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Descendants of

William Sizemore


1st Wife:
Esther Anderson
2nd Wife:
Judida Fields
3rd Wife:
Argent Armstrong

William Sizemore
son of
George "All" &Agnes "Aggie"(Shepherd-Cornett) Sizemore
b: 1773 Stokes, Surry Co, NC
d: 1877 Randolph Co, IN
buried: Prospect Cemetery, Prospect, Randolph Co, IN
1st Wife:
Esther Anderson

m: on 09 Dec 1805,
in Green Co, TN
b: 1784 NC
d: 1850
2nd Wife:
Judida "Dida" (Baruels) McMillan-Fields

[aka Nancy Jedidah (Baruels) McMillan-Fields]
[aka O'jedida O']
m: on 28 Nov 1850,
in Grant Co, IN
b: Abt 1780 in
TN or VA or Stokes, Surry Co, NC
d: 17 May 1859 [or 1861] Randolph Co, IN
buried: Prospect Cemetery,
in Prospect, Randolph Co, IN
3rd Wife:
Argent Armstrong

b: Nov 1877 NC
d: Aft 1900 IN
In their early relationship
and during the birth of their sons,
Judida Fields & William Sizemore
lived apart on neighboring properties
and didn't marry until their late years in life.
Judida's 1st marriage was to FNU McMillan.
Judida's 2nd married was to Gabriel William Fields
in Abt 1801, in Stokes, Surry Co, NC, or in Hawkins Co, TN,
and they had at least 5 children born between 1802 and 1812.

The surname Sizemore originated in England
(variations of the name include Scarisbrick, Scarasbrick, Scaresbrick),

which is represented on this page by graphics of
a symbol of England's flag, which is the logo of their Patron Saint,
St. George --- a red cross on a white background, a reminder that
St. George was said to have once slayed the "dragon" of sin from England.
Some of the early Sizemore settlers in America inter-married with various
Native American tribes and recent DNA tests have proven that
all descendant of
the "George &Agnes(Shepherd-Cornett) Sizemore" lineage

are definitely part Native American,
though it is yet unknown as to what degree of or from what Tribe of
(although some-not-all say George was half Cherokee and Aggie was full Creek).
The Sizemore Indian heritage is represented on this page
by graphics of an Indian head superimposed over England's flag,
and of a joining of England's flag with the Native American
Medicine Wheel shield --- an emblem of the "Circle of Life"
of which all races (red, yellow, black, white) are a part.

Special Appreciation
Much of the lineage information for
this "William/Esther/Judida/Argent" page
was found in files at genealogy sites such as
Genforum.com, the LDS site, Rootsweb.com, etc..
Your generosity and help is very much appreciated.
And there is lots more great info on the general internet about these Sizemores.

William's & Esther's
List of Descendants
Scroll down the page to find
William's & Judida's List -and- William's & Argent's List.
  • (1) Anderson Sizemore
    b: 1806 TN

  • (2) Mary Sizemore
    b: 1810

  • (3) Mahala Sizemore
    b: 1815
    m: JESSE MAXWELL, on 05 Feb 1833, in Hawkins Co, TN

  • (4) Margaret Sizemore
    b: 1817 TN
    m: ABRAHAM HARSHMAN, on 02 Jul 1839

  • (5) Edward Sizemore
    b: 1822 TN
    d: 21 Jul 1913 Randolph Co, IN
    m: MARY EWELL, on 26 Dec 1848, in Randolph Co, IN

    William's & Judida's
    List of Descendants
    (Note: William & Judida married many years AFTER the birth of their sons.)
    Scroll down the page to find William's & Argent's List of Descendants.
  • (1) Jackson Fields
    b: 1818 Hawkins Co, TN
    d: 1900 Jackson Co, OR
    m: PHOEBE COLLINS, on 02 Nov 1837, in Randolph Co, IN

  • (2) Ellerson Fields
    (aka Elerson or Ellison)
    b: 17 Aug 1820 Butcher's Valley, Hawkins Co, TN
    d: 23 May 1890 Havensville, Pottawatomie Co, KS
    m: MARY ANN DIEHL, on 10 Mar 1842, in Randolph Co, IN
    daughter of Charles &Elizabeth(Sheets) Diehl
    b: 15 Nov 1821 Columbiana Co, OH

    William's & Argent's
    List of Descendants
  • (1) George Sizemore
    b: Jun 1867 IN
    m: RACHEL LNU, in 1896

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