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Descendants of

William D. Pigg

Mary Ann (Fields) Pigg


William D. Pigg
son of
Paul &Sarah(LNU) Pigg
grandson of
John &Jane Elizabeth(Mott) Pigg
b: Abt 1735 Caroline, VA
d: 06 Sep 1820 Clay Co, KY
Mary Ann "Polly" Fields,
in Abt 1766, in Dan River Twp, Pittsylvania Co, VA
b: 1735 VA

It is not this William Pigg who married
Susannah "Sookie" Holden.

She married
William C. Pigg
son of Henry &FNU(Hardy) Pigg
grandson of Paul &Rebecca(Clements) Pigg,
g-grandson of
Paul &Elizabeth(Osborne) Pigg.
(William-C is the grandson of William-D's half-brother Paul.)

William and Mary came from
Pittsylvania Co, VA, to Lincoln Co, KY, before 1790.
The part of Lincoln County they settled in
became Casey Co, KY, in 1807. Before 1807,
they moved to that part of Madison County that
became Clay Co, KY, in 1807.

William's & Polly's
List of Descendants

  • (1) Martha "Patsy" Pigg
    b: 01 Jul 1767 VA
    d: 31 Oct 1849 Howard Co, MO
    buried: Jackson Cemetery, Howard Co, MO
    m: JAMES SLATON, on 23 Apr 1782, in Pittsylvania Co, VA

  • (2) John A. Pigg
    b: 14 Apr 1769 Pittsylvania Co, VA
    d: 28 May 1811 Rockcastle Co, KY
    m: #1=LUCRETIA PAYNE, on 28 Oct 1787, in Pittsylvania Co, Va
    daughter of Reuben &Agnes(Wade) Payne
    b: Abt 1770
    d: Abt 1803
    b: Abt 1782 KY
    d: 01 Sep 1833

  • (3) Anderson Pigg
    b: 12 Jul 1772 Culpepper Co, VA
    d: 02 Dec 1854 Powell Co, KY
    m: MARY "POLLY" PERRY, on 22 Apr 1793, in Lincoln Co, KY
    b: Abt 1773
    d: 1830

  • (4) Elizabeth Pigg
    b: 12 Jul 1774 VA
    m: RUBEN PAYNE, on 28 Aug 1790, in Lincoln Co, KY

  • (5) William Pigg
    b: 14 Feb 1776 Pittsylvania Co, VA
    d: 06 Sep 1853 Casey Co, KY
    m: MARY "POLLY" WOOD, on 09 Oct 1800, in Lincoln Co, KY
    b: Abt 1780 NC
    d: 17 Sep 1855 Casey Co, KY

  • (6) James Pigg
    b: 13 Oct 1780 VA
    d: 22 Nov 1861 Casey Co, KY
    m: #1=SUSANNA ADAMS, on 21 May 1804 in, Lincoln Co, KY
    b: Abt 1784
    m: #2=REBECCA WOOD

  • (7) Lewis Pigg
    b: 08 Feb 1783 VA
    d: Apr 1845 Ray Co, MO
    m: SARAH McWHORTER, on 21 Jun 1805 in, Lincoln Co, KY
    b: 17 Jan 1786 Lincoln Co, KY
    d: 05 Oct 1857 Ray Co, MO

  • (8) Paul Pigg (twin to Sarah)
    b: 21 Jan 1785 Lincoln Co, KY
    d: Abt 1848 Rockcastle Co, KY
    m: #1=MOLLY HOLDER
    b: 06 Oct 1806 Lincoln Co, KY

  • (9) Sarah "Sally" Pigg (twin to Paul)
    b: 21 Jan 1785 Pittsylvania Co, VA
    m: LEVI/LEVY BURKE, on 29 Jun 1802, in Lincoln Co, KY

  • (10) Nancy Pigg
    b: 28 Jan 1790 Lincoln Co, KY
    m: JAMES McWHORTER, on 04 Jun 1804, in Lincoln Co, KY

  • (11) Rosemond "Rosy" Pigg
    b: 04 Mar 1793 Lincoln Co, KY
    d: Oct 1843 Lincoln Co, KY
    m: ARCHIBALD BURTON, on 21 Mar 1810, in Lincoln Co, KY

  • (12) Mary "Polly" Pigg
    b: 20 Mar 1796 Lincoln Co, KY
    d: 1872 Benge, Clay Co, KY
    m: ELIJAH McWHORTER, on 13 Apr 1811, in Clay Co, KY
    b: 1790 VA
    d: 1866 Benge, Clay Co, KY

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