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Descendants of

James "Theophilus" Lewis

1st Wife:
Elvira (Griffin) Lewis
2nd Wife:
Winnie (Henson) Lewis

James "Theophilus" Lewis
son of
Nathaniel &Elvira(Helton) Lewis
b: 09 Aug 1736 Wales
d: (see notes farther below)
1st Wife:
Elvira Griffin
2nd Wife:
Winetry "Winnie" Henson

m: Abt 1775,
in Ashe Co, NC
daughter of
Paul &unknown Henson
b: Bet 1740-1760

Special Appreciation
Some of the lineage & reference info for
this "Theophilus/Elvira/Winnie" page
was generously provided by
Phil Hubbard
son of Harold &Virginia(Corey) Hubbard
grandson of David &Pearl(Lewis) Hubbard
g-grandson of Alex &Orphy(Farmer) Lewis
gg-grandson of Juder &Rebecca(Hoskins) Lewis
ggg-grandson of Samuel &Keziah(McDaniel) Lewis
gggg-grandson of Theophilus &Winnie(Henson) Lewis

~Phil's Notes~
In general, my sources of information are these:
  • 1) A list of the children and grandchildren of
    Juder Lewis and Rebecca Hoskins, prepared by Pearl Lewis
    (Juder and Rebecca's granddaughter) in the late 1970s.
  • 2) Personal recollections and knowledge of older relatives.
  • 3) KY and Social Security death indexes.
  • 4) A deed between "the heirs of Juda Lewis (deceased)," 20 Feb 1909.
  • 5) A deed between Rebecca (Hoskins) Lewis and
    "A. C. Lewis, J. C. Lewis, and others," 23 Jul 1896.
  • 6) Transcriptions of census data from 1850-1870 for
    Clay and Perry counties in KY, and images of some of that data.
  • 7) Transcriptions of various documents regarding Juder Lewis'
    disability resulting from military service in the Civil War,
    including a deposition of Rebecca (Hoskins) Lewis.
  • 8) A transcription of a deed among the "heirs of James Lewis deceased,"
    including James' children, their spouses, and "Winedray Lewis
    their mother, wife of the said James Lewis deceased," dated 12 Nov 1825,
    and which includes a reference to "Samuel Lewis and Cuzza his wife."
    The deed only refers to James Lewis, and the middle name Theophilus
    never occurs once. But the deed is consistent with item 9. Incidentally,
    this transcription of the deed refers to "Jesse Boling and Minetrey his wife."
    Assuming that "Minetrey" is a mistranscription of "Winetrey" (which would
    be consistent with everything else I've seen), this has some implications
    as to which children of Jesse "Justice" Bowling should be listed under
    each of three wives at [sic] this website. Unfortunately,
    I don't have any other information on their marriage.
  • 9) Assurances from other people that the descendants of
    James Theophilus Lewis have been well studied, and information provided by
    those people. Those varying sources of information are generally consistent,
    and at least some of the people with whom I've corresponded strike me as
    reliable. Their information on James Theophilus Lewis and his children
    is consistent with the deed mentioned in item 8. Admittedly, item 9 is at
    least third-hand information, and up until now I've regarded the link between
    James Theophilus Lewis and his son Samuel (for my purposes) as highly
    probable but still "officially" tentative, at least until I personally saw
    some sort of connection. Having recently seen the 1825 deed (item 8),
    I'm willing to accept the James-Samuel connection, at least until I . . .
    [sic] start collecting some "hard" primary sources.
    But, all I've seen is a transcription of that deed, not the original.
Regarding the date-of-death for James Theophilus Lewis:
One cautionary note. I've seen a lot of genealogies which report the
death of James Theophilus Lewis as 1 Dec 1825, but I have no idea
where that date comes from. And the problem with that date is that
the 12 Nov 1825 deed refers to him as deceased. On the other hand,
apparently the deed wasn't officially registered with the county until
10 Apr 1826. I suppose it's plausible that James was obviously headed
for the end, and that in mid-November his sons and daughters decided
to go ahead and get the legal work out of the way. Considering that part
of the deed contains a provision that James' widow would be cared for
after his death -- basically, the other kids gave their claims to the
estate to one of the sons, and in return he promised to care for Winnie
-- they may have even intentionally done this while James was still
alive to assure him that her care had been provided for. In any case,
I'm going to regard his exact death date as uncertain for the time being,
at least until I find out what the source of the Dec 1 date is.
I suppose the same argument could be made about the marriage dates
-- that maybe one of the kids wasn't married to a listed spouse yet, but
intended to very soon, and the deed was constructed to reflect that.
But I find that argument to not be terribly plausible. If I was engaged,
and the marriage was certain enough that I was willing to confidently
arrange my legal affairs to reflect that even before saying "I do,"
and I had a terminally ill parent who was near the end, I think
I would have already gone ahead with the wedding so that the
dying parent could be there.

Special Appreciation
Some of the lineage information for
this "Theophilus/Elvira/Winnie" page
was found in files at genealogy sites such as
Genforum.com, the LDS site, Rootsweb.com, etc..
Your generosity and help is very much appreciated.

Theophilus's & Elvira's
List of Descendants
Scroll on down to find Theophilus's & Winnie's List of Descendants.
  • (1) Gideon Lewis
    b: 1768

  • (2) James Thelphilus Lewis
    b: 1771 Ashe Co, NC
    d: 1860 Perry Co, KY
    daughter of John C. &Mary "Polly"(Boone) Couch
    granddaughter of Martin &Sarah "Sally"(Hall) Couch
    Couch g-grandparents: John &Elizabeth(James) Couch
    Hall g-grandparents: John &Mary Elizabeth "Polly"(Hash) Hall
    b: 1773 NC
    d: 1864 KY

    Theophilus's & Winnie's
    List of Descendants
  • (1) Elvira "Vira" Lewis
    b: 1770
    d: Aft 1860 Lee Co, VA
    m: WILLIAM C. SHEPHERD, in Abt 1795
    b: 1775 Halifax Co, NC
    d: 1828 Wise Co, VA

  • (2) Martha "Patsy" Lewis
    b: 1774
    d: Bef 1829
    m: ABEL PENNINGTON, in Abt 1789
    son of Ephraim &Sarah(LNU) Pennington
    grandson of Ephriam &Joanna(Davis) Pennington
    b: 10 Mar 1768 NC
    d: 13 Mar 1847 Clinton Co, IN

  • (3) Joseph Lewis
    b: Abt 1777 NC

  • (4) John Lewis
    b: Bet 1779-1782 NC
    d: 08 Mar 1878 Elliott Co, KY

  • (5) Thaddeus Lewis
    b: Abt 1785 Ashe Co, NC

  • (6) Nathan Lewis
    b: Abt 1788 NC
    b: Abt 1789 Surry Co, NC

  • (7) Absolom Lewis
    b: 1789

  • (8) Andrew Lewis
    b: 1791
    d: died young

  • (9) Samuel "Sam" Lewis
    b: Abt 1794
    d: Sep 1859 Leslie Co, KY
    m: #2=KEZIAH "KIZZIE/CUSA" McDANIEL, in Abt 1818
    b: Abt 1798

  • (10) Mary "Polly" Lewis
    b: Abt 1796 Wilkes Co, NC
    d: Aft 1880 Elliott Co, KY
    m: JAMES HENSON, on 01 Aug 1812, in Clay Co, KY
    son of Paul &unknown Henson

  • (11) Sally Lewis
    b: 1801

  • (12) Juder Lewis
    b: 1802 Ashe Co, NC
    m: NANCY BEGLEY, on 24 Dec 1840, in Perry Co, KY
    daughter of John &Rebecca (Stewart) Begley
    b: 1802 Ashe Co, NC

  • (13) Winetrey "Winnie" Lewis
    b: 1801 NC
    son of Jesse &Mary(Pennington) Bowling
    paternal grandparents: Benjamin &Martha "Patsy"(Phelps) Bowling
    maternal grandparents: Micajah &Rachel(Jones) Pennington
    b: 05 Jan 1790 Chesterfield Co, VA
    d: 26 Sep 1880 Clay Co, KY
    Winnie was Justice's 2nd wife;
    his 1st was Hannah Reed, in 1807, in Clay Co, KY;
    his 3rd was Nancy Deweese, in Mar 1819, in Clay Co, KY.

  • (14) Isaac Lewis
    b: Abt 1808 KY
    daughter of John &Elizabeth(James) Couch
    b: Abt 1809 KY

  • (15) Betsy "Phoebe" Lewis
    b: 1808

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