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~ The Stinking Creek Taylors' & Hopkins' ~

John Thomas Taylor-Hopkins

1st Wife:
Martha (Collett) Hopkins
2nd Wife:
Martha (Warren) Hopkins

John Thomas Taylor-Hopkins
son of
Alexander "Elix" &Viney(Hopkins)Taylor
b: 17 May 1863 Knox Co, KY
d: 01 Jan 1939 prob Bell Co, KY
Per Hazel Petrey letter's to Virginia Taylor Meyers,
John Taylor-Hopkins is buried in Grandpa Hopkins's cemetery,
"The Home Cemetery," originally known as the
"Lower Taylor Cemetery,"
off Alex Creek at Stinking Creek, Knox Co, KY.
1st Wife:
Martha Jane Collett
daughter of
William &Elizabeth(Jones)Collett
b: Abt 1865 prob Clay Co, KY
2nd Wife:
Martha Jane Warren
m: on 18 Dec 1891, in Bell Co, KY
daughter of
John &Millie(Gambrel)Warren
b: 22 Nov 1872 Knox Co, KY
d: 01 Apr 1958 prob Knox Co, KY

Clickon Elix/Viney to learn why some members of
a family that is sometimes referred to as

"The Stinking Creek Taylors' & Hopkins'"
use the surname Taylor, some use Hopkins,
some use Taylor-Hopkins.

Per family stories,
John Taylor-Hopkins
killed his first cousin, Silas Taylor, son of Isaac Taylor. From the court
case which ensued and the information provided by Ralph Mills, the air was
filled with rage on that early fall day of September 7, 1883. There was a
"hanging party" made of Isaac Taylor, Milton Jackson, Thomas Warren,
James Patterson, Elijah Patterson, William Mills, Steven Jackson and
Isaac Mills. The group was led by Isaac Taylor. His son, Silas, had been
killed and ol' Ike Taylor was out looking for John Taylor-Hopkins, son of
Alexander and Lavinia (Hopkins) Taylor (although the court was not aware of
the full family relationships.) Alexander Taylor had learned what his son
had done and knew Isaac would be coming. He and Alexander took off for the
woods, leaving the smaller son, Isaac Hopkins. They didn't tell him where
they were going. In order to get the truth out of the younger Isaac,
they threatened him over and over and when he still could not say anything
or would not say anything, they strung him up on the nearest limb.
They'd let him hang for a while, break him down, question him and upon
hearing nothing from him, would string him up again. To the end,
Isaac Hopkins held out almost to the last breath - that he didn't know
where his brother or Alex Taylor were. A law suit was brought against
Isaac Taylor and his "hanging party" by Lavina Hopkins-Taylor,
Isaac Hopkins's mother. Since her son was under age, she sued as his next
of kin. Lavina stated she and her son's father had never married and that
Isaac's "true father" refused to bring suit. Naturally, Isaac Taylor denied
all the charges as well as the others involved. The case went on for
several years. Each time the case was to be heard, Isaac Taylor's witnesses
always disappeared. He always claimed he was not ready for trial because
Rachel Warren, a material witness for him, was absent and that he procured
a subpoena for her but she was not at trial because she was home sick.
Isaac Taylor said that Rachel Warren was present when Isaac Hopkins's
claims were done and that she would prove he did not strike, beat or bruise
Isaac Hopkins. Also, that he did not tie any rope around the neck of
Isaac Hopkins nor did he hang him or hurt him in any way. She would testify
that Isaac Taylor only took hold of the rope tied around Isaac Hopkins's
neck and called on him to tell where Alex Taylor and John Hopkins were.
And, she would say that when Isaac Hopkins said he did not know, then
Isaac Taylor let him go. Also, the statements of the witness would make,
if they were there, would be true. Another witness that did not show up was
John G. Warren. However, Isaac Taylor stated if he had been prresent, he
would say that Isaac Hopkins told him a short time after the case commenced
that Isaac Taylor did not injure or hurt him or do him any damage but only
tried to get him to tell where his brother was. When he would not tell him,
he let him alone. It seems that this witness, John G. Warren, had been in
town several days but left, Isaac Taylor said he would have him back at the
next court term. That Isaac just couldn't get his witnesses to "hang around"
long enough to testify. Thomas Warren, another witness, never showed up
because he had received a cut with an axe! Isaac Taylor endeavored to
convince the court that he tried in good faith to get ready on time and
would be ready except for his witnesses not being there. The other
defendants also said they were not quilty. Isaac Taylor tried to say he
was treated unfairly by the court. He said his son, Silas Taylor, was killed
by Isaac Hopkins's brother and Isaac Hopkins was present and aided in the
escape of his brother for said killing. Ike Taylor said, "I was attempting
in good faith to have the guilty party arrested and brought to trial and
without malice or injury to Isaac Hopkins, tried to make him tell where his
fugitive brother was." Isaac Taylor even tried the old "statute of
limitations", claiming that it had been more than one year since the acts
complained of, so he asked to be dismissed for his costs and all proper
relief. The jury found for Isaac Hopkins.
Isaac Taylor was fined $300. Isaac Mills $300;
Thomas Warren $100; James Patterson $100; and Steve Jackson $100.
There was a later lawsuit in which Isaac was charged with transferring his
property to his wife, Permelia Ann (Hammons) Taylor, in order to prevent
him from having any saleable property to satisfy this debt.
There is another family tradition with regard to
John Taylor-Hopkins,
which involves the killing of John's father, Alexander William Taylor.
So the story goes, "Alex was plowing a field when Arter/Artor North
approached the railing fence and, resting an old rifle on one of the
railings, shot Alex in the back. North (according to yet another story
source - Nasby Mills) went running down the road with people chasing him,
firing at him. Later on, after Artor North had been tried, convicted and
had served his time, he was released. John Taylor-Hopkins laid in wait for
him along the road and when Artor rode by, John stepped out of the bush and
shot Arter from his horse, killing him. John had avenged his father's death.
It is said that he spent some time in prison for this killing."

John's descendants by Martha Jane(Collett) Hopkins
[Scroll on down the page for John's descendants by Martha (Warren) Hopkins]
  • (1) Joseph Taylor-Hopkins
    Joseph took the Taylor family name as his "middle" name.

  • (2) Martha Taylor-Hopkins
    b: Abt 1876 Knox Co, KY
    m: JOHN BAKER, on 15 Apr 1901, in Knox Co, KY
    b: Abt. 1869 Knox Co, KY
    Martha to John, her 1st marriage; John to Martha, his 2nd marriage.

    John's descendants by Martha Jane(Warren) Hopkins
  • (1) Gillis Taylor-Hopkins
    b: 13 Mar 1893 Knox Co, KY
    d: 28 Jul 1930 Knox or Bell Co, KY
    buried: "Home Cemetery," Stinking Creek, Knox Co, KY

  • (2) James "Jim Matt" Taylor-Hopkins
    b: 26 Sep 1894 Knox Co, KY

  • (3) Benjamin Harrison Taylor-Hopkins
    b: 26 Mar 1896 KY
    d: 11 Jan 1981 KY
    buried: Pineville Cemetery, Bell Co, KY (Mason insignia on stone)
    b: 10 Jul 1895 KY
    d: 06 Dec 1964 KY

  • (4) Rosa Taylor-Hopkins
    b: 24 Jul 1897 Mills, Knox Co, KY
    d: 14 Jun 1996 Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY
    m: LEANDER "LEE" NAPIER, on 04 Aug 1915, in Bell Co, KY
    son of Franklin &Lucinda(Slusher)Napier
    grandson of Joseph &Sarah(McConkie) Napier
    g-grandson of Edward &Rachel(Ely) Napier
    gg-grandson of Patrick &Mary Judith(Burke) Napier
    b: 10 Feb 1889 Slusher (on the left fork of Straight Creek), Bell Co, KY
    d: 14 Dec 1976 Lebanon, KY
    In the early 1920's, Rosa and Lee donated the land and
    started the old Buffalo School. The school house served
    as a school and church for the community of Slusher, KY.
    Lee was a miner for several years. He and Rosa owned the
    general store and post office at Slusher, KY. In 1935,
    when the highway was built up Left Fork of Straight Creek,
    they sold and moved to Lebanon, KY. There they purchased
    a farm on McElroy Pike. Later they moved to the city of Lebanon.
    The following letter is from
    Mrs. Rosa H. Napier,
    . . . Main St., Lebanon, Ky. . .
    The letter is undated.
    (The letter is in the possession of Ralph Mills.)
    Dear Goldie, I were up to Brother Lee funeral
    went on up to the home grave yard where he were burred
    I wrote this from my grand mother tombstone and my father tombstone.
    Melvina Hopkins
    Born Feb 1, 1846 Passed on March 27, 1920
    on her stone reads
    Remember our mother
    she is asleep in Jesus our Lord our Love one

    this was May 15-1971 when I visit their graves
    the day of your uncle Lee burring
    there were Gillis-Lesley Hopkins -I didn't have time to take down
    what were on Gillis - Lesley stone -on my Father stone wrote
    Our Father John Hopkins
    Born May 17 1863 - died Jan 1 1939
    In rest they memory shall ever be guiding star to heaven.

    This is in Knox County on Stinking Creek - Mill Ky is the post office.

  • (5) Isaac Leonard "Ike" Taylor-Hopkins
    b: 12 Mar 1899 Knox Co, KY
    d: 04 Jul 1970 Jefferson Co, KY
    m: FANNIE MAY/MAE RICE, on 29 May 1928, in Marion Co, KY
    daughter of John &Dora(Taylor)Rice
    b: 19 Jan 1901 Bell Co, KY
    d: 27 Jan 1994 Marion Co, KY

  • (6) McKinley Taylor-Hopkins
    b: 11 Mar 1901 Mills, Knox Co, KY
    d: 15 Dec 1979 Arjay, Bell Co, KY
    buried: Pineville Memorial Cemetery, Pineville, Bell Co, KY
    m: #1=ROSA TAYLOR, in Abt 1916, prob in Knox Co, KY
    daughter of Ulysses &Docia(Taylor)Taylor
    granddaughter of Harrison &Mary(Hutchins)Taylor
    g-granddaughter of Cornelius &Sally(Walker)Taylor
    b: 10 Mar 1900 Knox Co, KY
    d: 26 Nov 1986 KY
    m: #2=MARY ANN CARNES, on 18 Jan 1934, in Arjay, Bell Co, KY
    daughter of Nelson &Causley(Rice)Carnes
    b: Abt 1905 Knox Co, KY
    McKinley's grandfather, Alexander Taylor, is a brother to both
    Rosa's paternal grandfather, Harrison Taylor,
    and her maternal g-grandfather, Nelson Taylor.

    Per information provided to Virginia(Taylor)Meyers
    via Hazel (Hopkins)Petrey, daughter of Rosa (Taylor)Taylor
    Rosa (Taylor) Taylor
    had five children born to her by 1930. She was living with her
    children in the old share cropper's house that was on her mother,
    Docia (Taylor) Taylor's farm. That was the same year that Docia
    died still living on her farmland. The William P. &Emily Mills
    family that had at one time occupied the sharecropper's house
    had long since moved away from the farm. Per family tradition,
    Rosa thought that she had bought the share cropper's home and
    ten acres of land from Docia in exchange for two mules. Rosa's
    brother, Grant U. Taylor, told Rosa she was mistaken and that
    this land purchase had never been recorded as being deeded to
    her. She and her children had to move from the land since
    Grant had sold the farm. Rosa Taylor died of cancer.

  • (7) Lee Thomas Taylor-Hopkins
    b: 09 Nov 1901 Bell Co, KY
    d: 12 May 1971 Knox or Bell Co, KY
    buried: Hopkins Family Cemetery, off Alex Creek, Knox Co, KY
    m: NELL/NELLIE L. BOWMAN, in 1923, in Claiborne Co, TN
    b: 05 Dec 1905 KY
    d: 25 Feb 1973 KY
    buried: Hopkins Family Cemetery, off Alex Creek, Knox Co, KY

  • (8) Edgar/Edward Taylor-Hopkins
    b: Abt 1906 Bell Co, KY
    d: Aft 1979
    daughter of William &Nelly(Tincher)Messer
    b: 13 May 1913 Bell Co, KY

  • (9) Leslie Taylor-Hopkins
    b: 10 Jul 1908 Bell Co, KY
    d: 15 Feb 1918 KY

  • (10) Anna/Anne Mae Taylor-Hopkins
    b: 04 Mar 1911 Bell Co, KY
    m: TIPTON WILLIAM "TIP" BRIGHT, on 30 Jul 1927
    son of Lawrence &Laura(Wilford)Bright
    b: Dec 1904
    d: 08 Jan 1984
    buried Pine Hill Cemetery, Corbin, KY

  • (11) Delbert G. Taylor-Hopkins
    b: 19 Apr 1913 Knox Co, KY
    d: 02 Jan 1987 Pineville, Bell Co, KY
    buried: Pineville Memorial Cemetery, Pineville, Bell Co, KY
    daughter of Boyd &Mollie(Gambrel) Gambrel
    maternal grandparents: Thomas &Tabitha(Mills) Gambrel
    maternal g-grandparents: Frank &Rosanna(Woolum) Gambrel
    maternal gg-grandparents: John &Nellie(LNU) Gambrel
    b: 04 Nov 1911 KY
    d: 12 May 1963 KY
    buried: Pineville Memorial Cemetery, Pineville, Bell Co, KY
    Delbert and Hazel had only one child of their own (Magdalene),
    but they took in Hazel's nieces and nephew after their father,
    Millard Broughton, was murdered. The relationship of
    Hules Bingham to the rest of the family is not known. The
    Broughton children listed are those of Millard Broughton
    and Hazel's sister, Mary Jane(Gambrel) Broughton.

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