought her from
the Indians. She and Ruth were taken in and
raised by the Jarvis's until after the death of
John Calvin Jarvis's first wife. Annnie then
married John. Each year, the Indians visted the
Jarvis homestead and the Albertson's homestead
to see their "sister" and her people. The Indians
helped feed the family during hard times and
were very kind to them. We don't really know if
"Annie Russell" was her birth name or if she was
given that name by Peter Jarvis when he took
Annie and her sister, Ruth, in.

John's & Anise's
List of Descendants
For John's & Annie's descendants, scroll on down the page.
  • (1) Martin L. Jarvis
    b: 1868 KY

  • (2) Phelmia B. Jarvis
    b: 1869 KY

  • (3) Victoria C. Jarvis
    b: 1870 KY

    John's & Annie's
    List of Descendants

    Effie Lee Jarvis

  • (1) Effie Lee Jarvis
    b: 04 Nov 1887 Clinton Co, KY
    d: 16 Jan 1957 Albany Clinton Co, KY
    b: 09 Apr 1878 Fentress, TN
    d: 09 Feb 1959
    buried: Caney Branch Cemetery
    by Diana (Herd) Garcia

    great-granddaughter of
    William &Effie(Jarvis) Albertson
    Effie (Jarvis) Albertson
    was blonde haired and blue eyed, very pretty,
    but hated to get her picture taken. Before she
    married William, she worked as a teacher. She
    loved to sing and would drag her kids and
    husband to church or tent revivals.
    The Jarvis side of the family were teachers,
    store keepers, soldiers and doctors. Effie was
    smart, played the organ at church and also
    had one at home. There was always a lot of
    musical instruments in the home and everyone
    in the family had to play an instrument and
    sing. But Effie was scared of Indians who
    loved and came to visit her mother, Annie,
    and would never mix with them. The Indians
    usually camped for a week or more each year
    at William's farm, but the younger children
    were never allowed out of Effie's sight, for
    fear they would be kidnapped by the Indians
    like her mother had been as a child.
    William Hamilton Albertson
    served in and was a pensioner of
    the Spanish-American War; was a
    private in the 79 Company of the
    Coastal Regiment of Artillery;
    enlisted 15 Sep 1901;
    discharged 03 Apr 1915.
    William had a grocery store in
    Shipley, KY, from 1903 until 1912.
    My father, Earl Wayne Herd, helped
    William (his grandfather) in the
    the store. William raised tobacco
    on his farm. He had goats, chickens
    and a few cows. Earl stated that his
    grandfather was patient, nice
    and loved to teach.
    by Diana (Herd) Garcia

    granddaughter of
    Tamer &Maggie(Albertson) Herd
    Tamer Herd
    was a third Blackfoot-Cherokee and was named after a doctor.
    He use to tell me that when he was a little boy, he and his
    half brother, Orville, would make small potholes in the dirt
    streets and would wait with their plow horse until the new
    Model T cars would come along and fall into the hole. Then
    they would come out and pull the car out for a penny! Grandpa
    worked on the railroad in Tennessee and later a pillow factory.
    He met my Grandmother Maggie while she was going to school in
    Davidson, KY. On weekends she went up to Old Hictory, TN,
    and that's where they saw each other for the first time. They had
    a lot of kids and very little money. Earl's (my father's) birthday
    fell on the 4th of July so he thought that everyone celebrated
    his birthday. Tamer's sister, Clennie, worked for Colonel Parker
    and knew Elvis. I remember Grampa making shine in his mother's
    barn - which caused an explosion that took out the barn and caught
    the house on fire! He told me once that he was an awful father
    and a horrible husband but a great grandfather.
    I only saw him at his best ......... I loved that old man.

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