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Descendants of

Wallace Sasser

1st Wife:
2nd Wife:

Wallace Sasser
1852 - 1947
Wallace Sasser
son of
Jesse &Nancy(Gilbert) Sasser
b: 1852 Knox Co, KY
d: 07 Jul 1947 (at age 81) Gibbs, Knox Co, KY
buried: Sasser-Glass Cemetery, Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
1st Wife:
Elizabeth "Eliza" Williams

b: 06 Oct 1852
d: 14 Jan 1901 Laurel Co, KY
buried: Sasser-Glass Cemetery

Epitath on Eliza's headstone:
"God Gave. He took.
He will restore."
2nd Wife:
Cora "Cory" Perry

daughter of
Bill &Sukey(Tuttle) Perry
paternal grandparents:
Ranse &Melissa(Imes) Perry
maternal grandparents:
William &Maggie(Smith) Tuttle
Perry g-grandparents:
William &Nancy(LNU) Perry
assumed g-granddaughter of
Alexander &Susan(Tuttle) Smith
assumed gg-granddaughter of
Wm."Peter" &Elizabeth(Smith) Tuttle, Jr.
b: MO
d: 11 Jul 1968 Gibbs, KY
buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Laurel Co, KY

Corey's father's sister,
married Wallace's mother's brother,
Soloman "Doc" Gilbert.
Doc's 1st wife was

Cory's 2nd husband was Blevins Asher
son of
Andrew J. &Sally(Ledford) Asher
grandson of

William B. &Rebecca(Begley) Asher.
Blevin's 1st wife was Luvina (Cloyd) Asher,
with whom he had several children.

Wallace's & Eliza's
List of Descendants
Scroll on down page for Wallace's and Cory's list.

  • (1) Bettie Sasser

  • (2) Campbell William "Cam" Sasser, Sr.
    b: 1871
    d: 1960 Lawton, Comanche Co, OK
    daughter of Hiram &Serena(Osborne) Helton
    b: 1883

    Posting in the SASSER-L archives
    by Cam's granddaughter,
    Sue Lynn (Sasser) Williams
    My grandfather Cam had been in that area as a younger man, working in
    the oil fields at Burkburnet, TX and in the cattle business. He liked
    it, but returned to KY to get married and "settle down". Granddad was
    an accomplished banjo player and played in the dancebands with the
    folks who went on to establish the Grand Ole Opry. He did marry Ludie
    Helton, aka Lucretia FairLily who was the daughter of a missionary to
    the Cherokee Indians. Granddad had TB after they married, which became
    one of the reasons for leaving KY. They left KY in 1913 and headed to
    Oklahoma on the train...with their three oldest children, Sara, Crit
    and Stanley. Granddad had an uncle (I believe it was....a Gilbert)
    who lived in Lawton. They went to see this uncle and had plans to
    eventually head northwest to Oregon, but Grandad was too ill to travel
    due to the TB....so the contingency from SW OK went without him. He
    and the Uncle then opened a general store in downtown Lawton. I'm not
    sure what happened to the uncle, but Granddad later opened Sasser's
    Grocery. At the time it closed in the mid 70s, it was the business
    opened the longest at the same location in the city of Lawton. He was
    quite an entreprenuer in the grocery field, opening the first
    self-service grocery store in Oklahoma and one of the first west of
    the Mississippi River. This was in the early 1940s. I do know that
    Granddad loved adventure and was prepared to take on about anything
    new. Unfortunately, I was only six years old when he died. But I
    learned a lot about my grandfather when I wrote an award-winning
    essay about him and his role in Oklahoma history. I think I was in
    junior high at the time. His sister Stella spent some time in the
    Lawton area as well, having married D. B. Hale. He also had a cousin
    (?) John who lived in Blanchard, Tuttle or one of those small towns
    just south of Oklahoma City. John married a Sasser also...they had
    about 15 children. Several of these children headed for California
    to seek fame and fortune in the 30s and 40s, as did my oldest uncle
    Crit. Crit and one of John's sons were very well known home builders
    in the area that is now Palm Springs during the 40s. Crit also spent
    time in Bakersfield (?) before moving back to Oklahoma in the 50s.
    One of John's sons, Dakery, worked for Bob Hope as his business
    manager for many years.

  • (3) Thomas E. "Tom" Sasser
    b: 02 Feb 1875 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 09 Feb 1965
    buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Knox Co, KY
    m: #1=ALICE JONES, on date unknown
    b: 1878
    d: 07 Mar 1954
    buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Knox Co, KY
    sp#2=GEORGIEANNE "ANNIE" BURNETT-SASSER (never married Tom)
    daughter of Steve & unknown Burnett
    sp#3=BERTHA SASSER-COX (never married Tom)
    daughter of John-Henry &Annie(Burnett) Sasser

  • (4) Madison Sasser
    b: Abt 1877

  • (5) Ida Sasser
    b: Abt 1880

  • (6) Lucy Evelyn Sasser
    b: 09 May 1882
    d: 27 Dec 1963
    son of Henry Wallace &Emma(Powell) Sasser
    grandson of Crawood &Rhoda(Gilbert) Sasser
    b: 11 May 1880
    d: 03 Apr 1949
    Lucy's grandfather, Jesse Sasser, is a brother
    to John's grandfather, Crawood Sasser.
    Lucy and John are 2nd cousins.

  • (7) Bruce T. Sasser
    b: 1884
    d: 10 Jan 1911 Knox Co, KY
    daughter of Henry Wallace &Emma(Powell) Sasser
    granddaughter of Crawood &Rhoda(Gilbert) Sasser
    Laura's 2nd husband is her 2nd cousin, Edward "Ed" Cobb,
    son of Rad &Nancy(Sasser-Sasser)Cobb, and whose
    Cobb grandparents are
    John &Lurany(Phipps) Cobb, and whose
    Sasser grandparents are
    James &Martha(Hubbard) Sasser.
    (Clickon John/Lurany to find Laura's & Ed's List of Descendants.)

  • (8) Jesse Sasser
    b: 1890

  • (9) Stella Sasser
    b: 1891

    Wallace's & Cory's
    List of Descendants

    Champ Sasser
    with parents
    Wallace & Cora (Perry) Sasser

    Wallace & Cora (Perry) Sasser
    in about 1903
    The photo on the left was contributed by
    Cuz Heather Sullivan.
    The photo on the right was shared by
    Cuz Bobbie-Jo (Steinhauer) Sasser
    a couple of years ago with
    Cuz Glenn Earl Perry
    who of late shared it with . . .
    . . . US'uns

    Wallace's only child by Cory (Perry)Sasser:
    Champ Sasser in his older years
  • (1) Champ C. Sasser
    b: 12 Jun 1912
    d: 02 Nov 1992
    buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Laurel Co, KY
    m: UNA MAE WAGONER, in appx 1930
    Una Mae Wagoner
    daughter of Joe &Lucy(Botkin) Wagoner
    granddaughter of Lafayette &Lisa Jane(Frazier) Botkin
    g-granddaughter of William &Jarusha/Samisha(Tuttle) Botkin
    b: 30 Oct 1912
    d: 09 Oct 1967
    buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Laurel Co, KY
    Una's siblings are Jack, Mitchell, Clyde, and Shirley (Wagoner) Taylor.

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