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Begins with:
John & FNU (Snodgrass) Barber


John Barber
b: Between 1750-1760
(his mother was said to be a Drinkwater)
d: 1836
FNU Snodgrass,
in Appx. 1778
b: Before 1765
d: Before 1830

Info Sources:
Most of the info for this page was taken from the
1977 genealogy research notes of Cobb-Barber descendant,

John A. Fields,
son of John A. &Ecel(Williams) Fields
grandson of Ernest &Mary(Weatherford) Williams
g-grandson of
Harbard &Martha(Shull) Weatherford
gg-grandson of
Elledge &Amanda(Cobb) Shull
ggg-grandson of
Samuel &Keziah(Barber) Cobb
After visiting our website,
updated information was generously provided by

Pat Saupe,
a genealogist who has performed extensive Cobb research
(along with the late Thomas A. Cobb, and with James L. Cobb, III).

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regarding the Heirs of John Barbour,

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List of Descendants

Non-summarized Notes
of John A. Fields:
John Barber was born 1750/1760 (probably before 1755).
His place of birth is unknown, but in 1785 and about 1790,
he lived in Halifax Co, VA

The mother of John Barber is said to have been a Drinkwater.
This is from a 1928 letter written by a Paul E. Larkam, of Kansas City, MO,
a descendant. Paul also named the wife of John Barber as a Snodgrass.
The authenticity of this information is unknown. Early census data shows
that the wife was born before 1765 (probably before 1760).
They must have been married about 1778.

Likely in 1790, John Barber removed to Lincoln Co, NC,
where he is found on the censes of that year. However, about 1797 or 1798,
he moved again to TN, place unknown. He may well have been a Revolutionary
War Veteran; the Eastern part of the state (which still belonged to NC) was
reserved for War Veterans or their assignees.

Before 1810, John Barber either moved to Knox Co, KY,
or a final settlement of the actual line between the states placed him in
KY; at any rate, he is found on the Knox Co, KY, census of 1810.
Here he remained until his death.

John Barber's wife appears on the census of 1820,
but she must have died before 1830, as she is not on that census.
The estate of John was inventoried in Know Co, KY, in 1837, which probably
dates his death as in 1836. There was no wife mentioned in the inventory.

Apparently there was a large family of girls;
two boys appear on the census records of 1790, but not by 1810.

Children, as far as can be determined:

  • Three girls born before 1784.
    Two of these were probably married between 1810 and 1820.

  • Nancy Barber; b. ca. 1785 in VA;
    m. Samuel Hibbard 09 Mar 1806, in Knox Co, KY.
    Their dau. Mahala M. James Cobb, in Boone Co, MO, 14 Feb 1839.

  • Two boys born before 1790.

  • One girl born 1786/89.

  • Lucy Barber; b. 1790 in VA (see 1850 census).

  • Susanna Barber;
    who m. Thomas Nicholson 02 Oct 1809, Knox Co, KY.
    Susanna likely b. 1784/94.

  • Three daughters born between 1794 and 1800.
    One of these was KEZIAH "KIZZIE" BARBER; b. ca. 1798 in TN;
    d. after 1860, probably in Marion Co, IA.
    She married SAMUEL COBB....
Which adds up to twelve children.

Transcripts of Census Records
with notations by
John A. Fields

Census (tax list) Halifax County, Virginia
List of Jas. Dejernatt
. . . . . . . . . .
Daves, John
Grant, Jasper
Grant, Isaac
Stone, Elizabeth
Thomas, Benjamin
BARBER, JOHN 7 white souls, no dwellings, 4 other bldgs.
Overton, Moses
Ramey, Absolam
Forest, Richard
Kelly, Jacob
Chattom, Joell

This is the only John Barber found.

Census of North Carolina, 1790
Lincoln County, Morgan District, Seventh Company,
Page 113
BARBER, JOHN One free white male age 16 and over
Two free white males under age 16
Eight free white females
No other free persons
Three slaves
It is interesting to note that Ambrose Cobb,
believed to be the father of Samuel Cobb
who married John Barber's daughter, Keziah,
lived nearby, in the same district.

Census of Kentucky, 1810, Knox County
Barber, John One male over 45
Three females of 10 and under 16
Two females of 16 and under 26
Three females of 26 and under 45
One female over 45
John Barber and wife then, were born before 1765.

Census of Kentucky, 1820, Knox County,
Page 304
Barber, John One male over 45
Three females of 16 and under 26
Three females of 26 and under 45
One female over 45
Samuel Cobb lived nearby.

Census of Kentucky, 1830, Knox County,
Page 240
Barber, John One male of 10 and under 15 (probably grandson?)
One male of 70 and under 80
One female of 20 and under 30 (probably granddaughter?)
Two females of 30 and under 40
One female of 40 and under 50
John Barber, then, was born 1750/60.
Samuel Cobb lived next door.
John's wife probably deceased.

To read transcript of an
Heirship Document, of 1837,
regarding the Heirs of John Barbour,

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