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Descendants of

Donald Taylor

Rachel (Cobb) Taylor


Donald "Don" Taylor
son of
Clabe &Sarah(Humfleet) Taylor
paternal grandparents:
Isaac &Susan Ann(Sasser) Taylor
maternal grandparents:
Arter &Minerva(Sprinkle) Humfleet
b: About 1903
d: Aug 1929 OK
buried: Red Oak Cemetery, Cleveland Co, OK
Rachel Cobb
daughter of
Jim &Sophia(Hensley) Cobb,
granddaughter of
Sam &Loo-oz(Philpot-Byrley) Cobb,
great-granddaughter of
Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb,

(and named after her Great-grandmother, Rachel.)
b: 1904 Purcell, OK
d: Mar 1999 Redlands, CA
Rachel's 2nd husband was Carl Melton,
who died a few years before Rachel did.

The "Don &Rachel(Cobb) Taylor" Family
by Cuz Glenn Perry
Don Taylor
left his home in Kentucky at an early age to work in Bedford, Indiana.

It was there he met and married
Rachel Cobb,
and their first two children were born there.

Her family had originally moved from Kentucky to Oklahoma,
living for many years in Oklahoma, before moving to Indiana.
When the family decided to move back to Oklahoma, Rachel
was expecting her third child and didn't want to be so far
away from her folks when she gave birth.

So she, Don and their two children also moved to Oklahoma.
Shortly after they moved there Don died of "leaky heart
valves," a month before their baby was born. Rachel had
never met Don's parents, who were in Kentucky (unless
maybe it was when she was a child). She eventually made a
trip to Kentucky and met Don's mother, but didn't get to
meet his father, because the person driving the car Rachel
was in insisted upon returning to Oklahoma too soon.

Over the years Rachel kept in contact with her Uncle Jesse's widow,

Daisy (Sasser) Cobb
daughter of
William Franklin &Mary Ellen(Humfleet) Sasser
and granddaughter of
Crawood &Rhoda(Gilbert) Sasser.
Daisy was a 2nd cousin to both of Don's parents.
Daisy and Jesse were living in Oklahoma when Don died,
but later moved back to Kentucky.

Rachel eventually moved to Redlands, California, where
presumably she stayed for the remainder of her life.

Don's & Rachel's
List of Descendants

Jim Taylor

Liz & Jim with Jim's grandmother Sarah

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