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Descendants of

Charles Parrott

Lucy (Woolum) Parrott


Charles "Charlie" Parrot
son of
John Tom &Susan(Witt) Parrott
grandson of
Latney &Elizabeth(Sasser) Parrott
b: 08 Feb 1870
d: 13 May 1957 Tedders, KY
Lucy Woolum
on 13 Aug 1893
daughter of
Samuel S. &Mary "Pop"(Taylor) Woolum
granddaughter of
Jacob &Sarah(Hughes) Woolum
and granddaughter of
Jacob "Isaac" &Rhoda(Smith) Taylor
b: 24 Aug 1872 Laurel Co, KY
d: 16 Oct 1956 Tedders, KY

Charlie and Lucy
raised their family at Tedders, Knox Co, KY
(about a mile from the Clay County line),
on the farm a mile up the creek from the Clayborne Taylor place,
just down the creek from the home of Lucy's brother, Sam Woolum, Jr.,
and presumably on the land of Sam Woolum, Sr.
(Sam-Sr. is buried on what was later called the Parrott place.)

Charlie's and Lucy's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Troy Ernest Parrott (a doctor)
    b: 17 May 1894
    d: Nov 1973
    daughter of Taylor &Lizzie(Hoskins) Tedders
    granddaughter of George &Angeline(Taylor) Tedders
    b: 31 Mar 1903
    d: 15 Aug 2000
    buried: Cumberland Memorial Gardens, Lily, Laurel Co, KY
    Troy and Angeline are double-3rd cousins-once removed.
    On the Taylor side:
    Troy's maternal grandmother, Mary "Pop" (Taylor) Woolum, is a sister to
    Angeline's paternal great-grandfather, Clayborne Taylor;
    thus, Troy and Angeline are Taylor 3rd cousins-once removed.

    On the Woolum side:
    Troy's maternal grandfather, Sam Woolum, is a brother to
    Angeline's paternal great-grandmother, Sally (Woolum) Taylor;
    thus, Troy and Angeline are Woolum 3rd cousins-once removed.

    Troy Ernest Parrott
    was a physician who lived and practiced medicine at Lida, Laurel Co, KY.
    For decades, people on both sides of the Knox/Laurel line went for Troy
    Parrott when a relative got sick; he delivered many of the babies in the
    area. But the state forced him to quit practicing in about 1950, on the
    ground that he did not have a license. Apparently he had failed to comply
    with some kind of requirement. For a while in the late 1950s, he was
    allowed to practice again. Before studying medicine, he was the teacher
    at the Taylor School at Tedders, KY, for at least one year
    in the early-to-mid 1920s.

    Dr. John S. Parrott

  • (2) John Samuel Parrott (a doctor)
    b: 15 Dec 1896 Bell Co, KY
    d: Nov 1957
    buried: Barbourville Cemetery, Barbourville, KY
    m: ZELLA LEE
    daughter of Robert Boyd &Sarah(Miracle) Lee
    gd/o Henry Calvin &Nancy(LNU) Lee
    gd/o Elija &Nancy Jane(Mason) Miracle
    b: 25 Oct 1900 Bell Co, KY
    d: Apr 1988
    Dr. John Parrott practiced medicine in Bell Co, KY

  • (3) Nollie E. Parrott (a schoolteacher)
    b: 02 Apr 1898
    buried: Barbourville Cemetery, Barbourville, KY
    m: Unmarried
    Nollie was a schoolteacher and taught in Florida
    for a long time; also lived at Frakes, KY.

    William McKinley Parrott
    (in 1920)

  • (4) William McKinley "Bill" Parrott
    b: 29 Sep 1900 Cranes Nest, KY
    d: 12 May 12 1983 Tedders, KY
    buried: Cumberland Memorial Gardens, Lily, Laurel Co, KY
    m: IDA AUGUSTE NEUMAN, on 20 May 1928, in Oconomowoc, Waukesha Co, WI
    daughter of Karl &Auguste(Fabian) Neuman
    b: 06 Mar 1907 Lake Geneva, Walworth Co, WI
    d: 20 May 1998 Barbourville, Knox Co, KY
    buried: Cumberland Memorial Gardens, Lily, Laurel Co, KY

    William McKinley Parrott
    was known as "McKinley," then in later years, as "Bill."
    He used to relate humorously that according to his birth certificate,
    "William McKinley Parrott was born at
    Crane Nest, KY, with Dr. Bird attending!"

    As a young man he taught school for a few years, including two years
    at the Henderson Community Settlement, in Bell County. He later migrated
    to Indiana and eventually to Wisconsin, where he lived for about thirty
    years, much of that time working as the engineer on an electric train
    that went back and forth between Milwaukee and Waukeshaw. He and his
    family returned to live at his birthplace, in 1949. His wife,

    Ida (Neuman) Parrott,
    was the valedictorian at her high school. The return of the Parrotts to
    the head of Big Richland, in 1949, brought a lot of the outside world to
    that creek, for they soon bought a white tractor that was the first such
    machine to replace mules around there. They brought their impressive
    library with them, with half a wall being taken up by books. Word spread
    even before they moved that they "had a thousand dollars worth" of them!
    They brought dozens of games, such as Monopoly, that no one there had
    heard of, and often welcomed (and served popcorn to) the children of the
    community who, unannounced, would congregate at their house to play
    the games at night. Still yet it is said that the games are intact to
    this day, such was the care with which this family treated them. They
    were the sponsors of the 4H Club for a while, and Ida, who had worked as
    a seamstress, was devoted to providing lessons for the girls. Bill had
    skills that were unique around there, such as knowing how to install
    electrical wires, important as electricity came to Tedders, KY,
    about the time Bill and Ida moved there.

  • (5) Lester L. Parrott
    b: 07 Apr 1909
    d: 1980
    buried: Barbourville Cemetery, Barbourville, KY
    buried: Barbourville Cemetery, Barbourville, KY
    Lester was a lawyer, although he did not practice this profession very extensively,
    as well as a farmer. He raised his family on a farm at Crane Nest, KY.

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