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Descendants of

Taylor Franklin Sasser

Rose (Brock) Sasser


Taylor Franklin Sasser
son of
James B. &Cynthia E.(Williams) Sasser
grandson of
Crawood & Rhoda(Gilbert) Sasser
g-grandson of
John Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser
b: 09 Sep 1887 Laurel Co, KY
d: 23 Jan 1949
buried: Providence Cemetery, Bush Community, Laurel Co, KY
m: Rose Lee Brock
daughter of
John W. &Sazah(Crawford) Brock
granddaughter of
Elder George &Abigail(Gideon) Brock
b: 1887
d: 20 Mar 1979
buried: Providence Cemetery, Bush Community, Laurel Co, KY

Rose's twin sister, Nannie, married Nathan Gilbert, son of
Nathan &Nannie(Tuttle) Gilbert

Notes by Cuz
on how "Sasser, Laurel Co, KY," was named
Taylor F. Sasser
owned a farm and general store close to the head of
Blackwater Creek, where his grandfather, Crawford Sasser,
had settled in 1827. Here he became Postmaster and this
area was named "SASSER," Kentucky, after him.
All four of his children were born at Sasser.

Taylor's & Rose's
List of Descendants

Robert Edward Sasser

  • (1) Robert Edward Sasser, Sr. (Rev.)
    b: 05 Jul 1911 Sasser, Laurel Co, KY
    d: 06 Oct 1979
    m: MAUDE MULLER ESTEP, on 27 Dec 1932
    daughter of John &Mary(Roberts) Estep
    b: 28 Apr 1912 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 27 Aug 2002 Louisville, KY
    buried: Slate Hill Cemetery, London, Laurel Co, KY
    Maude's siblings:
    Roscoe Estep, Mason Estep, Corbett Estep, Ruford Estep, Johnny Estep,
    Kizzie (Estop) Martin, Martha (Estep) Brown, Rosemary (Estep) McHargue.

    Robert Edward Sasser
    has an article appearing on him in the
    Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists,
    Vol. IV, 1982, Broadman Press.
    Also, the Feature Article entitled,
    "R.E. Sasser: A Builder of Churches,"
    appeared in the Indiana Baptist,
    Vol. 38, No. 10, 1996.
    To see our online reprint of the
    "Church Builder" article and photos,

    Estep Family Origins
    as per
    Corbett Estep
    brother of Maud Muller (Estep) Sasser
    The information below required years of research and
    the readings of dozens of early books and manuscripts.
    It is authentic as possible and can be checked.
    The name ESTEP is derived from the Roman ESTE before Christ.
    The name was first put together in 218 b.c. when the Romans conquered
    a town named ASTEPA (Where Spain now is) and changed the name of this
    old Moorish town to ESTEPA.

    The Royalty of Spain were of Maud Muller Estep's line.
    There was a Marquis De Estepa, the last line of which died in 1898.
    The Marquis De Estepa also held the title of Duke. He was an author and
    university professor. His 81-page biography is in the San Francisco library.

    The name Estep (minus the A) first came into use at Estepona
    a few years before Christ. It was then pronounced Es TA PA. In a few
    years the family moved north near the French border. There the name was
    pronounced ISS TEP, with the accent on the second syllable. In a few
    hundred years they moved into South France and became ES TEP.
    They lived there many hundreds of years.

    From France they went to England about 1066, according to America's best
    authority of the origin of names, a professor in an Eastern university.
    In England they were called EAST EP. They were also found in Wales.
    They lived in England and Wales for about 600 years and sailed from
    Wales to America in the latter 1600's.

    The first ESTEP that has been located in America, Richard Estep,
    who was some sort of official for either the British government or for
    Lord Baltimore himself. Richard Estep lived at St. Marys, Maryland, a
    small town near the mouth of St. Marys River. He bought a pew in the
    church of All Faiths on June 3, 1722. His sons John and Joseph were
    very religious and John was Church Warden many years there.

    John married Lucy Brooke, who was a daughter of an English army officer
    (Colonel) sent there by England. All were related to Lord Baltimore -- the
    Estep's cousins to the Calvert's - the others second and third cousins.
    Issue of John was another Richard (Ensign in the Revolution, in George
    Washington's Army). Also Lt. Alexander Estep of the American Revolution
    and Mary Estep. Joseph's Issue were James, Samuel, Joshua, Zacharian
    and several others. About the time of the Revolution the family scattered.
    Some went to Tennessee, some to Pennsylvania, one to Ohio
    and one to North Carolina.

    The early Estep people were said to be far above the average intelligence
    (by Prof. Jones, in a book about Maryland) and they were of English and
    Welsh origin. They had lived in Britain hundred's of years before coming
    over to help Lord Baltimore (Calvert) settle and colonise Maryland.
    The first ones in America were referred to as Welsh. The first in
    England were referred to as being French. Of course any family changes
    its blood every generation or so thus, there is probably little remaining
    after seven or eight generations in this country to resemble the first
    Estep's to come here. However, some characteristics that tend to remain
    are: penetrating eyes, rather large nose, very strong blue eyes. But the
    name still remains pronounced just as at first - ESTEP. It has been found
    in Early Maryland spelled both as ESTEP and EASTEP in the same household.

    The Encyclopedia of American Biography choose the most
    outstanding individuals of our name and you may find
    the items interesting in your library,
    see Vol 7, page 447.

    ~Corbett Estep

    ~ Ph.D.-Mathematics ~
    Dr. John E. Sasser
    retired as a professor of mathematics at the University of Cincinnati,
    Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. He also served as an Educational Consultant for
    the College of Evening and Continuing Education. Before coming to the
    University of Cincinnati, he taught both undergraduate and graduate
    courses in mathematics education at The Ohio State University. Prior to
    going to The Ohio State University, Dr. Sasser was promoted to Associate
    Professor and awarded tenure at Marshall University where he was a
    professor of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Mathematics Education.

    Dr. Sasser graduated Summa cum Laude from the University of Maryland;
    holds two Master's degrees and the Ph.D. from the University of Southern
    California. Dr. Sasser is the author of five books and fourteen published
    articles. His publications include two Training Programs for the Kentucky
    Department of Education under the Kentucky Educational Reform Act (KERA),
    as professional development for in-service teachers and administrators.
    During the past ten years (1986-1996) Professor Sasser has given more than
    thirty presentations at the State, Regional, National and International
    levels: In July, 1986, he gave a presentation at the University of
    Heidelberg, Germany; in July, 1987, he conducted a workshop at the
    University of Haifa, Israel; in November, 1995, he gave a presentation at
    the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, Annual General Assembly
    and Conference, Minsk, Belarus and in 1996 he gave a presentation at
    The Institute For Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ.

    In 1991 Dr. Sasser received the Outstanding Achievement Award to Kentucky
    Education from the State Commissioner of Education and in 1992 was
    commissioned as a member of the Governor's Advisory Committee on Federal
    Funding by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In 1995,
    Professor Sasser received recognition from the President of the
    Ohio-Section of the Mathematical Association of America, for "the valuable
    assistance rendered the Mathematical Association of America during the
    years 1991-1995 as a member of the Executive Board, Chair of the
    Committee on Curriculum and Co-Chair of the Joint Task Force on Standards."

    Professor Sasser is a member of the Association of Computers in
    Mathematics and Science Teaching (ACMST); The Mathematical Association of
    America (MAA) and the American Mathematical Society (AMS). As a member of
    Mathematical Association of America, he served on the Executive Committee
    of the MAA, Ohio Section, from 1991-1995. In 1986 he was elected President
    of the American/Department of Defense (DODDS-Germany) Council of Teachers
    of Mathematics.

    On November 10, 1995, in Minsk, Belarus, Dr. Sasser was inducted into
    the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences.

    Most recently, Professor Sasser was selected to attend the Institute for
    Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ during the summer of 1996. The research
    topic was probability. While there Dr. Sasser solved the problem of
    determining the number of objects in a set containing two different types
    in order to obtain all possible solutions for a given probability when
    randomly selecting two like objects. This problem led to the theory of
    equations which has not been perfected. Professor Sasser presented his
    findings at the Institute For Advanced Study in July, 1996.

    On November 6, 1996, Dr. Sasser was presented the
    University of Cincinnati 1996 Faculty Achievement Award.

    His website is:

    all ...THAT, but ......still......
    he's just plain ol'
    "Cuz John Estep Sasser"
    to we 'uns, and he has generously provided us
    with much of the lineage information for
    this "Taylor & Rose Sasser" branch.
    By the way, John, we kinfolk truly are
    quite proud of you
    for those outstanding achievements of yours!

    Check out our page entitled
    "Sasser Heritage"
    which is based on John's genealogy works
    by that name. Just clickon the title.

  • (2) James William "Jim" Sasser
    b: 12 Mar 1913 Sasser, Laurel Co, KY
    d: 20 Sep 1964
    m: #1=BEULAH CURRY
    b: 18 Dec 1914 London, KY
    d: 19 Jun 2000
    Dorothy was a graduate of Sue Bennett College, London, KY,
    and was Postmaster of Laurel County, KY, was a resident of the
    Phoenix/Mesa, AZ, area for 56 years, a school teacher and
    retiree of the City of Phoenix, AZ. Her half sister is
    Louise Cromer of London, KY.

  • (3) George Sasser
    b: 18 Dec 1915 Sasser, Laurel Co, KY
    d: 20 Jul 2000 Columbus, Franklin Co, OH
    b: 13 Aug 1924

  • (4) Lillian Sasser
    b: 02 Oct 1918 Sasser, Laurel Co, KY
    d: 19 Apr 1983
    b: 05 Sep 1915

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