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Descendants of

John Cobb

Larania (Phipps) Cobb


John Cobb
son of
Sam &Kiziah(Barber) Cobb
b: 1822 Knox Co, KY
Larania "Lurany" Phipps,
on 28 Mar 1842
b: 1824 TN

John's & Lurany's
List of Descendants

Samuel "Sam" Cobb

  • (1) Samuel "Sam" Cobb
    b: 26 May 1843 Knox Co, KY
    d: 22 May 1939 Oolitic, IN
    buried: Beech Grove Cemetery
    m: #1=AMANDA JANE "MANDY" HUBBARD, on 18 Feb 1863
    daughter of Isham &Mary "Jane"(Love) Hubbard
    b: Abt 1845 Knox Co, KY
    d: 1869
    m: #2=LOUISE (LOO-OZ) PHILPOT BYRLEY, in 1869
    (full Cherokee)
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  • (2) Elizabeth Cobb
    b: 1845 KY
    m: NATHAN HUBBARD, on 29 Aug 1868, in Knox Co, KY
    son of Isham &Mary "Jane"(Love) Hubbard
    b: Dec 1836 Laurel Co, KY

  • (3) Joseph "Joe" Cobb
    b: 1847 KY
    b: Abt 1850
    Joe & Olla (baby's name unknown)

  • (4) James "Jim" Cobb (a farmer)
    b: 22 Aug 1849 Knox Co, KY
    d: 03 Jul 1915 Laurel Co, KY
    buried: Cornn Grove Cemetery, Keavy, KY
    daughter of Matthew &Nancy(Stepp) Cornn
    b: 10 Jul 1855 Henderson Co, NC
    d: 1915
    buried: Cornn Grove Cemetery, Keavy, KY

  • (5) John Cobb
    b: 1852 KY

  • (6) William Cobb
    b: 1854 KY

  • (7) Radford "Rad" Cobb
    b: Jan 1859 KY
    m: NANCY JANE (SASSER) SASSER, in appx 1884, in Laurel Co, KY
    daughter of James H. &Martha(Hubbard) Sasser
    b: 18 Jan 1861 Laurel Co, KY
    Nancy was previously married to a Dixon Sasser
    (The Sasser family connection between Nancy and Dixon not yet determined.)

  • (8) Stephen "Steve" Cobb (twin to Charles)
    b: Apr 1863 KY
    daughter of Crawood &Rhoda(Gilbert) Sasser
    b: 1858 Gibbs, Knox Co, KY
    m: #2=MARY ELLEN HUMFLEET-SASSER, in Apr 1903
    daughter of Arthur &Manervia(Sprinkle) Humfleet
    paternal grandparents: William &Piety(Sasser) Humfleet
    maternal grandparents: Herl &Tabitha(Trent) Sprinkle
    b: 25 Nov 1873 Knox Co, KY
    d: 27 May 1946 Macedonia, Laurel Co, KY
    buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Laurel Co, KY
    Mary Ellen had previously been married to
    William Franklin Sasser, who was America's brother.
    Clickon Crawood/Rhoda to find Mary's & William's descendants.

    per Cuz Glenn Earl Perry

    "Pore Ol' Feller,"
    as he typically was referred to by his relatives
    even when he was a young man,

    never did any harm to any person. He was a good man, and, to my knowledge, everybody was good to him. He never said much. He would call you on the telephone (to get the latest news, as will become apparent) and wait for you to do the talking. But there apparently was something inside him that wanted to get attention. So in about the mid-to-late 1940s (if not earlier), he began sending news columns, at first titled, "Mt. Arat" (Mt. Arat/Ararat was the name of the church and one-room school, while the post office was Gibbs, KY), to the "Barbourville [KY] Mountain Advocate," relating mostly to trivial events from around his community. He soon started using corny jokes and riddles. He would jump from one odd subject to another without elaboration. He would stick in almost anything that anybody suggested to him. Much of what he wrote seemed totally at odds with his personality. The things he wrote and the way he did it were hilarious to many people, some of whom apparently thought he was just clever, but were embarrassing to some of his cousins and neighbors, who blamed the paper for publishing something they thought was so dumb. The newspaper even furnished him a typewriter. Before long, his column had become such an attraction, that there was a contest to find a better name for it. And so each week, for decades after that, we saw a rectangular box at the top of the column with Chester's picture to the left of the headline:
    From The Cobb
    With News From Around Gibbs, Ky
    By Ole Chess Cobb

    "Poor Chester" had been transformed from an object of pity,
    to the local celebrity "Ole Chess."

    I have heard that people from the area, living far and wide, subscribed to the paper just to read this column every week. Some other newspapers picked it up for a while. I understand that there was a piece in the "Louisville Courier-Journal" (then rated as one of the ten top newspapers in the country) about him. And I remember that in the early 1960s when I was visiting the Union College campus in Barbourville, KY,
    I was introduced
    to a visiting "Courier-Journal" correspondent,
    as being from
    "Chester Cobb Country!"

    Whatever our conclusion about him may be,
    Chester Cobb is an important part of Cobb/Sasser family history.
    His writings may even constitute a useful source for
    those who want to trace the latter-day history of the family.
    I wouldn't expect to find our 18th century roots in his columns,
    but if someone had the time to go through the issues of the
    "Barbourville Mountain Advocate," for a period of about forty years,
    he or she might find a lot of interesting tidbits about Cobbs and Sassers.
    As you may notice from reading this random example (below) of one of his columns
    (from Jan. 19, 1956, p. 6, original spellings preserved),
    the bulk of the people he wrote about who lived around his home

    (and that of his half-sister, Daisy Sasser Cobb, who looked after him after their mother died)
    on Dog Branch
    (which he tried to rename "Mud Hole Lane," to
    embarress County officials who would not gravel the road for so long)
    and Mt. Arat/Gibbs,
    generally were descendants of
    Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb, and of Henry &Nannie(Kirby) Sasser.

    Sample layout of Chester's column:

    Chester, one of whose honors at some point was an honorary commision in the Kentucky armed forces, is buried at the Mount Olivet Cemetery. His tombstone reads:
    "Col. Chess Cobb."

    Example of a typical column:

    Thursday, January 19, 1956

    From the Cobb
    With the News From Around
    Gibbs, Ky
    By Old Chess Cobb

    Hello A.H. --Lois Hurst got the milk question OK. The answer to J.W. Teague's riddle is kitty. All you gals and boys send me a page or two of riddle to me at Gibbs. In return I will put your names in the news. Put the answers too.
    --Janey Hampton and daughter Lilllie Eldridge is visiting their children, brothers and sisters in Indiana.
    --Franklyn D. Jones and Robert Gilbert is now employed in Kentucky town better known as Gary, Indiana. Bill Anderson left for Gary Saturday to seek employment.
    --Champ Sasser and his buddies went up Mud Hole Lane Sunday with a wagon load of tobacco.
    --Mr. and Mrs. Frank Craft has returned from their vacation in Michigan.
    --Jack Warren moved Julia Rush to Laurel Co. last week.

    Gibb Kernals, continued....

    --Eugine Sasser was visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawton Sasser.
    --Norma Sasser was visiting Daisy Cobb Saturday. Marie was with her sister, Norma.
    --Lucille Sasser was visiting friends on Mud Hole Friday.
    --Billy Taylor left his home at Crane Nest, Ky. Saturday to join those Ky. boys at Gary, Ind.
    --Mr. and Mrs. Champ Sasser is enjoying electricity in their home put in by Edd White.
    --Ethel Sweet and kidios is visiting relatives up at London, Ky.
    --Audrey Gilbert was visiting Nila Craft Saturday. Her son Carl and daughter Goldie was there too.
    --Here is a question by Anna Sue Monroe. What have a million holes but still wholes water?
    --Better ease off adding, Have you every see Mr. Snow marry Miss Frost.
    --Well, I will be back in a slash.

    A picture postcard sent by Chester to some Oklahoma kinfolks.
    That's his handwriting at the top. On the back he wrote,
    "A view of the hollow in front of our home.
    ~Chester Cobb"

  • (9) Charles Cobb (twin to Stephen)
    b: 1860 KY

  • (10) Matt Cobb
    (no other information)

  • (11) Walt Cobb
    (no other information)

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