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Descendants of

William McHargue

Barbara (Storm) McHargue


William McHargue
son of
William &Sarah(McBroom) McHargue
grandson of Alexander & Unknown McHargue, of Scotland
b: 22 Oct 1786 Iredell (formerly Rowan) Co, NC
d: 1868 Laurel Co, KY
Barbara Storm
on 12 Mar 1812, in Knox Co, KY
daughter of
John &Mary (Lloyd) Storm
b: 1796
d: Apr 1865 Laurel Co, KY

~origin of the name~
The McHargue's were originally the Clan Graham
of Scotland, but when driven out of Scotland to
Ireland, they spelled their name backwards, as
"Maharg," to avoid being captured and killed.
Over time, the name Maharg evolved into other
spellings/verions/septs, such as
Meharg, McHarg, McHargue, McIlhagga, McQuarg.
The Graham Clan (therefore the McHargue Clan)
tartan, badge, motto, etc., are shown on
our Alexander McHargue page.

William's & Barbara's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Samuel McHargue
    b: 12 Jun 1813 Knox Co, KY
    m: MARY DeWEESE, in 1832
    b: Abt 1815

  • (2) John McHargue
    b: 10 Apr 1814 Knox Co, KY
    m: ELIZA SMITH, on 04 Apr 1837
    b: Abt 1820
    d: Bef May 1851

  • (3) James McHargue
    b: 10 Dec 1815 Knox Co, KY
    m: #1=ELVIRA OWEN, on Sep 1841
    d: 1863
    m: #2=NANCY CARVIN NORVELL, in Nov 1866
    daughter of Spencer & Keziah(Moore) Norvell
    b: 05 Jun 1837
    d: 12 Dec 1918

  • (4) Elizabeth McHargue
    b: 02 Oct 1818 KY
    m: #1=ALEXANDER OHLER, I, in Dec 1835
    b: Abt 1815
    m: #2=SAMUEL WORD, in 1840
    b: Abt 1815

  • (5) Sarah McHargue
    b: 07 Jan 1820
    m: CHARLES B. FARIS, on 15 Mar 1842
    b: Abt 1820
    Other spellings used for Faris: Farris, Phares, Ferris.

  • (6) William McHargue
    b: 14 Nov 1821
    d: 28 Mar 1854

  • (7) Alexander McHargue
    b: 21 Dec 1823 Knox Co, KY
    m: ELIZA NORVELL, on 24 Oct 1844
    daughter of Spencer & Keziah(Moore) Norvell
    b: 1825
    d: 1914

  • (8) Henderson McHargue
    b: 07 Jul 1826 Knox Co, KY
    m: #1=SARAH FARIS, in Dec 1849
    b: Abt 1830
    d: 1850
    m: #2=ELIZABETH JACKSON, in Mar 1855
    daughter of Stephen Marshall &Minerva(Moore) Jackson
    b: 08 Jul 1833
    Other spellings used for Faris: Farris, Phares, Ferris.

  • (9) Hiram McHargue
    b: 01 Sep 1829 KY
    m: unknown

  • (10) Emily Jane McHargue
    b: 12 Dec 1830 KY
    m: FREDERICK BRAFFORD, in 1844

  • (11) Mary McHargue
    b: 23 Apr 1833 KY
    m: LEANDER BLACK, in Apr 1854
    son of Samuel H. &Mary "Polly"(Jones) Black
    grandson of Alexander &Isabell(Martin) Black
    b: Abt 1829

  • (12) Madison McHargue
    b: 09 Sep 1835 Laurel Co, KY
    m: ELIZABETH NORVELL, on 26 Feb 1857
    daughter of Spencer & Keziah(Moore) Norvell
    b: 22 Apr 1832
    d: 03 Mar 1907

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