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Descendants of

Claiborne W. Taylor

Sarah (Woolum) Taylor


Claiborne W. Taylor
son of
Jacob "Isaac" & Rhoda (Smith) Taylor
b: 17 Nov 1823 Clay Co, KY
d: 18 Jun 1918
m: Sarah "Sally" Woolum
daughter of
Jacob & Sarah Anice (Hughes) Woolum
b: 19 Feb 1828 Harlan Co, KY
d: 13 Mar 1895

from Cuz Glenn Perry
Claiborne & Sarah (Woolum) Taylor
bought their homeplace,
from James & Mary Cole,
on March 6, 1858.
It is safe to assume (unless there is evidence to
the contrary)
that all the children born after
the 1858 date of purchase were born there ---
at Tedders, KY (although not called that yet).
I assume that Grandpap planted his first crop
there as soon as he bought the land. We know from
the 1860 census that the family certainly lived
there by that time - and that the 68-year old
patriarch, Isaac (born NC), lived with them.

Claiborne's & Sally's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Sarah "Louisa" Taylor
    b: 06 Dec 1845 Clay Co, KY
    m: #1=GREENFIELD "MADISON" HALE, on 10 Feb 1865, in Knox Co, KY
    son of Thomas &Mary(Hammonds) Hale
    grandson of James &Easter Hale, Sr.
    b: 06 Feb 1840
    m: #2= THOMAS JEFFERSON JONES, on 13 Dec 1870, in Barboursville, Knox Co, KY
    son of Anderson &Malinda(Sasser) Jones
    b: 05 Mar 1836 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 27 Mar 1917 Clay Co, KY

    Mary "Pop"(Taylor) Gilbert
  • (2) Mary Jane "Pop" Taylor
    b: 10 Dec 1847 Clay Co, KY
    d: 09 Mar 1931
    m: WALLACE G. GILBERT, on 08 May 1874, in Knox Co, KY
    son of Wallace W. &Susan(Jones)Gilbert
    b: 08 Apr 1842 Richland Creek, Knox Co, KY
    d: 18 Aug 1887
    Aunt Pop's year-of-birth is shown on her tombstone as 1849 in error.
    Her brother, Isaac, was born in February-1850, so 1849 would leave
    too few months between them. The 1860 Census (taken on June 12, 1860)
    lists Aunt Pop as 12 years old (she would turn 13 on December 10, 1860).
    To see the Census record, CLICK HERE, then clickon Page 34 (file #0034.gif).

    from Cuz Glenn Perry
    Mary Jane "Pop" Taylor
    is sometimes listed, by mistake, as Polly Taylor.
    Even an 1860 census listed her as "Polly," but
    her family and relatives never called her that.
    She was "Aunt Pop," and even her son, Sam Gilbert,
    was referred to by the old people as "Sam Pop,"
    to distinguish him from other people named Sam Gilbert!
    Wallace and Aunt Pop both are buried at the Gilbert
    Cemetery on top of the mountain overlooking the former
    estate of the elder Wallace Gilbert, on Big Richland
    Creek, just as the creek branches off to Mt. Ararat
    in one direction and Tedders on the other.
    The above dob's and dod's were copied from their tombstones.

    Isaac Taylor
  • (3) Isaac Taylor
    b: 14 Feb 1850 London, Laurel Co, KY
    d: 30 May 1934
    buried: Evergreen Memorial Park, Beatrice, Gage Co, NE
    Susan (Sasser) Taylor
    daughter of Jesse &Nancy(Gilbert) Sasser
    b: 02 Feb 1857 Laurel Co, KY
    d: 27 Jan 1955 Cortland, Gage Co, NE
    buried: Evergreen Memorial Park, Beatrice, Gage Co, NE

  • (4) Angeline Taylor
    b: 22 Apr 1853 Clay Co, KY
    m: GEORGE TEDDERS, on 14 Sep 1872

  • (5) Arkansas Taylor
    b: 25 Dec 1855 Clay Co, KY
    d: 1871
    buried: Taylor Cemetery, Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY

    from Cuz Glenn Perry
    Ever wonder about a person's name like Arkansas?
    The tradition that I heard as a child
    (from the people who took care of Clayborn "Grandpap" in his old age)
    is that her father made a trip to Arkansas before she was born
    - and thus the reason for her name. Interesting, in light
    of the fact that his brother later migrated to Arkansas.
    By the way, the name was pronounced like the state of Kansas,
    but with the "ar" prefixing it ... "ar-KAN'-ziz."
    Buried at the Taylor Cemetery at Blackwater.

  • (6) Alabama Taylor
    b: 13 Nov 1858 Tedders, KY

  • (7) Claiborne W. Taylor, Jr.
    b: 13 Nov 1858 Tedders, KY
    d: 1874
    buried: Taylor Cemetery, Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY

  • (8) Jacob "Jake" Taylor
    b: 11 Apr 1861 Tedders, KY
    d: 10 Jan 1941
    m: #1=SARAH "SALLY" MILLS, on 27 Sep 1883
    daughter of Anthony &Rebecca(Jones) Mills
    paternal grandparents: Anthony &Lucretia(Hammons) Mills
    maternal grandparents: Isaac &Rhoda(Smith) Jones
    Mills g-grandparents: Nasby &Esther(Haddock) Mills
    b: 11 Jun 1862 Knox Co, KY
    d: 20 Jul 1920
    m: #2=MARTHA HALE, on 02 Jun 1922
    daughter of Sebastian &Lucinda(Woolum) Hale
    paternal grandparents: James &Betsy(Athey) Hale, Jr.
    paternal g-grandparents: James &Easter(Scott) Hale, Sr.
    maternal grandparents:John &Nancy(Dorton) Woolum
    maternal g-grandparents: Andrew &Ursley(Woodard) Woolum
    Jake and both his wives are buried side-by-side at the
    Taylor Cemetery, in Blackwater, KY. A single headstone:

    The home of Uncle Jake
    (and later of Ant'ny and Laurie),
    at the mouth of Knocking Rock Holler,
    Tedders, Knox Co, KY.
    Photo was taken in June 2001.
    Look carefully and you can see the
    hewn logs where the boards are missing.
    The top part of the chimney has fallen.
    I couldn't get a close-up photo because of
    weeds and snakes, and (so I was told)
    a nest of bobcats!
    -Glenn Perry

  • (9) Sarah Anice Taylor
    b: 09 Jan 1864 Tedders, KY
    d: 02 Dec 1948
    buried: Nan Riley Cemetery, Fount, Knox Co, KY
    m: JOSEPH S. "JOE" RILEY, on 03 Sep 1885
    son of Joseph &Mary Ann(Jones) Riley
    grandson of John &Nancy(Hammons) Riley, Sr.
    b: 19 May 1863
    d: 24 Jul 1950
    buried: Nan Riley Cemetery, Fount, Knox Co, KY

  • (10) Rebecca Jane Taylor
    b: 16 Aug 1866 Tedders, KY
    d: 30 Dec 1884
    m: JAMES BUCHANAN SASSER, on 21 Nov 1882
    son of Crawood &Rhoda(Gilbert) Sasser
    b: 22 Feb 1857 Knox Co, KY
    d: 18 Jul 1944 Whittier, CA
    James's 2nd wife was Cynthia E. Williams,
    his 3rd wife was Nancy Jane Perry.

  • (11) William T. Taylor
    b: 20 Jun 1869 Tedders, KY
    d: 1902
    buried: Taylor Cemetery, Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY

  • (12) Allie "Florence" Taylor
    b: 03 Jan 1874 Tedders, KY
    d: 30 Jul 1950
    m: HENRY PICKARD, on 28 Dec 1891

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