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Descendants of
Laura Anna Sasser

1st Husband:
James Isaac Jones
2nd Husband:
Frederick Cottingim

Laura Anna Sasser
daughter of
William &Mary Catherine(Jones) Sasser
b: 10 Jan 1876 Laurel Co, KY
d: 19 Jan 1963 Yakima, WA
Laura's Father's Ancestry:
son of
Arthur &Lavina(Weaver) Sasser
paternal grandparents:
John Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser
maternal grandjparents:
Peter Alexander &Annie(Chesnut) Weaver
Weaver g-grandparents:
Samuel &Mary Ann(Bollinger) Weaver
Chesnut g-grandparents:
William &Sally(Graham) Chesnut
Laura's Mother's Ancestry:
daughter of
Darling &Rachel(Stanfield) Jones
paternal grandparents:
Robert &Catherine(LNU) Jones
maternal grandparents:
Sampson &Nancy(Thomas) Stanfield
Stanfield g-randparents:
John &Mary(Sherrod) Stanfield
Thomas g-grandparents:
Stephen &Rachel(Pratt) Thomas, Jr.
Laura's 1st Husband:
James Isaac Jones

m: on 16 May 1895,
in Mitchell, Wheeler Co, OR
son of
Hiram &Permelia(Black) Jones
grandson of
Evan &Mary "Polly"(Weaver) Jones
b: 23 Jun 1866
d: 08 Apr 1903
Laura's 2nd Husband:
Frederick "Fred" Cottingim

m: on 18 Mar 1908
son of
Wm &Lucinda(Jones) Cottingim
grandson of
James &Emily(Stillings) Cottingim
b: 30 Jun 1881
d: 01 Feb 1942
James's grandfather, Evan Jones, is a brother to
Laura's grandfather, Darling Jones; thus,
James & Laura are 2nd cousins.

From the notes of
Laura's granddaughter-in-law,
Ann (Baird) Howe

In 1826, Laura's g-grandparents,
John Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser
and their children moved from
Johnson Co, NC, to Laurel Co, KY.

In 1881,
Laura's parents,
William & Mary Catherine, and their 3 children
moved from Kentucky to Oregon, settling
in Mitchell, of
Wheeler County, OR.
Their next 5 children were born in Oregon.

Leaving Kentucky for Oregon at the same time
was William's 1st cousin,
Abraham Henry "Abe" Sasser,
who settled in the Enterprise, OR, area.
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The Sasser family traveled by train from KY to OR,
then by wagon to Wheeler County. Laura told stories
to her grandchildren about as a young child walking
behind the wagon while the oxen pulled it.

James &Laura(Sasser) Jones
and son Chester

In this photo, Laura was pregnant with
their 2nd child, Edna,
who was born 31 Mar 1898.

From the notes of Anna (Baird) Howe:

On April 8, 1903,
James Isaac Jones
was killed by a neighbor over a border line dispute between them.
Both were sheep ranchers. The neighbor called over to James to
"come on over, let's talk this over." Both men had workers with
them. James got off his horse and walked up to the neighbor who
shot and killed James in cold blood. The neighbor gave the order
to plant a gun on James, so he could plead a self-defense case,
but James's workers prevented that act and stood guard over his
body while one rode off to get the sheriff.

Laura did not know her neighbor by sight, but another friend did,
so both women went down to the hotel lobby the next day, to be
there when the stage coach made it's regular stop. Just before the
stage was to pull out, the neighbor came into view and was pointed
out to Laura, who went to get the sheriff. The killer was arrested
and sent to prison, where he died many years later.
Laura had 3 children and was very pregnant with her 4th child,
James-Jr., who was born three months later, on July 13, 1903.

One of James's workers was Fred Cottingim,
who would later become Laura's 2nd husband.

Jones-Cottingim Family Group
Homer Cottingim, Blanche (Cottingim) Wier,
Edna (Jones) Smith,
Laura (Sasser) Jones-Cottingim,
Chester L. Jones, Cecil Evelyn (Jones) Howe,
James Isaac Jones, Jr.

Sentinel Echo Newspaper
London, Kentucky

July 25, 1935
Mrs. Laura Cottongim, a daughter of the
late Mr. and Mrs. William Sasser, Sr.,
who with her parents moved to Oregon
fifty-two years ago, is visiting here in
the homes of Mrs. Barbara Cottongim and
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johnson, and in order
that she may meet all of her kinfolks
in the county, a reunion of the Jones
and Sasser familmies will be held Sunday
beginning at 10 a.m. at the Levi Jackson
Wilderness Road State Park. All members
of these families are requested to be
present and to also bring a lunch.
Sentinel Echo Newspaper
London, Kentucky

August 8, 1935
A reunion of the Jones and Sasser
families was held at the Levi Jackson
Wilderness Road State Park Sunday, July 28,
in honor of Mrs. Laura Sasser Cottongim,
of Boise, Idaho. Talks were given by
Wm. Sasser and J.L. Jones. "Barbara Allen"
was sung by Mrs. Joe Johnson. Only two
surviving members of the immediate
families, Mrs. Barbara Jones Cottongim
and Mrs. George Tayne were present.
Those present were:
Mrs. Alice J. Sasser Perry of Oakesdale, WA;
Mr. and Mrs. George Payne and son, Matt,
Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Duche and two children,
Mr. and Mrs. John Jones and four children, or Corbin,
Elbert Jones, Lexington,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sasser and
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Chesnut, Winchester,
J.L. Jones, Gatliff,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sparts of Maywood,
Mr. and Mrs. Reece Baker and two children,
Tilford Jones,
Mrs. Barbara Cottongim and three daughters.
Mrs. Delora Estes and four daughters,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johnson,
Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Sasser,
Mr. and Mrs. Tilford Sasser,
Mr. and Mrs. Tilford Jones,
Mr. Matt Jones,
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Harkelroad,
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hammack and
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stillings and daugher of London.

Laura (Sasser) Jones-Cottingim

Laura's & James's
List of Descendants
Scroll down for Laura's & Fred's List of Descendants.
  • (1) Chester L. Jones
    b: 08 Mar 1896 Mitchell, Wheeler Co, OR
    d: 26 Mar 1970 The Dalles, Wasco Co, OR
    m: STELLA "FAYE" GREENWELL, on 25 Jan 1919
    daughter of Wilbure &Emma Vilate(Munjar) Greenwell
    b: 11 Oct 1895
    d: 25 Jul 1982

  • (2) Edna Mae Jones
    b: 31 Mar 1898 Mitchell, Wheeler Co, OR
    d: 21 Apr 1964
    m: CARL CHAUNCY SMITH, on 06 Apr 1921
    b: 02 May 1897
    d: 31 Dec 1968

  • (3) Cecil Evelyn Jones
    b: 15 Mar 1901
    b: 15 Jun 1896
    d: 27 Sep 1973

  • (4) James Isaac Jones, Jr.
    b: 13 Jul 1903 Mitchell, Wheeler Co, OR
    d: 15 Apr 1958 Redlands, San Bernadino, CA
    m: THELMA ROLO, on 13 May 1933
    b: 23 Jan 1912
    d: 22 Mar 1991

    Laura's & Fred's
    List of Descendants
  • (1) Homer C. Cottingim
    b: 26 Mar 1909 Canyon City, OR
    d: 29 Sep 1986 Yakima, WA
    m: #1=PEARL FISHER BURNS, on 25 Mar 1934
    b: 29 Aug 1907 MaMoure, ND
    d: 05 Aug 1949 Yakima, WA
    m: #2=CORA SHAFER
    b: 19 Apr 1921

  • (2) Blanche Beatrice Cottingim
    b: 25 Oct 1910 Canyon City, OR
    d: 19 Sep 1979 Murdo, Jones Co, SD
    buried: Mt. Vernon Memorial Cemetery, Lemont, IL
    m: MERL W. WIER, on 30 Apr 1931
    b: 30 May 1910 Tacoma, WA
    d: 19 Sep 1979 Murdo, Jones Co, SD
    buried: Mt. Vernon Memorial Cemetery, Lemont, IL
    Blanche & Merl both died in a car accident.

  • (3) FNU (male) Cottingim
    b: 27 Sep 1912
    d: 27 Sep 1912

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