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"Sandra's Notefiles"

The article below lists the descendants of
Dillion Asher by Sara "Sallie" Davis,
the sister of Mary(Davis) Asher, Dillion's wife.

Sandra (Asher) Tiller

daughter of
James Rondal &Bertha Lou(Melton) Asher
granddaughter of
James Roy &Bertha(Gilbert) Asher
g-granddaughter of
John &Mariah(Hignite-Hammons) Gilbert
gg-granddaughter of
William &Nancy(Taylor) Gilbert

Dr. John J. Dickey Diary, Fleming County, Ky.
Recorded in the 1870's and beyond. Reprinted in Kentucky Explorer,
Volume 10, No.6, November, 1995, p. 86. By permission. Clay County, KY


June 23, 1898

My grandfather, Dillon Asher, came from Tennessee to Ford of Cumberlands
in 1800, moved to Red Bird. His wife was Sally Davis. Their children:
Blevins, Robert, John, Ira (Roberts), "Pug" (Henry Sizemore).
There were others, I do not remember them. By Miss Davis, his wife's sister,
he had children that took the name of Asher as follows:
Jackson, Wilkerson, and Joshia who still lives and I think, Preston Asher
was their brother. Bige, Matt, Jackson, Hugh, Tom and Dillon Asher are sons
of Jackson. These are the men that have become so wealthy. All are worth
more than Bige and he is probably worth 25,000 dollars. Jack, said to be
worth $300,000, Matt, $200,000, Tom lives at Masiota, worth $300,000.
Hugh lives at Pineville, also Jack, though they have houses near Lexington.
Matt, Jack and Hugh were famous lumbermen who started booming logs on
the Kentucky River at Ford; they made big money. Their sisters are
Mrs. Martha Morgan; Charity Howard; Puss,
Bige Morgan of Sexton; Polly Gibson.
(Asher Davis Roberts Sizemore Morgan Howard Gibson
=TN Pineville-Bell-KY Lexington-Fayette-KY)

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