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Descendants of

Levi Howell


1st Wife:
Martha (Laws) Howell
2nd Wife:
Alzy (Bundy) Howell

Levi Howell
son of
James &Julie(Powell) Howell
b: 02 Sep 1874
d: 27 Nov 1961 Knox Co, KY
buried: Bundy Cemetery, Cool Springs, Woollum, Clay Co, KY
1st Wife:
Martha Laws

m: on 02 Apr, 1898,
in Pineville, Bell Co, KY
daughter of
James &Martha(LNU) Laws
b: 1882
d: 1936
Ivy Grove Cemetery, Fourmile,
in Bell Co, KY

Martha remarried in Abt 1920
to FNU Patterson.
2nd Wife:
Alzy Bundy

m: on 26 Mar 1921
daughter of
Alexander &Maggie(Jarvis) Bundy
b: 09 Apr 1901 Clay Co, KY
d: 22 Oct 1986
buried: Bundy Cemetery, Cool Springs,
in Woollum, Clay Co, KY

Levi's & Martha's
List of Descendants
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James Hogan Howe

  • (1) James Hogan Howell (Howe)
    b: 08 Jul 1900 Fourmile, Bell Co, KY
    d: 01 Oct 1980 Montgomery, WV
    buried: Duffield Cemetery, Duck, WV
    m: #1=AXIE JORDAN, in Abt 1920
    daughter of Elbert &Abigail(Warren) Jordan
    b: 1901
    d: 09 Apr 1935 Cottongim, Woollum, Clay Co, KY (in a house fire)
    buried: Hammons Cemetery, Girdler, Knox Co, KY
    m: #2=RUHEY LNU, Aft 1921
    After the marriage to his 2nd wife, James had his last name changed to "Howe."

    Matt Howell

  • (2) Matthew "Matt" Howell
    b: 03 Apr 1901 Fourmile, Bell Co, KY
    d: 04 Apr 1972 Kettle Island, Bell Co, KY
    buried: Corum Cemetery, Bell Co, KY
    m: SADIE ELLIOTT, on 04 Apr 1925, in Pineville, Bell Co, KY
    daughter of Lee &Mary(Osborne) Elliott
    b: 21 Jun 1904 Fourmile, Bell Co, KY
    d: 12 Dec 1980 Kettle Island, Bell Co, KY
    buried: Corum Cemetery, Bell Co, KY

    Betty (Howell) Miller

  • (3) Betty Howell
    b: 26 Sep 1904 Fourmile, Bell Co, KY
    d: 27 Jun 1975 Barbourville, Knox Co, KY
    buried: Big Jim Cemetery, Fourmile, Bell Co, KY
    b: 10 Feb 1898 Bell Co, KY
    d: 16 Dec 1972
    buried: Miller Cemetery, Fourmile, Bell Co, KY

    Carrie (Howell) Taylor

  • (4) Carrie Howell
    b: 03 Apr 1906 Fourmile, Bell Co, KY
    d: 04 Aug 1998 Fort Wayne, IN
    buried: Green Hills Cemetery, Middlesboro, KY
    m: ALBERT TAYLOR, on 26 Aug 1923, in Slusher, Bell Co, KY
    son of William &Laura(Gambrel) Taylor
    grandson of Joshua &Mary Ellen(Smith) Taylor
    g-grandson of Nelson &Belle(Rice-Hubbard) Taylor
    Woolum-Rice gg-grandparents: Stephen &Rebecca(Woolum)Rice
    Woolum ggg-grandparents: Andrew &Ursley(Woodward) Woolum
    Taylor gg-grandparents: Cornelius &Sally(Walker) Taylor
    b: 29 Jun 1902 Erose, Bell Co, KY
    d: 06 Sep 1992 Middlesboro, Bell Co, KY
    buried: Green Hills Cemetery, Middlesboro, KY

  • (5) Cory Howell
    b: 1907

    Alzy (Bundy) Howell
    Levi & Alzy

    Levi's & Alzy's
    List of Descendants

    B.R. Howell

  • (1) B.R. Howell
    b: 14 Dec 1921 Cottingim, KY

    m: HELEN ASHER, on 03 Aug 1946, in Manchester, KY
    daughter of Taylor &Bertha(Smith) Asher
    b: 04 Apr 1925 Brightshade, KY
    B.R.'s military service: US Army (WWII)

    A.T. Howell

  • (2) Albert Taylor "A.T." Howell
    (aka Briar Howell)
    b: 18 Aug 1923 Clay Co, KY
    m: #1=ALICE (MULLEN) DYE, in Abt 1943
    daughter of Floyd Earl &Frances Clift(Alford) Mullen
    paternal grandparents: Grant Greenberry &Kathryn(LNU) Mullen
    maternal grandparents: Edwin &Delighpa(Crist) Alford
    b: 21 Apr 1926
    A.T. was Alice's 3rd spouse.
    Alice met: #1=FNU LNU, in Abt 1939;
    m: #2=Joseph Harold Dye, on 14 Feb 1942;
    m: #4=William Austin Gough, in Sep 1964

    A.T. &Louise(Handcock) Howell

    In front left is
    Alice (Mullen-Dye-Howell) Gough.
    Couple on far right is
    Alice's son & daughter-in-law,

    Donnie &Mary(Furgerson) Howell.
    On each side of Alice are
    her grandchildren
    (Donnie's & Mary's children),

    Brian Howell
    Debbie (Howell-Buchanan) Taylor.

    Burton Howell

  • (3) Burton Howell
    b: 06 Feb 1926 Clay Co, KY
    m: HILDEGARD OTTO, on 09 Jun 1952, in Germany
    daughter of Joseph &Martha(Lengowski) Otto
    b: 07 Dec 1927 Germany
    Burton &Hildegard(Otto) Howell

    P.J. Howell

  • (4) Peter James "P.J." Howell
    b: 10 Dec 1928 Woollum, KY
    d: 29 Oct 1991 Lexington, KY
    buried: Bundy Cemetery, Woollum, KY
    m: MARY REYNOLDS, on 25 Jun 1955, in Tasville, TN
    daughter of Charles &Lenoa(Miller) Reynolds
    b: 15 Feb 1935
    Mary (Reynolds) Howell

    John Howell

  • (5) John Nathan Howell
    b: 11 Feb 1932 Manchester, KY
    d: 12 Sep 1999 Centerville, IN
    Cremation: Cambridge City, IN
    Military Service: US Army
    John &Beulah(Deaton) Howell

    Earl Howell

  • (6) Earl Howell
    b: 23 Sep 1934
    m: IONA MAE HARRY, on 20 Mar 1954
    b: 22 Sep 1934

    Mary Magdalene (Howell) Miller

  • (7) Mary Magdalene Howell
    b: 14 Dec 1936 Clay Co, KY
    d: 20 Oct 1981 Barbourville, Knox Co, KY
    buried: Hammons Cemetery, Hinkle, KY
    m: HUGH "BOBBY" MILLER, on 01 May 1954
    son of Isaac &Gracie(Jones) Miller
    b: 02 Sep 1935

    Vernon Howell

  • (8) Vernon Howell
    b: 03 Sep 1940
    m: GENEVA PEARL HENSLEY (later divorced)
    daughter of Henry &Stella(Root) Hensley
    granddaughter of Bill &Lucy(Root) Hensley
    g-granddaughter of James &Mary(Mills) Root
    Geneva's 2nd husband is Vernon Renus Gibbs.

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