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Descendants of

Henry C. Cobb

1st Wife
Patience (Hurst) Cobb


Henry C. Cobb
a descendant of
Thomas &Alice(LNU) Cobb
see Generation #8 of
Cobb Origins

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b: Bet 1591-1606 near London, Kent County, England
d: 1679 Barnstable, MA
m: #1=Patience Hurst,
in Apr 1631
daughter of
Deacon James &Catherine(Gartend) Hurst,
of Plymouth
d: 04 May 1648
buried: Barnstable Cemetery
(was the first to be buried in this cemetery)

Henry's & Patience's
List of Descendants,
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m: #2=Sarah Hinckley,
on 12 Dec 1649
daughter of
Samuel &Sarah(LNU) Hinckley
and sister of
Thomas Hinckley,
Governor of the Plymouth Colony
Sarah was born in England

Henry's & Sarah's
List of Descendants,
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Henry came to Plymouth, MA, on the ship "Anne," in 1629,
and married Patience, in April of 1631.
In about 1640, Patience's father, James Hurst,
erected the first tanning works in the town.
He tanned wolf skins for the Pilgrims.
Patience died in 1648 and Henry married Sarah in 1649.

This page originated from
lineage information provided to us by

son of
John Allen &Ecel Jean(Williams) Fields
grandson of
Ernest Thomas &Mary Effie(Weatherford) Williams
Weatherford g-grandparents:
Harbord L. &Martha(Shull) Weatherford
Shull gg-grandparents:
Elledge &Amanda(Cobb) Shull
Cobb ggg-grandparents:
Sam &Kizzie(Barber) Cobb
Cobb gggg-grandparents:
Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb

John advises us that he received much of the info
through correspondence, in 1966, with a
John B. Cobb, of Independence, MO,
who had put a great deal of effort into the research.

Other Sources
Additional lineages were found in files at

Additional Historical Info

England in the 1620s was an uneasy nation,
racked by grave social and religious schisms.
Poverty and unemployment were widespread, yet King James
persisted in draining the treasury with his extravagence,
while shocking the country with his moral laxity.
For the past century, too, the writings of
Martin Luther and the ensuing Protestant Reformation
had fired men's minds with the ideal of
increased personal independence.
No nation had taken to the new concept of freedom
more eagerly than England, but the King resisted and
embittered those who yearned for religious liberty.

Two reactions ensued. From secret printing presses,
books and tracts poured across the country,
urging reform in the Church of England as the
first step toward reforming a corrupt Crown.

The second reaction went a step further.
There were those that despaired of reform altogether
and called for complete separation from the established
church and the right to worship as their consciences decreed.

This was a far more dangerous doctrine,
for if a man were free to choose his religion on day,
the next he might feel free to choose his king.
So against these "Separatists" the royal fury was unchecked.
His underlings were ordered to "harry them out of the land."

Cobb had been brought up in the established church
and when the nonconformist party took a stand against
the religious intolerance
that became more and more unbearable,
young Cobb attended the meetings
held by Lothrop and his followers in London,
and he became a disciple of Congregationalism.
When Lothrop arrived in the New World
and was installed as Minister at Scituate,
Henry Cobb was made Senior Deacon.

Cobb had moved from Plymouth to Scituate in 1633/34.
The town and church grew and prospered.
In 1638/39, he was dismissed to go to Barnstable
to establish a town and a church.
He served as a deacon nearly 35 years;
was ordained as a Ruling Elder of the Barnstable Church
on 14 April 1670, and was thereafter known as Elder Cobb.

He took a modest part in the government of the town;
was deputy to the general court of Plymouth
in 1645, 1647, 1657, 1659, 1661.

Henry Cobb was among the list
of those able to bear arms in New Plymouth.

List of Descendants
Henry's descendants by 1st Wife
Patience (Hurst) Cobb
  • (1) John Cobb
    b: 07 Jun 1632 Plymouth, MA
    d: 1724
    m: MARTHA NELSON, on 28 Aug 1658
    daughter of William &Martha(Ford) Nelson
    b: 1641
    d: 1712
    John served on the jury at Plymouth and Yaunton,
    and was one of seven men able to write their names
    - 85 made marks.
    There was another John Cobb
    that lived at Taunton, MA, 27 miles east of Plymouth.
    There has been much confusion concerning the two;
    as to which one married as second wife,
    Jane Godfrey Woodward;
    and even if they were the same person.
    Two wills have been found,
    indicating that they were different persons.
    Apparently, it was NOT the above John Cobb
    that married Jane Woodward.

  • (2) James Edward Cobb
    b: 14 Jan 1634 Plymouth, MA
    d: 1695
    m: #1=MARY HOSKINS, on 24 Nov 1660
    daughter of William &Anne(Hynd) Hoskins
    m: #2=SARAH LEWES/LEWIS, on 16 Dec 1663
    daughter of George &Sarah(Jenkins) Lewes/Lewis
    b: 1643
    d: 1735
    Many references claim that James Cobb was the son of
    Henry Cobb, married Mary Hoskins, and died in 1695.
    One reference was found that claimed the same thing for
    James Edward Cobb. Several references were found that
    claimed Edward Cobb was not the son of Henry Cobb,
    and gave several versions of who he was. One of these
    references claimed he married Mary Haskins, probably the
    daughter of William Haskins, and died in 1675.
    The substitution of a "7" for a "9" and an "a" for an "o"
    would be logical errors in copying old records.
    It is doubtful that three men with the same last name would
    marry women with the same name who had fathers of
    the same name and all die in the same year.
    Therefore, it is assumed that
    James, James Edward, and Edward are all the same individual.

  • (3) Mary Cobb
    b: 24 Mar 1637 Scituate, MA
    m: JONATHAN DUNHAM (Reverend), in 1657, of Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard
    (a second marriage for Johathan)
    b: 1632
    d: 1717
    One of the oldest headstones yet standing in the Edgartown Cemetery
    is that of Joseph Dunham, who died in 1796, probably a grandson to Jonathan.
    It reads, "During the seven years of the Revolutionary War with our
    Mother Country, he was employed in conveying corn to feed the starving
    people of this place - and was so fortunate as to escape the enemy unmolested."

  • (4) Hannah Cobb
    bapt: 05 Oct 1639 Scituate, MA
    d: 1729/30
    m: EDWARD LEWES/LEWIS, in 1661, of Barnstable, MA
    b: 1634
    d: 1703

  • (5) Patience Cobb
    bapt: 13 Mar 1641 Barnstable, MA
    d: 1727
    m: #2=JOHN CROCKER (Patience was John's 2nd wife)
    b: 01 May 1637
    d: May 1711

  • (6) Gershom Cobb
    b: 10 Jan 1644 Barnstable, MA
    d: 1675
    It is believed that Gershom and his brother, Eliazer,
    were killed by Indians in the beginning of King Phillip's war.

  • (7) Eliazer Cobb
    b: 1648
    d: 1675
    It is believed that Eliazer and his brother, Gershom,
    were killed by Indians in the beginning of King Phillip's war.

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