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Twin Cuzs Connect

Some great "finds" in genealogy!

Set #1

Bobbie Sue -and- Etheda Jo
Cuzs Bobbie Sue and Etheda Jo
meet in person for the first time.

The "Find"
Etheda had contacted a distant cousin,
whom she didn't know, to ask for genealogy info.
The distant cousin suggested Etheda contact Bobbie,
yet another cousin Etheda didn't know.
Etheda mailed info and questions to Bobbie,
who had never heard of Etheda either,
but responded by calling Etheda up on the phone.

So happens that. . .
they live only about 100 miles from each other, and that
Bobbie's grandmother, Liz (Sasser) Cobb, is a sister
to Etheda's grandfather, Joe Sasser.
Born 2 years and 2 months apart,
Bobbie and Etheda are . . . 2nd cousins!
2nd cuzs with a LOT in common besides just cuz-stuff!
Bobbie Sue Grant
daughter of
Robert &Nollie(Cobb) Grant
granddaughter of
John &Liz(Sasser) Cobb
Etheda (Sasser) Wallis
daughter of
Jody &Dutch(Dickerson) Sasser
granddaughter of
Joe &Ada(Attaway) Sasser
Bobbie & Etheda
are both great-granddaughters of
Eli &Mary(Tuttle) Sasser

An 18-year-old
Bobbie Sue
An 18-year-old
Etheda Jo

Set #2

Tilford William -and- Glenn Earl
Cuzs Tilford and Glenn
deemed "twins" by a granddaughter.

The "Find"
Tilford's granddaughter,
Becky (Jones) Tigges,
was surfing the Cobb-Sasser Website when a photo
of webteam cuz, Glenn, caught her eye.
She immediately re-experienced those feelings
of missing her grandfather, because of Glenn's
stark resemblance to him during a certain age era.
So, she emailed us the above photo of Tilford
(taken in appx 1933), side-by-side with the one of
Glenn (taken in 1999), copied from our website,
to share this "find" with the rest of us.
(She said to especially notice the noses!)
Tilford and Glenn are double double-cousins
. . . or should that be quadruple cousins . . .
Anyway, 1-part 3rd cousins-once removed -AND-
3-parts 4th cousins-once removed.
This is complicated - concentrate!
The 1-part 3RD COUSINS-ONCE REMOVED is that
  • Tilford's mother's (Lucy's) father,
    Wallace Sasser, is a brother to
    Glenn's grandfather's (Clabe's) mother,
    Susan (Sasser) Taylor.

    The 3-parts 4TH COUSINS-ONCE REMOVED is that
  • Tilford's father's (John's) grandfather,
    Crawood Sasser, is a brother to both
    Glenn's grandfather's (Clabe's) grandfather,
    Jesse Sasser, and
    Glenn's grandmother's (Sarah's) grandmother,
    Piety (Sasser) Humfleet.

  • Tilford William Sasser
    son of
    JohnDixon &Lucy(Sasser) Sasser

    John's parents:
    Lucy's parents:

    John's grandparents:
    Lucy's grandparents:
    Glenn Earl Perry
    son of
    Tollie &Pearl(Taylor) Perry

    Pearl's parents:

    Clabe's parents:
    Isaac &SusanAnn(Sasser) Taylor
    Sarah's parents:
    Arthur &Manervia(Sprinkle)Humfleet

    Clabe's grandparents:
    Sarah's grandparents:

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