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Descendants of
Samuel Wyatt

Rebecca (Bennett) Wyatt


Samuel Wyatt
son of
Rowe &unknown Wyatt
grandson of
Francis &Mary(Rowe) Wyatt
g-grandson of
Francis &Elizabeth(Kennon) Wyatt
b: Abt 1760 Greenbriar Co, VA
d: 25 Jul 1835 Knox Co, KY
Rebecca Ann Bennett,
in Abt 1775, in Greene Co, TN
daughter of
John &Rachel(Arendall) Bennett
b: Abt 1755
d: 1842 Laurel Co, KY

Samuel's & Rebecca's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Samuel Wyatt
    b: 1776
    m: CHRISTINA McINTURFF, on 21 Dec 1797, in Carter Co, TN
    daughter of Christopher &unknown McInturff

  • (2) William Wyatt
    b: Abt 1777
    m: ANNE McKEEHAN, on 23 Oct 1798, in TN

  • (3) Thomas Wyatt
    b: Abt 1778
    m: MARY "POLLY" DAVIS, on 12 Apr 1799, in TN

  • (4) Sarah Wyatt
    b: Abt 1779
    m: JAMES H. COFFELT, on 27 Aug 1796, in TN

  • (5) Mary "Polly" Wyatt
    b: Abt 1781 Greene Co, TN
    d: Knox Co, KY
    m: VALENTINE GIBSON, in Abt 1802
    b: Abt 1779 Surry Co, VA
    d: Knox Co, KY

  • (6) Elizabeth Wyatt
    b: 02 Feb 1782
    d: 27 May 1848
    m: ISAAC STEWART, on 09 Sep 1807, in Knox Co, KY
    son of Alexander "Alex" [or "Alec"] &Mary(Anderson) Stewart
    b: 1782 VA
    d: Oct 1868 Knox Co, KY
    Isaac's 2nd wife was Sarah Hurst.

  • (7) James W. Wyatt
    b: Abt 1785
    d: Jun 1844 Laurel Co, KY
    m: #1=SARAH "SALLY" HIBBARD, on 23 Feb 1809, in Knox Co, KY
    daughter of Lemuel &Nancy(Baker) Hibbard
    b: Abt 1787
    m: #2= PHOEBE (YOUNG) JOHNSON, on 13 Jun 1840, in Laurel Co, KY
    daughter of John Franklin & Susan Elizabeth(Parker) Young
    b: Abt 1799 SC
    Phoebe had previously been married to Joseph Johnson.
    Her 3rd husband was Allen Hicks; 4th was FNU West.

  • (8) Susannah Wyatt
    b: 1786 Greenbrier Co, VA
    d: 1864 Monroe Co, TN
    m: JACOB COFFELT, on 22 Dec 1804, in Monroe Co, TN
    son of Phillip &Eleanor(Ryan) Coffelt
    b: 1782 Greenbrier Co, VA
    d: 1827

  • (9) John Wyatt
    b: Abt 1791
    m: MARY F. STEWART, on 21 Feb 1810, in Knox Co, KY

  • (10) Vincent Wyatt
    b: Abt 1794
    m: JEMMIMA SULLIVAN, on 19 Sep 1819, in Whitley Co, KY
    daughter of James &Eleanor(Wilson) Sullivan
    b: 1797

  • (11) Lucy Wyatt
    b: Abt 1795
    m: #1=CASTLETON WILSON, on 15 Aug 1815
    m: #2=JOHN LYNCH, in Knox Co, KY

  • (12) Frances Wyatt
    b: Abt 1799
    m: THOMAS J. BAILEY, on 20 Oct 1814, in Knox Co, KY

  • (13) Lydia Wyatt
    b: Abt 1800
    m: JOHN MORRIS, on 22 Aug 1815, in Knox Co, KY

  • (14) Martha Wyatt
    b: Abt 1810

  • (15) Rebecca Wyatt
    b: Abt 1810

  • (16) Rhoda Wyatt
    b: Abt 1812
    m: CHAPMAN HORNE, on 24 Dec 1816, in Knox Co, KY

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