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Descendants of

Elliott A. Attaway

Amelia (Kelley) Attaway


Elliott A. "Ellet" Attaway
son of
Willis &Milburry(Riddle) Attaway
grandson of
David &Rebecca(LNU) Attaway
g-grandson of
Joseph &Edith(Nations) Attaway
gg-grandson of
Elisha &Lettice(Barton) Attaway
b: 06 Sep 1855 TX
d: 07 Sep 1931 near Byars, OK
(committed suicide at the age of 76)
buried: Byars Cemetery, Byers, OK
Amelia "Nannie" Kelley
daughter of
R. Tom & unknown Kelley (aka Kelly)
b: 17 Nov 1861 MS
d: 23 May 1924 Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co, OK (heart attack)
buried: Byars Cemetery, Byars, OK
(Ellet's m:#2=Emma LNU, in Stratford, OK, was a short-term marriage.)

4 Attaway siblings married 4 Sasser siblings from
the Eli &Mary(Tuttle) Sasser Family.
Farther below is photos of the 4 couples.

The Ellett &Nannie(Kelley) Attaway Family
~circa 1901~
back row, left to right: Charles, Joe & Ada (Attaway) Sasser, Alice
front row, left to right: Thomas, Elliott, Warren, Nannie, Lute

Ellet's & Nannie's
List of Descendants

Charles Wesley Attaway

Martha "Ada" Attaway

Alice Amelia Attaway

Thomas Edwin "Ed" Attaway

Lucy Attaway

Luther John Henry "Luke" Attaway

Warren Willis Attaway

Attaway Group Photo
(Photo was probably taken in mid/late 1915.)
Back Row (standing):
Alice, Ed and Kleid, Warren.
Adults seated: Ellet and Nannie.
Children, left to right: Alice's boys,
Chester and Cecil;
Ed & Kleid's baby, Lester;
and Kleid's son, Truman.


Attaway-Sasser Connection
Nannie (Sasser) & Charles Attaway
Joe & Ada (Attaway) Sasser (& kids)
Eli, Jr. & Alice (Attaway) Sasser
Luther & Rachel (Sasser) Attaway

Special Note!
Descendants from the "Four-by-Four" relationships have a request!
They are very highly interested in having contact
with any fellow descendants of those lineages.
Also with anyone who has any information whatsoever about
any of these family lines. Please contact

Etheda Jo (Sasser) Wallis
daughter of
Joseph &Zelva(Dickerson) Sasser
granddaughter of
Joe &Ada(Attaway) Sasser
To email Etheda

Etheda will share what info obtained with interested cousins.

The Children of
Eli &Mary(Tuttle) Sasser
1\ John "Henry" Sasser\b:1870
& Georgieanne (Burnett) Sasser
2\ Mahala "Haley" (Sasser) Cheek\b:1871
& Andrew "Andy" Cheek
3\ Robert Eli "Bob" Sasser\b:1873
& Melvina (Burnett) Sasser
4\ James Darling "Jim" Sasser\b:1874
& Nannie (Burnett) Sasser
5\ Margaret "Liz" (Sasser) Cobb\b:1876
& John Cobb
6\ Eliza Jane Sasser\b:1878
"The Mysteries of Eliza Jane"
7\ Mary Ann (Sasser) Stanley\b:1879
& Will Stanley
8\ Joseph "Joe" Sasser\b:1880
& Ada (Attaway) Sasser
9\ Eli Sasser, Jr.\b:1882
& Alice (Attaway) Sasser
10\ Nancy "Nannie" (Sasser) Attaway\b:1884
& Charles W. Attaway
11\ Kate "Rachel" (Sasser) Attaway\b:1885
& Luther Attaway

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