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Descendants of

William Perry

Nancy (LNU) Perry


William Perry
b: Abt 1790 VA or NC
d: Bef 1890
Nancy LNU
b: 1805 NC
d: Bef 1890

William may have been the son of James Perry,
who is shown as 71 years of age in an 1850 census.
James's wife Mary could possibly have been William's mother,
as she is listed as 63 years old in 1850 (which would make
her 13 when she gave birth), but more likely she was James's
second wife (and William's stepmother).

The majority of the initial lineage info for this page,
and some of the family stories,
came from the detailed research notes of
Karen Perry
gg-granddaughter of
William & Nancy Perry

William's & Nancy's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Polly Perry
    b: 1830

  • (2) Ransom/Rancil/Ransel H. "Ranse" Perry
    b: 1831 TN (possibly Hancock Co, TN)
    d: Abt 1890 Knox Co, KY
    m: #1=MELISSA IMES, on 11 Jun 1853, in Claiborn Co, TN
    daughter of E.H. &Mary Ann(Hutchinson) Imes?
    b: Abt 1845 TN (possibly Grainger Co, TN)
    d: probably in TN, date unknown
    m: #2=MARY JANE HUMFLEET, on 30 Jan 1870, in Knox Co, KY
    daughter of Barnabus &Feraby(Langley) Humfleet
    b: 1836
    ~~~~~Ranse's & Melissa's marriage record was "discovered," in Claiborn Co, TN,
    by their g-granddaughter, Karen Perry. The couple was listed as
    R.H. Perry and M. Almis (obviously meaning Melissa Imes).
    ~~~~~Regarding Melissa's parents: In the 1850 Grainger Co, TN, census,
    Karen discovered the family of William Imes, 42 (b: in GA).
    The oldest child was Melissa, age 19 (b: in TN).
    Mary A., age. 24, was apparently William's 2nd wife and Melissa's stepmother.
    According to Karen, the 1860 Grainger Co, TN, census shows
    Ranse and Melissa Perry, with William Imes (apparently her father)
    and George Imes (apparently her brother) living with them.
    ~~~~~Ranse was in the Confederate Army; Karen discovered records
    showing that Ranse's brother Isaac was in the Union Army.
    ~~~~~On Ranse's and Mary Jane's marriage record,
    his name is shown as Ransel H. Perry.
    After Ranse's death in 1890, his and Mary Jane's family moved to MO,
    along with Mary Jane's unmarried sister Sallie Humfleet (who was
    sometimes known as "Sallie Ranse" to distinguish her from others
    with the same first name) and her brother Henry Humfleet.

    Ranse & the Civil War

    from the notes of Ranse's g-granddaughter
    I went to the East Tennessee Historical Society and found info
    about Ranse. The entire record of each soldier on microfilm so
    I wrote everything down that was in his packet. It was mostly pay
    cards. He was mustered into the Confederate Army's 12th Calvary,
    Company C, at Knoxville, on Sept. 14, 1862. This was also known
    as Day's Battalion. He joined on Sept. 15, 1862, in Hawkins County,
    TN, for a three-year term. He was recruited by Major T. W. Adrain.
    His pay cards reads as follows:

    1. Paid 40-cents a day
    ......for the period of Dec. 31, 1862 - Feb. 28, 1863.
    2. March 1 - June 30, 1863,
    ......he was paid $48.80 for the use of his horse.
    3. August 31, 1863. No notes on card.
    4. Sept. 1 - Oct. 31, 1863.
    ......Paid 24.40 for use and risk of horse-61 days.
    ......Promoted to Second Sergeant.
    5. Jan. - Feb, 1864.
    ......No details of pay but was now listed as a First Sergeant.
    6. Note dated April 20, 1865.
    ......Says he was a prisoner of war. The Confederate Army confined
    ......him for being a "rebel deserter." This note said that a
    ......Captain Bryan (a Confederate) ordered his release.
    7. Final note - Dated April 21, 1865.
    ......His statement of Oath of Allegiance to the US.
    ......It was "sworn and subscribed to at Knox County, TN,
    ......during the month of April 1865." The addition to the note
    ......said that he deserted on April 10, 1865, but was now released.

    In the summary about the unit itself, it said that they had
    disbanded at the end of March. Some joined other battalions. It
    sounded as if they all went separate ways and that that was ok with
    the leadership. I don't know why they would have arrested him if
    they disbanded. Anyway, his release was ordered by a Captain of his
    own army so it must not have been too serious.
    [Footnote: Duration of American Civil War 1861 - 1865.]

    Comments & Family Legends
    by Ranse's great-grandson

    A note of explanation about Ranse
    being a deserter on April 20, 1865: This was when the war was
    essentially over (Lee had already surrendered to Grant),
    and many men had decided it was time to go home.

    A note on Ranse's place of burial:
    His grandson, my grandfather (Alex Perry), told me when I was quite young
    that "He is buried at Mount Olive [Olivet]. We are speculating that his
    grave is close to that of his son, William R. But it is not marked.

    There is a long-standing tradition--maybe I should say "old myth"--that
    Ranse was a captain in the Confederate army. I heard this all my life,
    particularly from my grandfather, Alex Perry. But the records show
    otherwise (unless, as seems absurd, he rapidly rose from First Sergeant
    to Captain at the end of the war). This illustrates how we have to be
    wary of oral traditions. My speculation on how the story started: The
    old expression in our area that "He is a captain!" meant something
    like "He is quite a character!" Somebody who heard Ranse described
    that way may have taken taken the statement literally.

    On Melissa's death, it seems that she may have died before Ranse moved
    to Kentucky, but we do not know that for sure. Ranse apparently came to
    KY soon after the end of the Civil War. The documented list of his
    brothers fits what I was told by my grandfather
    --that his brothers were named Cam and Elder John.
    Apparently these were the ones who migrated to KY.

    In KY, apparently Ranse lived very close to Mt. Olivet,
    possibly at Sled Road. This was the time when Aden Sasser was very
    ill. Some wild speculation on my part: Maybe Ranse rented his farm.
    My maternal grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Humfleet Taylor, referred to him
    as "Uncle Ranse," further confirming that he lived close by. Ranse was
    the witness at Sarah's grandfather's, Herl Sprinkle's second marriage.
    Pat Mellor stated in a letter to me that her father,
    Daniel Madison Humfleet, remembered that he
    "... saw him fairly often ... he remembered Ranse,
    Aunt Mary Jane Perry, and ĎAunt Sally Ranse'."

    This is a "poem" by Alpha Perry Barnes, based on stories she presumably
    heard this from her father Steve Perry and/or grandfather Tom Perry.
    The part about Ranse living to age 107 is obviously wrong, but the part
    about her great-grandmother Melissa (Imes) Perry is apparently a truism.

    Alpha Perry Barnes

    g-granddaughter of
    Ranse &Melissa(Imes) Perry

    Our great grandfather lived to 107
    He fought in the Confederate Army
    A soldier to win a victorious battle.

    Our great grandmother was a woman of courage
    Don't cross her path, for she had strength of a lion.
    An enemy soldier came to her house one day
    Intending to take her horses away.
    She picked up a gun and with a look of steel
    "You're not taking them away, get over the hill."

    My grandfather as I remember so well
    A man with few words, but determination as steel.

    Our grandmother was truly a Saint of God.
    Such love for everyone she shared.
    She went to church and worshipped her God.

    My dad was a strong man that lived to be almost 93
    Worked hard all his life
    Was linked closely to his family.

    He loved his brothers and sisters
    Nephews and nieces
    That is our heritage to be strong and true.

    Love one another
    Thank God our Heavenly Father for blessing us
    with a family so strong and true.

  • (3) Mary Ann Perry
    b: Abt 1834
    d: 1916

  • (4) Orpha Perry
    b: 1836

  • (5) Isaac Perry
    b: 10 Feb 1839
    d: 11 Apr 1926
    buried: Perry Family Cemetery, Copper Ridge, Hancock Co, TN
    daughter of Thurman &Patience(Church) Rogers
    b: 30 Oct 1846
    d: 30 Jul 1925
    buried: Perry Family Cemetery, Copper Ridge, Hancock Co, TN
    The Church family history is included in the book,
    "Hancock County and it's People, Vol. 2." Isaac was
    a farmer and his personal property value was $200 but
    he did not own land. Isaac could not read but Almira could.

  • (6) John Perry (Elder)
    b: Bet 1842-1844
    m: SARAH ANN HENSON, on 13 Jun 1869, in Knox Co, KY
    b: 1849

  • (7) Nancy Perry
    b: Mar 1843

  • (8) Sallie Perry
    b: 1846
    d: 1918
    Death records say she fell and broke her neck.

  • (9) James Perry
    b: 1848
    b: 26 Oct 1851 TN
    d: 01 Oct 1916

  • (10) Anderson Campbell "Cam" Perry
    b: Mar 1857
    d: 1938
    buried: Hammond-Jones Cemetery, Knox Co, KY
    (Cam's stone is marked "A.C.")
    daughter of William &Ann(Stanton) Seals
    b: 18 Jun 1860
    d: 09 Aug 1919
    buried: Hammond-Jones Cemetery, Knox Co, KY
    Cam and Martha moved to Girlder, Knox Co, KY, in the early 1900's.

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