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Descendants of

James Buchanan Sasser

1st Wife:
Rebecca Taylor
2nd Wife:
Cynthia Williams
3rd Wife:
Nancy Perry

James Buchanan Sasser
son of
Crawood &Rhoda(Gilbert) Sasser
paternal grandparents:
John Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser
maternal grandparents:
Wallace &Susan(Jones) Gilbert
b: 22 Feb 1857 Knox Co, KY
d: 18 Jul 1944 Whittier, CA
1st Wife:
Rebecca Jane Taylor

daughter of
Clayborne &Sally(Woolum) Taylor
granddaughter of
Isaac &Rhoda(Smith) Taylor
m: on 21 Nov 1882
b: 16 Aug 1866, at
Big Richard Creek, Knox Co, KY
d: 30 Dec 1884
2nd Wife:
Cynthia E. "Sintha" Williams

daughter of
John "Reb" &Charlotte Jane(Yadon) Williams
granddaughter of
David Pennybaker &Nancy(Keene) Yadon
m: on 09 Dec 1886
b: 18 Mar 1860 Laurel Co, KY
d: 30 Dec 1888
buried: Providence Cemetery, on
Blackwater Rd #1803, Laurel Co, KY
3rd Wife:
Nancy Jane Perry

daughter of
Elder John &Sarah Ann(Henson) Perry
granddaughter of
William &Nancy(LNU) Perry
m: on 16 Nov 1892, in Knox Co, KY
b: 20 Aug 1874 Laurel Co, KY
d: 09 May 1939 (in OK?)
Cynthia's sister, Mary Ann Williams, married Thomas Tuttle,
son of Barden &Rhoda(Taylor) Tuttle and grandson of
Peter &Keziah(Sasser) Tuttle
Keziah is a sister to James's father Crawood.

The photo of James was generously provided to us
by James's great-grandson,
Phil Sasser.
Phil tells us that on the back of the photo
his dad George Sasser had written:
"Grandfather Sasser - Whittier, Calif., 1943.
This picture was taken when I was in California after
returning from the South Pacific. The first and only time
I had met my grandfather. He died the following year ...... ."


James's & Rebecca's
List of Descendants
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  • (1) Benny C. Sasser
    b: 24 Dec 1884
    d: 20 Feb 1885

    James's & Cynthia's
    List of Descendants
    Scroll down the page for James's descendants by Nancy.
  • (1) Taylor Franklin Sasser
    b: 09 Sep 1887 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 23 Jan 1949
    buried: Providence Cemetery, Bush Community, Laurel Co, KY
    daughter of John W. &Sarah(Crawford) Brock
    granddaughter of Elder George &Abigail(Gideon) Brock
    b: 1887
    d: 20 Mar 1979
    buried: Providence Cemetery, on Blackwater Rd #1803, Laurel Co, KY

    James's & Nancy's
    List of Descendants
  • (1) Ruth Sasser (twin to Grace)
    b: 30 Jun 1893 KS
    d: 30 Jun 1893

  • (2) Grace Sasser (twin to Ruth)
    b: 30 Jun 1893 KS
    d: 09 Jul 1893

  • (3) Janie Ethel Sasser
    b: 02 Aug 1894 Manhattan, KS

  • (4) Mabel Mae Sasser
    b: 09 Sep 1896 Manhattan, KS
    d: 02 Jun 1984
    buried: Goldenrod Cemetary Tekoa, WA
    m: #1=THOMAS JEAN HAYNES, in 1914, in Galveston, TX
    d: 1921
    buried: Goldenrod Cemetary Tekoa, WA
    m: #2=WILLIAM W. "BILL" NORTON, in 1946, in WA
    d: 1973
    An entry from the
    "Sasser Mailing List," at Rootsweb.com
    ~a letter by Mabel's g-grandson~
    Bradley J. McMasters
    On June 02, 1984, my great-grandmother Mabel Norton died. Her death wasn't
    all that unexpected. She was 87 and for most of my 15 years, she'd been
    telling me things like "this could be my last Christmas, young man" or "this
    could be your last birthday that I'll be alive". In retrospect, I know that
    she was just trying to teach me a sense of appreciation but at the time, all
    it really did was just freak me out. I always anticipated her sudden death
    especially when we were alone together. But regardless of my lack of
    surprise, I was still very sad when she died.

    My mother, an avid reader, received most all of Grandma's book collection,
    which was rather extensive. In storage were boxes of books she had acquired
    from the Oakesdale High School Library (probably from one of the book
    burnings she had organized). My brother, Randy and I spent hours going
    through these books. I learned many years later that this what a common act
    during the bereavement process; a way to feel closer to the lost loved one.
    In one of the books I found a little piece of paper with faded blue
    mimeographed letters. Printed on it was a poem. Its style and content seemed
    so appropriate. To me, it seemed as if it was a sign form "the other side"
    and my grandmother was telling me there was no reason to be sad. Even in
    death, she was still teaching me (and still freaking me out).

    Within the past year, my mother and I have developed a renewed interest in
    documenting our family tree. This task has proven to be difficult as there
    are many gaps due to deaths, (both natural and untimely) and estranged
    family members. The result has been unbelievably interesting and very
    rewarding as we have gotten in contact with distant relatives, lost
    relatives and displaced relatives. What I learned from my grandmother and my
    memories of her are priceless. When I met cousins who had never met her, I
    felt sad for their loss. They never had the opportunity to hear her tell the
    story of crossing the Snake River in a covered wagon or to see her sitting
    at the base of the Christmas tree as she distributed presents. They never
    sat down to one of her incredible fried chicken dinners or had to choke down
    a piece of that dry, pink Angel Food cake she'd bake for all our birthdays.
    I bet some of my cousins don't even know what a goiter is. What a shame! So,
    the purpose of this site is to share information with these "descendants of
    Mabel May" and to meet or renew their relationships with other family members.

    The information contained in the individual profiles and family histories
    has been passed to me in either written or story form. Unless conflicting
    information has been offered, I've taken this information as truth with the
    understanding that over time, details may become hazy and stories may become
    fable-ized. As a child, I pestered Grandma to tell me stories that she was
    either too busy to tell or to old too remember. But she told them to me. As
    did my mother and uncles and aunts and great aunts and great-great aunts
    and so on.

    All my love,
    Bradley J. McMasters

    To visit Bradley's webpage, a loving tribute to
    Mabel Mae (Sasser) Haynes-Norton

    The page has photos, a list of Mabel's descendants and an
    endearing outline of some incredible happenings during her life.

    (Clicking on will open a separate browser window.)

  • (5) Annie Belle Sasser
    b: 26 Apr 1899 Solomon City, KS
    d: Abt 1985

  • (6) Oscar Luther Stanton Sasser
    b: 01 Jan 1903 Abilene, KS
    m: unknown

  • (7) William Henry Sasser
    b: 06 Mar 1905 ID
    m: unknown

  • (8) Austin 4"Anthony" Sasser
    b: 09 May 1908 WA
    d: Dec 1977 Spokane, WA

  • (9) Hazel Marie Sasser
    b: 05 Mar 1912 OK
    d: 31 Jul 1912
    buried: Willow View Cemetery, Cleveland Co, OK

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