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Descendants of

Henry Wallace Sasser


Emily Jane (Powell) Sasser


Henry Wallace Sasser
son of
Crawood &Rhoda(Gilbert) Sasser
paternal grandparents:
John Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser
maternal grandparents:
Wallace W. &Susan(Jones) Gilbert
b: 11 Nov 1855 Knox Co, KY
d: 03 Feb 1939 Knox Co, KY
Emily Jane "Emma" Powell
b: Abt 1860
d: 04 Jan 1946 (at age 85) Corbin, Whitley Co, KY
buried: Pine Hill Cemetery, Corbin, KY

Henry &Emma(Powell) Sasser
(Photos provided by Glenn Sasser)

Henry's & Emma's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Martha Sasser

  • (2) John Dixon Sasser
    b: 11 May 1880 Knox Co, KY
    d: 03 Apr 1949 OK
    m: LUCY EVELYN SASSER, in Abt 1900
    daughter of Wallace &Eliza(Williams) Sasser
    granddaughter of Jesse &Nancy(Gilbert) Sasser
    b: 09 May 1882 Knox Co, KY
    d: 27 Dec 1963 McClain Co, OK
    buried: Purcell, OK
    ~~~John's grandfather, Crawood Sasser, is a
    brother to Lucy's grandfather, Jesse Sasser.
    John & Lucy are 2nd cousins.
    ~~~John Dixon Sasser migrated in 1920 to
    Willow View, OK (3 miles east of Lexington, OK).

  • (3) William Sasser

  • (4) Laura Sasser
    b: Knox Co, KY
    d:/buried: Bedford, IN
    m: #1=BRUCE T. SASSER
    son of Wallace &Eliza(Williams) Sasser
    grandson of Jesse &Nancy(Gilbert) Sasser
    b: 1884
    d: 10 Jan 1911 Knox Co, KY
    m: #2=EDWARD "ED" COBB
    son of Radford M. &Nancy(Sasser) Cobb
    paternal grandparents: John &Lurany(Phipps) Cobb
    maternal grandparents: James H. &Martha(Hubbard) Sasser
    b: Knox Co, KY
    d:/buried: Bedford, IN
    Laura and her 1st husband, Bruce, were 2nd cousins.
    Laura's grandfather, Crawood, is a brother to
    Ed's grandfather, James; therefore,
    Laura and Ed are 2nd cousins.

    Some of the info on Laura's siblings
    was obtained from a guestbook entry
    made by her granddaughter,
    Shirley (Holt) Coulter

  • (5) Nancy "Nannie" Sasser
    b: 05 Oct 1894 Knox Co, KY
    d: Jan 1985 Bedford, IN
    buried: Cresthaven Memory Gardens, Bedford, IN
    m: JOHN H. PERRY, in 1914
    b: Knox Co, KY
    d: 02 May 1977 Bedford, IN

    Some of the lineage info for this
    "Nannie/John" branch was taken from
    Nannie's obituary, provided to us by

    Elaine (Helton) Lorinczi
    d/o Bob &Cathy(Hayes) Helton
    gd/o Bob &Avis(Sasser) Helton
    g-gd/o George &Matilda(Vaughn) Helton
    gg-granddaughter of
    James &Lucy(Osborne) Helton

    Jennings "Bryan" Sasser
    (Photo provided by Glenn Sasser)

  • (6) Jennings "Bryan" Sasser
    b: 14 Nov 1896 Big Richland Creek, Knox Co, KY
    d: 10 Sep 1976 Corbin, Whitley Co, KY
    buried: Pine Hill Cemetery, Corbin, KY
    m: CATHERINE GILBERT, on 25 Dec 1920
    daughter of John R. &Mary J.(Sasser) Gilbert, Sr.
    paternal grandparents: Felix G. &Catherine(Taylor) Gilbert, Sr.
    maternal grandparents: Joseph &Lucinda(Hale) Sasser
    Sasser g-grandparents: Barden &Pharby(Jones) Sasser
    b: 28 Mar 1901 Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
    d: 15 Jan 1990 Corbin, Whitley, KY
    buried: Pine Hill Cemetery, Corbin, KY
    ~~~Bryan's full name was originally Jennings Campbell Bryan Sasser.
    He dropped the Campbell when he moved to Corbin, KY, in the 1930's.
    ~~~Bryan's grandfather, Crawood Sasser, is a brother
    to Catherine's Sasser g-grandfather, Barden Sasser.
    Bryan & Catherine are Sasser-side 3rd cousins-once removed.
    ~~~Bryan's grandmother, Rhoda (Gilbert) Sasser, is a sister
    to Catherine's Gilbert grandfather, Felix Gilbert.
    Bryan & Catherine are Gilbert-side 2nd cousins.

    ~excerpt from~
    Barbourville Mountain Advocate
    Nov. 7, 1963, p.1
    Notes about J. Bryan Sasser
    by his son
    Glenn G. Sasser
    Veteran Republican incumbent
    State Senator Durham Howard, Pineville,
    successfully fended off
    J. Bryan Sasser,
    Corbin, Democratic contender,
    in the 17th State Senatorial District
    composed of Knox, Bell and Whitley counties.
    Howard's district vote was 11,616 to
    Sasser's 8,147--a margin of 3,469.
    Howard carried Knox County with 3,042 to
    Sasser's 2,075--a margin of 967 votes.
    Although he never won a countywide race, being
    a staunch Democrat in a Republican county, he
    was the democrat patronage chairman in the
    Corbin end of Knox County, KY, for several
    years and was campaign chairman for several
    successful democratic governors. He was
    elected City Commissioner for the City of
    Corbin, KY, in the early 1950s. He was a
    new car dealer in Corbin from the late
    1930s until he retired in 1962. He sold
    Buick, Pontiac and Studebaker.
    To read some of Bryan's campaign ads from 1949,

    (clicking on will open a separate browser window)

  • (7) Nathan "Gilbert" Sasser, Sr.
    b: Knox Co, KY
    d:/buried: OK
    daughter of Robert Eli &Viney(Burnett) Sasser
    granddaughter of Eli &Mary(Tuttle) Sasser
    g-granddaughter of Adin &Betsy(Waggoner) Sasser
    b: 31 Oct 1895 Clay Co, KY
    d: 31 Aug 1923 Herford, TX
    Gilbert's grandfather Crawood is a brother
    to Simmie's g-grandfather Adin Sasser.
    Gilbert and Simmie are 3rd cousins-once removed.

  • (8) Effie Sasser
    b: 06 Dec 1902
    d: 27 Mar 1988 Corbin, KY
    buried: Pine Hill Cemetery, Corbin, KY
    b: 12 Apr 1900
    d: 12 Jan 1960 Corbin, KY
    buried: Pine Hill Cemetery, Corbin, KY
    Effie had a store in Corbin, KY.

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