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Descendants of

John Lewis Tedders

Nancy Cathrine (Sasser) Tedders


John Lewis "J.L." Tedders
son of
George &Angeline(Taylor)Tedders
grandson of
Clayborne &Sally(Woolum)Taylor
b: 15 Jul 1885
d: 15 Jul 1933 Barbourville, KY
buried: Taylor Cemetery, Blackwater, KY
Nancy Catherine "Cat" Sasser
on 29 Aug 1903
daughter of
Abe &Rebecca(Russell)Sasser
granddaughter of
Barden &Pharby(Jones)Sasser
b: 17 Aug 1885 KY
d: 24 Apr 1943

John's brother-and-wife, Jackson & Barbara (Corey) Tedders,
raised Mazie "Pearl" (Taylor) Perry, who is
daughter to Clabe & Sarah (Humfleet) Taylor.
On the "Sasser" side,
Nancy is a 2nd cousin to both Clabe and Sarah.
On Clabe's "Taylor" side,
John and Jackson are his 1st cousins.
Barbara is a "Cobb" descendant, but never knew she was!
Pearl married Tollie Perry, who is also a "Cobb" descendant.

To read the narration,
"Pearl Perry's Complicated Cobb-Sasser Connections,"

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J.L.'s & Cat's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Abraham "Abe" Tedders
    b: 1906
    d: 1938
    buried: Barbourville Cemetery, London, KY
    daughter of Perry H. &Alice(Helton) Jarvis
    granddaughter of Peter &Dinnah(Woolum) Jarvis
    g-granddaughter of Jackson &Barbary(Tuttle) Jarvis
    gg-granddaughter of Jack &Polly(Cobb) Jarvis
    b: Abt 1914
    d: 05 Mar 2000 Corbin, Whitley Co, KY
    buried: Barbourville Cemetery, London, KY
    Mayo's 2nd husband was Jesse Thomas Faulkner.

    "Barbourville [KY] Mountain Advocate"
    August 18, 1933 (p. 1)
    Tedders, Defeated for County Court Clerk Nomination by 81 Votes
    Will Be Candidate in November Election

    Friends of Present Incumbent Feel That Primary Result
    Was Not Sentiment of Citizens of Knox County
    ~Abe Tedders's Campaign Statement~
    Four years ago when the people of Knox county nominated me for County Court
    Clerk against E. V. Bargo, he set his sister, Post Mahan on me. She ran on the
    independent ticket against me in the November election. So I had to beat E. V. twice
    to get the office. Turn about is fair play. I know that the howl against me has been
    that I allowed my father and brother to be in the office, intoxicated. My father is
    now dead. I could not and would not turn him out of doors. He had nursed and carried
    and hauled me around all my life. He would take me on his back year after year and
    carry me to school and back, when I could get there no other way. I could not be harsh
    to him in return for these years of toil, drudgery and kindness. My father has left
    my mother to be cared for by me. I don't think so much of myself. I could "get by"
    someway, but now my mother is old. All my life, in my affliction, my mother has loved
    and cared for me as faithfully and tenderly as you have your babe in arms. I've been
    an awful care to her --I can't bear the thought of her begging for a living--
    what else is before her if I in her old age fail her? Besides my mother, there are
    three infant sisters and brothers, my wife and baby dependent upon me. I must work
    or we will all be on the mercy of the county. I know I may have been too indulgent
    with my brother. But he has never harmed anyone. The worst my relatives have done
    was not as bad as Bargo did when he was Clerk. People soon forget. They do not now
    recall how often he was drunk on the streets of Barbourville and in Flat Lick
    while he was Clerk. No one charges that my conduct has been questionable. I've been
    sober at all times and will continue to be. I ran this race at great disadvantage,
    crippled as I am I could not hop around and go to the cornfields, up the hollows
    or off the roads. My opponents could go to every house. I had no money to spend.
    I could get into no rings or combinations--I wanted in none. I understand that Mr. Bargo
    was in the Bird combination and got the benefit of his money, and in that way Bargo's
    and Bird's money beat me by 81 votes. My brother Charlie must go. He will have to stay
    out of the office so long as he has this evil habit. I must have help. I can't lift
    these large books around up and down as the people are entitled to have done. I'll
    get some suitable person to help me the remainder of this term, and if re-elected the
    next term. I have been urged by a great many fine people to continue my appeal to
    the hearts of the people. Mr. Bargo has had the office four years and his sister
    a term and his brother-in-law, D. W. Slusher, a term. He can make a living some other
    way. I know of no other way just now for me and mine. I am going to give the peo[ple]
    a chance in November to speak between Mr. Bargo and me. A number of fine men,
    well qualified, good citizens ran against me, and as I think the good people so divided
    up that with Bird's and Bargo's money the will of the best citizens has been defeated.
    I am to be a candidate in November with my picture as a device and let[?] the people
    as a whole, decide between u. Let them say whose cause is most worthy and whose
    conduct is to be approved. When you vote stamp under the Log Cabin or Rooster, and
    under my picture and that will vote the ticket for me. Words fail me to express my
    thanks for what you good citizens have done for me in the past, and
    I rest my case on the hearts of the people.

    Yours gratefully,

    Abe Tedders's Career

    Items from the book,
    "Knox County Kentucky History"
    -written by Elmer Decker

    from Page 190:
    Abe served as the 20th
    County Court Clerk,
    elected in 1930.

    from Page 191:
    Abe is listed as the 21st
    County Court Clerk.
    (presumably in 1934)

    "The News-Journal Corbin"
    Thursday, March 9, 2000
    ~Mayo Faulkner~
    Mayo Jarvis Faulkner,
    86, Corbin, passed away on
    Sunday, March 5, 2000, at
    the Christian Health Center.
    She is survived by
    her daughter, Doris Day.
    Vankirk Funeral Home
    was in charge of the
    private graveside service.
    "The Lexington Herald Leader"
    Tuesday, March 7, 2000
    Mayo Jarvis Faulkner,
    86, Christian Health Center,
    mother of Doris Day,
    New Jersey, died Sunday.
    Private services.
    No visitation.
    Vankirk Funeral Home.
    The Doris Day listed in Mayo's obituaries refers to her daughter
    Doris (Tedders) Day and NOT to the celebrity actress Doris Day!

  • (2) Charles "Charlie" Tedders
    b: 10 Oct 1908
    d: 25 Sep 1978
    buried: Taylor Cemetery, Blackwater, KY
    daughter of William &Sarah(Gilbert) Smith
    granddaughter of William &Nancy(Taylor) Gilbert
    b: 08 Mar 1910
    d: 03 Dec 2003 MI
    buried: Taylor Cemetery, Blackwater, KY

  • (3) Sarah Tedders
    m: #1=LESTER HELTON (a short-term marriage/no children)
    son of Garfield &Dollie(Corey) Helton
    paternal grandparents: Hiram &Serena(Osborne) Helton
    maternal grandparents: John &Annie(Jarvis) Corey
    b: Abt 1920
    d: 03 Jan 1977 Barbourville, KY
    m: #2=CECIL LEWIS
    son of Alex &Orphy(Farmer) Lewis
    grandson of Juder &Rebecca(Hoskins) Lewis
    g-grandson of Samuel &Keziah(McDaniel) Lewis
    gg-grandson of James "Theophilus" &Winnie(Henson) Lewis
    b: 04 Jul 1908

  • (4) Roy Tedders

  • (5) Lena "Myrtle" Tedders
    b: Abt 1922
    d: 12 Jan 1987
    son of Gilbert &Ella(Estridge) Cobb
    grandson of Joseph Gapp &Nancy J.(Jarvis) Cobb
    g-grandson of John R. &Lizzie(Tuttle) Cobb
    b: 22 Feb 1919
    d: Dec 1982

  • (6) George Tedders
    m: HOPE LNU

  • (7) Taylor Tedders

  • (8) Lucy Tedders
    Lucy is in the photo of the Bourville High School
    graduation class of 1935. To see our webpage featuring
    the photo and related name list, CLICK HERE
    (which will open a separate browser window).

  • (9) Walter Tedders
    b: 07 Aug 1904
    d: 19 August 1946 Louisville, KY
    buried: Barbourville Cemetery, London, KY
    b: 17 Apr 1911

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