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Descendants of

Joseph Gapp Cobb

Nancy Jane (Jarvis) Cobb


Joseph Gapp Cobb
son of
John "Neff" &Lizzie(Tuttle) Cobb
grandson of
Thomas &Hannah(Hager-Selfs) Cobb
great-grandson of
Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb
b: 05 Aug 1855 Clay Co, KY
d: 19 Jun 1917 Sprule, Knox Co, KY (of TB)
buried: at Joe Cobb's place
Nancy Jane Jarvis,
on 26 Sep 1876, in Clay Co, KY
daughter of
Jackson &Barbara(Tuttle) Jarvis
granddaughter of
Jack &Polly(Cobb) Jarvis
great-granddaughter of
Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb
b: 07 Jan 1848 Clay Co, KY
d: 05 Mar 1924 Sprule, Knox Co, KY (of double pneumonia)

Joseph's grandfather, Thomas Cobb, is a brother to
Nancy's grandmother, Polly (Jarvis) Cobb.
Joseph & Nancy are 2nd cousins.

Nancy (Jarvis) Cobb was a midwife.

An Info Source
Some of the information used on this webpage
was taken from various articles in the book,
"Knox County History and Families"
edited by Charles Ree Mitchell, Paducah, KY,
Turner Publishing Company, 1994,
which was dedicated to the memory of
William "Sherman" Oxendine

Sherman is husband of Joseph's & Nancy's g/dau,
Lucy (Hubbard) Oxendine.

Joseph's & Nancy's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Mary Delitha?Lelitia? Cobb
    b: Abt 1878

  • (2) Susan Jane Cobb
    b: 26 Nov 1880
    d: 1970
    m: THOMAS SIDNEY "SID" HUBBARD, on 12 Aug 1900
    son of Isaac &Malinda Elizabeth(Bolton) Hubbard
    paternal grandparents: Isham &Mary "Jane"(Love) Hubbard
    maternal grandparents: James Madison &Mariah Isabelle(Hale) Bolton
    b: 10 Dec 1868
    d: 1950
    Susan and Sid lived at Crane Nest, Big Richland Creek, Knox Co, KY.
    Besides farming, Sid had a blacksmith shop and grist mill.
    Susan was a midwife. Sid's 1st wife was Mary Cottongim.

  • (3) Lucy Cobb
    b: 1881

  • (4) Mattie "Ollie" Cobb
    b: 03 Apr 1883 Sprule, Knox Co, KY
    d: 22 Oct 1962 Bailey's Switch, KY
    m: #1=N.A. GILBERT
    m: #2=JACKSON LOUIS "JACK" HELTON, on 14 Aug 1914
    son of Carter &Mary(Vaughan) Helton
    b: 18 Aug 1880 Harlan Co, KY
    d: 02 Jul 1931 Bailey's Switch, Knox Co, KY
    About Ollie
    Before Ollie married, she caried the mail on horseback,
    riding a side saddle. She and Jack Helton lived on a farm
    on Horse Holler, Big Richland Creek, Knox Co, KY.

  • (5) Gilbert Cobb
    b: 1884
    d: 25 Jun 1958
    d: 24 Jul 1979
    Ella's sister, Maxie (Estridge-Murrell) Sasser,
    is 2nd wife of Arthur "Frank" Sasser, who is
    son of William F. &Mary E.(Humfleet) Sasser
    and grandson of
    Crawood &Rhoda(Gilbert) Sasser

  • (6) Floyd Cobb
    b: 1885
    m: TENNESEE "TENNIE" GIBSON, on 21 Jan 1911
    daughter of William &Eliza(Woods) Gibson
    Tennie's siblings are Ed, Bessie, James.

  • (7) Boyd Cobb

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