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Descendants of

Abraham Henry Sasser

1st wife:
Rebecca (Russell) Sasser
2nd wife:
Margaret (Hammack) Sasser

Abraham Henry "Abe" Sasser
son of
Barden &Mary Pharby(Jones) Sasser
b: 05 Apr 1864 Blackwater, KY
d: 07 Jul 1925 Enterprise, Wallawa Co, OR
1st Wife
Rebecca Louisa A. Russell

m: 25 Mar 1884 Laurel Co, KY
b: 06 Apr 1868
d: 27 Jul 1887 Laurel Co, KY
2nd Wife
Margaret Elizabeth Hammack

m: 02 Feb 1889
daughter of
granddaughter of
Joseph &Fanny(Bledsoe) Weaver,Sr.
g-granddaughter of
Samuel &MaryAnn(Bollinger) Weaver
b: 06 Feb 1874 Laurel Co, KY
d: 31 Jul 1927 Enterprise, Walla Co, OR

From the notes of
Ann (Baird) Howe
granddaughter-in-law of
Laura (Sasser) Jones-Cottingim

In 1826, Abe's grandparents,
John Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser
and their children moved from
Johnson Co, NC, to Laurel Co, KY.

In 1881,
Abe moved from Kentucky to Oregon,
settling in the Enterprise, Wallawa Co, OR, area.

Leaving Kentucky for Oregon at the same time
was Abe's 1st cousin,
William Henry Sasser,
who settled in the Mitchell, Wheeler Co, OR, area.
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The Oregon Move
~a differing opinion~

Sandra (Roba) Sutton
~of John Day, Grant County, Oregon~
daughter of
Harold &Susan(Sasser) Roba
granddaughter of
Elmer &Nora(Reams) Sasser
g-granddaughter of
William Henry &Mary Catherine(Jones) Sasser
The story that Henry and Mary Sasser came to Oregon
with Abraham Sasser has proved to be unfounded.
Henry and family came to Oregon in 1881.
Abraham and family came to Oregon in 1902.

I have not done any real research yet but
I think that Henry Sasser and family
came to Oregon with a Weaver cousin.

Abe's & Rebecca's
List of Descendants
Scroll down for Abe's & Margaret's List of Descendants.
  • (1) Nancy Catherine "Cat" Sasser
    b: 17 Aug 1885 KY
    d: 24 Apr 1943
    m: JOHN LEWIS "J.L." TEDDERS, on 29 Aug 1903
    b: 15 Jul 1885
    d: 15 Jul 1933 Barbourville, KY
    buried: Taylor Cemetery, Blackwater, KY

    J.L.'s brother-and-wife,
    Jackson & Barbara (Corey) Tedders,
    raised Mazie "Pearl" (Taylor) Perry, who is
    daughter to
    Clabe &Sarah(Humfleet) Taylor.
    On the "Sasser" side,
    Cat is a 2nd cousin to both Clabe and Sarah.
    On Clabe's "Taylor" side,
    J.L. and Jackson are his 1st cousins.
    Barbara is a "Cobb" descendant, but never knew she was!
    Pearl married Tollie Perry, who is also a "Cobb" descendant.
    To read the narration,
    "Pearl Perry's Complicated Cobb-Sasser Connections,"

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  • (2) James P. Sasser
    b: 12 Jul 1887 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 14 Aug 1887 Laurel Co, KY
    buried: Pilgram's Rest Cemetery, E. Bernstadt, Laurel Co, KY

    Abe's & Margaret's
    List of Descendants

    The Family of Abe & Margaret(Hammack) Sasser
    The probable identities of individuals:
    Front Row, Left-to-Right:

    Chet b:1895, Susan b:1909, Louisa b:1905, Newton b:1891,
    ABE b:1864, Foy b:1911, MARGARET b:1874
    Back Row:
    Milt b:1901, Robert b:1904, Joseph b:1893,
    Mary b:1892, Wes b:1897, Barbara b:1894

    July, 1972
    The Surviving Members of Abe's Family

    Front Row, Left-To-Right:
    Chet, Louisa, Newton, Joseph
    Back Row:
    Robert, Susan, Foy

  • (1) Bardin Sasser
    b: 18 Jan 1890 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 03 Jun 1890 Laurel Co, KY

  • (2) Newton E. Sasser
    b: 10 Feb 1891 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 04 Jun 1985 Milton Freewater, Umatilla Co, OR
    m: GRACE ELIZABETH BEEMAN, on 12 Jul 1912, in LaGrande, OR
    b: 18 Feb 1896 Horse Creek on the Imnaba, OR
    d: 27 Mar 1976 OR
    Newton & Grace (Beeman) Sasser
    60th Wedding Anniversary
    July 1972

  • (3) Mary Angelina Sasser
    b: 13 May 1892 KY
    d: 22 Aug 1928 WA
    m: JESSE DAUGHERTY, on 06 Oct 1911

    Joseph Sasser
  • (4) Joseph "Joe" Sasser
    b: 16 May 1893 KY
    d: Mar 1976
    m: AVA MAY ROARK-HUFFMAN, on 10 Sep 1917

  • (5) Barbara Sasser
    b: 17 Sep 1894 KY
    d: 20 Dec 1967
    m: BERT LEORY McCORMACK, on 07 Jun 1913
    b: 10 Jul 1888
    d: 31 Jul 1945

    Chet Sasser
  • (6) Chester Henry "Chet" Sasser
    b: 16 Sep 1895 KY
    d: 14 Feb 1973 Joseph, Wallowa Co, OR
    m: ELLA MAE BUCHANAN, in 1922
    b: 22 Jul 1905
    d: Mar 1973 OR
    Chet & Ella (Buchanan) Sasser
    50th Wedding Anniversary

    Wes Sasser
  • (7) John Wesley "Wes" Sasser
    b: 09 Jan 1897 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 14 Mar 1967 Enterprise, OR
    m: #1=GLADYS MAY BAKER, on 20 Oct 1918 Enterprise, OR
    b: 21 Jun 1901 Lower Prairie Creek, Wallowa Co, OR
    d: 15 Jul 1922 Enterprise, Wallowa Co, OR
    m: #2=RUBY PEARL WINTERS, on 30 Aug 1924 Wallowa Co, OR
    b: 12 Aug 1908
    d: 05 Apr 2001

  • (8) Phebe A. Sasser
    b: 26 Jan 1898 KY
    d: 28 Jul 1898 KY

  • (9) George D. Sasser
    b: 25 May 1899 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 08 Jun 1900 Laurel Co, KY

    Milt Sasser

  • (10) Samuel Milton "Milt" Sasser
    b: 23 Apr 1901 KY
    d: 30 Mar 1958

  • (11) Malinda Sasser
    b: 29 Mar 1903 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 02 Jun 1903 Laurel Co, KY

    Robert Sasser
  • (12) Robert Sasser
    (the first of Abe's children to be born in Oregon)
    b: 18 Oct 1904 OR
    d: 18 Mar 1982 Elgin, Union Co, OR
    m: VIOLET WINTERS, on 23 Aug 1924
    b: 15 Feb 1907
    d: 07 Dec 1993 Elgin, Union Co, OR

  • (13) Louisa E. Sasser
    b: 11 Oct 1905 OR
    d: 13 Apr 1986 Roseburg, OR
    m: HENRY STEVENS, in 1922
    b: 07 Feb 1896
    d: 20 Apr 1984 Roseburg, OR
    Henry & Louisa (Sasser) Stevens
    April, 1972

  • (14) William B. Sasser
    b: 04 Jan 1907 OR
    d: 23 Aug 1907

    Susan Sasser

  • (15) Susan E. Sasser
    b: 21 Jun 1909 OR
    d: 31 Jan 1978 Jackson Co, OR
    m: GEORGE WILLIAMS, on 03 Jul 1928
    b: 02 Nov 1908
    d: 23 Feb 1978 Jackson Co, OR

    Foy Sasser

  • (16) Foy A. Sasser
    b: 17 Mar 1911 Enterprise, OR
    d: 24 Nov 1983 Boise, ID
    buried: Enterprise, OR
    m: #1=EDNA BYRLE STURM, on 21 Jul 1928
    b: 28 Oct 1908 Meadowville, WV
    d: 24 Feb 1968 Nyssa, OR
    buried: Enterprise, OR
    m: #2=GLADYS WILSON, in 1971
    d: 1972
    m: #3=MYRTLE ZHEIM ALEXANDER, in 1973
    b: 31 Mar 1909
    d: Mar 1979

  • (17) Baby Sasser
    b: 29 Nov 1916 OR
    d: 29 Nov 1916 OR

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