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Descendants of

John Joseph Corey

Amelia (Jarvis) Corey


John Joseph Corey
son of
John Joseph &Rachel(Lawhorn) Corey, Sr.
b: 20 Nov 1851 NC
d: 24 Mar 1914 KY
Amelia "Annie" Jarvis
daughter of
Jackson &Barbary(Tuttle) Jarvis
granddaughter of
Jack &Polly(Cobb) Jarvis
b: Nov 1859
d: 27 May 1934

Lineage and assorted information
for this "John/Annie" branch was provided to us by
a Cobb-Sasser descendant,

Glenn Earl Perry
son of
Tollie &Pearl(Taylor)Perry
Much of the information for this page
was taken from the book,
"The Families of John J. Corey & Anna Jarvis Corey,"
a 1996 publication by
Mary Lois(Corey)Asher -and- Marie (Corey) Chesnut

John and Annie
are buried side-by-side, near their home, in a small cemetery on
Sandlick Branch, on Little Bull Creek, Sprule, KY. Big Bull Creek
its tributary, Little Bull Creek are across the hill from the
headwaters of Big Richland Creek. Big Bull Creek runs into
Goose Creek, a tributary of the South Fork of the Kentucky River.

As well as being a farmer, John was a preacher at the Friendship
Baptist Church in Woolum, KY. According to his oldest daughter,
Barbary (Corey) Tedders, he "rode rafts" at one point in his life
(presumably when he was young), transporting logs down Goose Creek
and the Kentucky River to Frankfort when these streams were flooded.
Thomas Clark's book, "The Kentucky," tells about this way of
transporting timber to Frankfort, specifically mentioning Goose Creek.

After John's death, Annie married again to a Hopper who was related
to the Hopper family that the Coreys had been close friends with on
Bull Creek. Annie lived with him for a while in Laurel County, but
she preferred to stay with her children most of the time.
Her new husband eventually told her to just stay with them if that
is what she wanted. And so she did.

John's and Annie's
List of Descendants

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Barbary Corey married Jack Tedders, with Barbary's maternal uncle,
Peter Jarvis,

[son of Jackson &Barbary(Tuttle) Jarvis
and grandson of Jack &Polly{Cobb} Jarvis]

a Justice of the Peace, conducting the ceremonies at her home on Bull Creek.
Jack's cousin,
Clabe Taylor
[son of Isaac &Susan(Sasser) Taylor
and grandson of Clayborn &Sarah(Woolum) Taylor]

and others accompanied him in the walk across the hill to the wedding,
and the newly married couple returned to the uncle's house on
Big Richland for a big infare dinner the next day.
No children were born to them, but they raised
Mazie "Pearl" Taylor

[daughter of Clabe &Sarah(Humfleet) Taylor]
from three years of age and were intensely devoted to her and later
to her children, of whom Glenn E. Perry, who is given
"Special Recognition" at the top of this page, is the eldest.
Living at first at several places on Bull Creek and Big Richland,
Jack and Barbary moved in with his mother,
Angeline (Taylor) Tedders, and grandfather, Clayborn Taylor,

[son of Jacob "Isaac" &Rhoda{Smith} Taylor]
at the place where Clayborn had settled on Big Richland
[later to be known as Tedders, KY],
in 1858, and they took care of him in his old age.

Following the elder Clayborn's death in 1918, they acquired the farm
and built a big frame house on the site of his log house, actually
recycling some of the materials, including log sills and the stone hearth.
This occurred as soldiers (particularly Barbary's brother, John H. Corey)
were returning from the First World War, causing John H. to comment
that the demolished old house reminded him of Germany. The house was
just about halfway between Barbourville and Manchester, and Barbary
would proudly relate in her old age that people told her it was the
finest one between the two towns. Jack's and Barbara's pride was
matched by their hospitality, for that was where everybody was a
welcome guest. She said that it had not been uncommon for forty people
to eat at her house at one time. And travelers and drummers always spent
the night there. That is where preachers stayed when they came to
conduct monthly services up there, and that is where school teachers
normally boarded. They were of course farmers, but

they also ran a little general store across the road from the house.
And Barbary was the Postmistress for many years with the

Tedders Post Office, located in the store
People invariably assume that the post office was named for
Jack and Barbary Tedders, but Barbary once stated that her brother-in-law,
John Tedders (or perhaps his wife, Nancy {Sasser} Tedders)
had the post office for a short time before her, thus giving it its name.
Tollie and Pearl(Taylor) Perry lived with Jack and Barbary for a few years
after they married in 1938, and so it was in their house where
Tollie's and Pearl's son, Glenn E. Perry, was born. Eventually, in 1950,
Jack and Barbary sold the farm to Tollie and Pearl, and moved to
Barbourville, but their connection with the place continued. There is where
Jack died, and Barbary was back there most of the time in her old age

The photo of the Tedders Store and Post Office was generously provided
to us by Candy (Walters) Koehling, granddaughter of
Dnl. "Boone" &Nannie(Sasser-Gilbert) Cobb

A Gathering at the Tedders' House

Photo taken about 1956

~Provided by Glenn Perry~
#1=Michael Perry (s/o Tollie&Pearl{Taylor}Perry)
#3=Jim Taylor (s/o Don & Rachel{Cobb} Taylor)
#4=Pearl (Taylor) Perry (d/oClabe&Sarah(Humfleet)Taylor
#5=Sarah Eliz(Humfleet)Taylor(Pearl's mother)
#6=Daisy(Sasser)Cobb (d/oSarah's sis,Mary{Humfleet-Sasser}Cobb)
#7=Nory(Gilbert)Blanton (d/o Robert &Abby{McHargue} Gilbert)
#8=Liz (Rogers) Taylor (wife of #3/Jim)
#9=Tollie Perry (Pearl's husband)
#10=Glenn Perry (s/o Tollie&Pearl{Taylor}Perry)
#11=Helen Perry (d/o Tollie&Pearl{Taylor}Perry)

Jackson & Barbara (Corey) Tedders raised Jackson's cousin,
Mazie "Pearl" (Taylor) Perry,
daughter to Clabe & Sarah (Humfleet) Taylor,
who are both Sasser descendants.
Pearl married Tollie Perry, who is a Cobb descendant,
son to Alex & Mary Elizabeth (Cobb) Perry.

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"Pearl Perry's Comlicated Cobb-Sasser Connections,"

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