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Descendants of

William Jones

Mary (Jones) Jones


William Jones
b: Bet. 1800 - 1802
d: Bet. 1870 - 1880
Mary Jones,
on 13 Mar 1823, in Clay Co, KY
b: Bet. 1800 - 1803 NC or TN

William's & Mary's
List of Descendants

  • (1) Nicy Jones
    b: 1827
    m: JAMES CHEEK, on 13 Jan 1849, in Laurel Co, KY
    son of John &Fannie(Ballinger) Cheek
    grandson of James A. &Patty(Estes) Cheek
    b: Abt 1831
    Nicy Jones was James's third wife.

  • (2) Elizabeth Jones
    b: 1828 Laurel Co, KY
    d: Abt 1855 Laurel Co, KY
    m: WILLIAM A. PHELPS, on 09 Oct 1851
    b: Abt 1825 Grayson Co, VA
    d: 25 Oct 1887 Laurel Co, KY

  • (3) John Jones
    b: 1829
    m: REBECCA SCROGGINS, on 26 Oct 1852

  • (4) Marlin Jones
    (Marlin/Marlen/Martin Jones)
    b: Abt 1830 Laurel Co, KY
    met #1=FNU LNU
    daughter of Joseph &Sarah Sally(LNU) McCrary
    b: 22 Mar 1838 Clay Co, KY

  • (5) Milton Jones
    b: 07 Apr 1834 London, Laurel Co, KY
    d: 16 Mar 1916 Madison Co, AR
    buried: Kilgore Cemetery, Madison Co, AR
    m: MARY A. COOK, on 04 Jan 1853, in Clay Co, KY
    daughter of Joseph &Eliza(Yeager) Cook
    b: 14 Oct 1834 Knox Co, KY
    d: 15 Nov 1914 Madison Co, AR
    buried: Kilgore Cemetery, Madison Co, AR
    Milton's brother, Thomas, married Mary's sister, Sally.

  • (6) Thomas B. Jones
    b: Bet 1835-1836 Laurel Co, KY
    m: SARAH ANN "SALLY" COOK, on 17 May 1853, in Laurel Co, KY
    daughter of Joseph &Eliza(Yeager) Cook
    b: 1834 Clay Co, KY
    Thomas's brother, Milton, married Sally's sister, Mary.

  • (7) Margaret Jones
    b: 1838
    From the notes of researcher

    Margaret listed by another researcher.
    She doesn't appear in the household as of the 1850 census
    ...which she should if born in 1838.
    A second researcher thinks that Margaret was born 1824,
    was named Margaret (Margarette) Jane and
    married Pleasant B. Bolton in 1845.
    It's possible for William to have had a daughter b.1824.
    She would have been out of the household by the 1850 census.
    Pleasant Bolton and Wm. Jones paid the marriage bond for
    this union...and it was common for the father of the bride
    and/or groom to pay this bond.
    However, there is a William Jones in the 1820 Clay Co. census.
    Don't think that this William would have been listed as head
    of household in 1820. He was 17-20 yrs old in 1820
    and not married until 1823.
    There is also a William Jones listed in the 1810 Clay Co. census
    ...could this be father or relative?
    There is also a William Jones on the 1811 Clay Co. Tax Rolls
    with the indication that he is not on the 1810 census.
    Need a census prior to 1850 to know for sure.

  • (8) Dorcas/Dorchas Jones
    b: 1840

  • (9) Mary Jones
    b: 1844

  • (10) Matilda Jones
    b: 1848
    d: 11 Sep 1858 (of consumption)

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