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Descendants of

Cornelius Alexander Taylor
Sarah (Walker) Taylor

sometimes referred to as
"The Stinking Creek Taylors"


Cornelius Alexander Taylor
son of
David & Mary M. (Blevins) Taylor
paternal grandparents:
James &Eleanor(Smith)Taylor
maternal grandparents:
John Wm. &Martha(Beans)Blevins
b: Abt 1792 Wythe Co, VA
d: 27 Mar 1874 Stinking Creek, Knox Co, KY
buried: Taylor Broughton Cemetery, Clay Co, KY

Sarah Ann "Sally" Walker,
on 10 Mar 1814, in Knox Co, KY
daughter of
Walter &Elizabeth Anne(LNU) Walker
b: 18 Oct 1794

Cornelius & Siblings:
1. Elizabeth Taylor
b: 1786
2. Cornelius Alexander Taylor
b: Abt 1792 Wythe Co, VA
d: 27 Mar 1874 Knox Co, KY
3. Martha Patsy Taylor
b: Orange Co, VA
d: 30 Jul 1856 Harlan Co, KY
Sally & Siblings:
1. Sarah Ann "Sally" Walker
b: 18 Oct 1794
2. Phoebe Walker
3. Annie Walker
4. Rhoda Walker
5. William Walker

Cornelius's & Sally's descendants are sometimes referred to as
"The Stinking Creek Taylors"
mostly to differenciate them from the descendants of
Jacob "Isaac" &Rhoda(Smith) Taylor
(who originated in the "Goose Creek" area).
Though both have the surname Taylor,
it has not been proven that Cornelius and Isaac are related.
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War of 1812
According to "A History of Knox County, Kentucky," by K.S. Sol Warren
(Barbourville, KY: Daniel Boone Festival, Incorporated, 1976, p. 167),
Samuel Cobb
[son of Ambrose & Rachel(Black) Cobb]
(clicking on will open a separate window)
was a private in
the 8th Company, under Captain Ambrose Arthur,
part of the 13th Regiment of Kentucky Volunteers
commanded by Colonel William Dudley.

The company was formed in Barbourville as early as March 1812
and marched during the spring of 1813.
The company also included

Gathering at Cincinnati, the 13th Regiment was one of four such units
commanded by General Green Clay that marched on to northern Ohio to
relieve General William Henry Harrison on the Maumee River. The enemy
was defeated at Fort Meigs, but, in what came to be called the battle of
Dudley's Defeat (May 5, 1813), the Kentucky force was trapped and nearly
wiped out after it pursued the British and Indians with excessive zeal.
Taylor in particular was wounded and taken prisoner.
What was left of the regiment managed to escape across the river
and joined the 10th Kentucky Regiment under Colonel William Boswell.
(Based on Warren, pp. 160-169.)

Cornelius's & Sarah's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Mary Ann Taylor
    b: 18 Jan 1815 Knox Co, KY
    d: 1893 Knox Co, KY
    m: JAMES HENRY WARREN, on 28 Oct 1830, in Knox Co, KY
    son of Karnes &Rebecca(Lane)Warren
    b: 08 Nov 1806 VA
    d: 08 Sep 1862 Knox Co, KY

  • (2) Nelson Taylor
    b: 1817 KY
    daughter of Stephen &Rebecca(Woolum)Rice
    granddaughter of Andrew &Ursley(Woodward) Woolum
    b: 1823 KY
    Belle's 1st husband was Moses Hubbard.

  • (3) Clarinda "Clara" Taylor
    b: Abt 1819 Knox Co, KY

  • (4) Mahala Taylor
    b: Abt 1822 Knox Co, KY
    m: Bradley Meredith
    b: 1804 VA

  • (5) Sarah Taylor
    b: 12 May 1825 Knox Co, KY
    m: CLARK MILLS, on 03 Oct 1839, in Knox Co, KY
    son of Nasby &Esther(Haddock) Mills
    paternal grandparents: Nasby &Nancy Ann(Elks) Mills
    maternal grandparents: John G. &Rhoda(Taylor) Haddock, Jr.
    b: 17 Apr 1817
    d: 28 Aug 1891 Knox Co, KY
    Clark's 2nd wife was Sarah's sister, Margaret.

  • (6) Isaac "Ike" Taylor
    b: 29 Jul 1832 Knox Co, KY
    d: 09 Aug 1898 Knox Co, KY
    daughter of John T. &April(Mills)Hammons
    b: Abt 1830 KY

  • (7) Margaret Taylor
    b: 02 Dec 1832 Knox Co, KY
    m: CLARK MILLS, on 07 Aug 1851, in Knox Co, KY
    son of Nasby &Esther(Haddock) Mills
    paternal grandparents: Nasby &Nancy Ann(Elks) Mills
    maternal grandparents: John G. &Rhoda(Taylor) Haddock, Jr.
    b: 17 Apr 1817
    d: 28 Aug 1891 Knox Co, KY
    Clark's 1st wife was Margaret's sister, Sarah.

  • (8) Harrison Taylor
    b: 18 Mar 1836 Knox Co, KY
    d: 13 Feb 1904 Knox Co, KY
    buried: Taylor-Broughton Cemetery, Alex's Creek, Knox Co, KY
    m: #1=MARY ANN HUTCHINS, ON 28 Sep 1864
    daughter of John &Lourannah(Biggerstaff) Hutchins
    b: 09 Aug 1844 Harlan Co, KY
    d: 08 Jan 1895
    m: #2=LUCY HOWARD, on 06 Oct 1895
    daughter of Daniel &Clarinda(Chappell) Howard
    met: #1=MANERVA NERVESTA "NERVY" ROARK, in Abt 1865
    daughter of William &Nancy(Johnson) Roark
    b: 1844 Leslie Co, KY
    met: #2=REBECCA SIMPSON, in Abt 1869
    daughter of Andrew "Andy" &Sally(Brock) Simpson
    b: 1842 Harlan Co, KY
    Last Will & Testament of
    Knox County, KY,
    Will Book "D", Page I
    September 15, l903
    Will made by Harrison Taylor this the 15th day of September 1903.
    In the name of God Amen, I Harrison Taylor of Knox County, Kentucky,
    viewing the uncertainty of life and that death will come in my mind
    properly, due make this my Last Will and Testament, revoking all
    other Will that has been made by me,

    I desire that my wife, Lucy Taylor, have 2 cows, one mule, one yoke
    of oxen, all the sheep I have, all the hogs on hand, all the house
    plunder and One Thousand Dollar's worth of the land her natural life
    to raise the children on and at her death to be equally divided
    between her children by me and the rest of my property to be sold and
    my just debts paid out of the sale of the property and

    Sues (Susan) Broughton to have One Dollar
    paid to her as her part of my estate.

    Grant Taylor's children also to have $1.00 (One Dollar) for his part
    of my estate as his part of the estate, and

    Martha Jane Taylor's son, Sherman, to have to his part of my estate
    one horse or mule not worth less than $75.
    Seventy Dollars Five her part: and

    Caroline Taylor and all ahrs (heirs?) and Mary Bell and
    Margaret Taylor is to have $75 (Seventy Five Dollars) each and

    all the rest of my estate is to be equally divided between
    Sherman T. and Garrett T., Gilbert T. and Henry T.
    and America T. and Pearly T. and

    John Taylor is to have One Hundred Dollars,
    in anything that he wants for his part.

    Witness whereof I set my hand and seal this October the 15th, 1903
    ~Harrison Taylor

    State of Kentucky
    County of Knox
    I, John Parker, Clerk of the County Court,
    for the County and State of aforesaid, do certify that the
    foregoing Will was, the 23rd day of February 1904, produced and filed
    and upon motion was duly probated and ordered of record
    and same is now properly done.
    Witness my hand, this 24th day of March 1904.
    ~John Parker, Clerk ~By W. S. Parker, D. C.

  • (9) Cornelius Taylor
    b: 14 May 1837 Knox Co, KY

  • (10) Alexander William "Elix" Taylor
    b: 28 Nov 1838 Knox Co, KY
    d: 27 Jul 1888 Knox Co, KY
    buried: Lower Taylor Cemetery, aka Hopkins Cemetery, at
    Stinking Creek, Knox Co, KY
    daughter of Isaac &Nancy(Pew)Hopkins
    granddaughter of Nehemiah &Mahulderry(LNU)Hopkins
    great-granddaughter of Stephen &Catherine(Clouse)Hopkins
    b: 01 Feb 1846 Mulberry Branch, Hancock Co, TN
    d: 27 Mar 1920 Pineville, Bell Co, KY
    buried: Hopkins-Taylor Cemetery, near Stinking Creek, Knox Co, KY
    daughter of Isom M. &Mary "Jane"(Love)Hubbard
    b: 1849 Knox Co, KY
    d: 1865

  • (11) Alabama Taylor
    b: 22 Aug 1843 Knox Co, KY
    son of Nasby &Elizabeth(Baker) Mills
    grandson of Nasby &Esther(Haddock) Mills
    g-grandson of Nasby &Nancy Ann(Elks) Mills
    b: 27 Apr 1836 KY

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